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Produced as a 7 and 9-seater, the Mahindra Bolero is a product of Mahindra and Mahindra. The SUV was launched in the year 2000 and continues to sell its models to date. The models that previously met the Bharat IV emissions standards have now been discontinued and are replaced by a new series of 3 variants that meet the latest emission standards BS-VI. The nearest competitor of Bolero would be Mahindra's very own Scorpio, followed by Mahindra XUV500.

Key Features of Bolero

The Mahindra Bolero has 1 diesel engine to offer across all its variants. It is a 1.5 litre mHawk 75 BSVI D. It provides displacement of 1498 cc, maximum power of 74.96 bhp and maximum torque of 210 Nm. The engine's configuration is that of 4 cylinders and 4 DOHC valves per cylinder.

A Rear Wheel Drive, the Mahindra Bolero comes with only manual transmission consisting of a 5-speed gearbox.

When taking its performance into consideration, the SUV is known to provide a fuel economy of 16 km/l with a fuel tank capacity of 60 litres. Also, it can move from 0 - 100kmph within 30.3 seconds and can touch the top speed of 117kmph.

Mahindra Bolero's best features are its hydraulic clutch, 7-people seating capacity, power steering, keyless entry, engine start/stop button, electronic multi-trip meter, adjustable headlights, front fog lights, rear window wiper, rear window washer, wheel covers, side stepper, anti-lock braking system, driver airbag, side-impact beams, front impact beams, crash sensor, co-driver occupation detection system, and so on.

Premium for Bolero Car Insurance

You may notice a difference in Bolero car insurance premium rates when comparing the quotes from various companies. The reason is the various factors that are taken into consideration when coming up with that cost. Those factors are but not limited to the Bolero's model, make, age, the current condition it is in, the driving terrain, its idv, and the displacement of its engine.

The below table will give you a good picture of how Bolero's various variants are priced for its IDV, Zero Depreciation and Premium.

Car Variant

Price of the Car


Zero Depreciation

(Add On)*


Bolero EX Diesel

Rs. 8,16,000

Rs. 5,31,200

Rs. 1,912

Rs. 13,372

Bolero SLE 7 Seater, Diesel

Rs. 8,61,000

Rs. 6,16,000

Rs. 2,218

Rs. 14,247

Bolero ZLX Diesel

Rs. 9,42,000

Rs. 6,72,000

Rs. 2,419

Rs. 14,825

*The values are calculated on the basis of the city (Delhi) and year of registration (2019).


  • Cover against damage caused due to natural calamities.
  • Cover against calamities such as an explosion, self-ignition, lightning, or fire.
  • Cover against damage caused due to riot and strike.
  • Cover against theft or burglary.
  • Cover against damage caused due to terrorism.
  • Cover against damage caused due to an accident.
  • Cover against damage to the third party and their property.


  • The normal wear and tear or ageing of your vehicles.
  • A consequential loss to your vehicle.
  • Damage caused to your car's engine.
  • Damage caused when driving under the influence of substances.
  • Damage caused when driving without a valid license.
  • Damage caused due to nuclear war.
  • Damage caused to your tyres.
  • Damage caused when driving outside geographical constraints.
  • Damage caused due to speed-testing or racing.


If you still want to include any of the above exclusions as part of your car insurance, then add-ons will help you protect your vehicle at an additional cost.

  • Passenger Cover will help you protect the passengers of your car apart from the one driving the vehicle.
  • Engine Protection will cover the damages caused to your car's engine due to natural calamity such as a flood.
  • Roadside Assistance will allow you to claim the insurance on the repairs in case your vehicle breaks down in the middle of nowhere.
  • Consumable Cover will allow you to make a claim on the parts that were replaced at the time of repair, such as nuts, bolts, oil, etc.

Renewal Process For Bolero Car Insurance

To renew your Mahindra Bolero car insurance, you can make the best use of the hassle-free process provided on To get started, scroll up on this page and find the form on the right-hand top corner. The next few steps from that point onwards are easy to follow:

  1. You will have to enter the registration number of your car and click on 'Get Quotes'. Alternatively, you can also click on 'Proceed without your car number', enter the details (such as the Car Make, Variant, RTO Code, and Reg. Year) and select the 'Renewal' radio button before you click 'Proceed'.
  2. You can either choose to go ahead with your current car insurance plan or opt for another suitable option from the provided list of quotes.
  3. Once you have selected your plan, you can make an online payment on the selected insurance provider's portal.
  4. Within a few moments of submission, you will have the car insurance policy document in your inbox.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Will the legal obligations caused due to damage of third-party property get covered under my car insurance?

Yes, your comprehensive car insurance covers your legal obligations arising from damage of third-party property.

2. My car's consumables were replaced at a local garage. Can I claim insurance under Consumable Cover add-on?

No, you can only make a claim under Consumable Cover add-on if the consumables were replaced in an authorized workshop.

3. My car's AC has stopped producing cool air. Will the repairs get covered under my Bolero car insurance policy?

Your car's AC repair will not get covered under your car insurance policy considering it falls under the category of normal wear and tear.

4. My Bolero's engine's pistons need to be replaced. Will my car insurance cover the cost of repair?

Yes, the cost of repairs will be covered, provided the damage is not caused due to normal wear and tear. Furthermore, it is only applicable under Engine Protector add-on.

5. My Bolero has been towed to the authorized workshop under Roadside Assistance cover. Can I make a claim on taxi fare as part of the same add-on?

No, you cannot make a claim on your taxi fare when travelling due to vehicle breakdown. The amount should be paid directly to the alternative transport provider on spot.

Last updated on Aug 2022