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Manufactured by the Indian automaker Mahindra and Mahindra since 2010, the Mahindra Thar is a mid-sized and compact 4-wheel drive. It is an off-road Jeep CJ-like SUV which was launched in the Indian Market on 4th October 2010 to compensate for the discontinuation of Mahindra MM540, its predecessor. It is assembled in Nashik, Maharashtra, India from complete knock-down kits. The Thar has been voted as one of the top ten SUVs in the Indian automobile industry and has been the undisputed “King of off-roading”. Today, it competes against the likes of Mahindra Bolero, Hyundai Creta, Jeep Compass, Force Motors Gurkha, Maruti Vitara Brezza and Maruti Gypsy among others.

Key Features of Thar

Powered by 2.5-litre NEF TCI-CRDe diesel engine, the car can belt out a maximum power of 105bhp and reach the peak torque of 247Nm. The one with 2.5-litre DI diesel engine can produce 63bhp of maximum power and 182.5Nm of peak torque. Both having 4 cylinders, the CRDe variant has 2498cc of displacement and DI variant gets 2523cc of displacement.

The Mahindra Thar comes with a standard manual transmission in both 4-wheel drive and 2-wheel drive layout options. Both of them are paired with a 5-speed gearbox.

In terms of performance, the Thar is known to provide a 21% better fuel economy than any other SUV in the market. With a fuel tank capacity of 60 litres, it provides city mileage of 11 km/l and highway mileage of 13 km/l. Furthermore, the CRDe variant takes 17 seconds to move from 0 to 100kmph and the DI variant takes about 19 seconds. The top speed that can be attained on this Jeep CJ-like SUV is 138kmph.

Apart from the features that make it the best SUV for off-roading, it is also known for being a great 7-seater option. It can also be converted into a 2-seater. Some other features to look out for are ABS, 3-POD instrument cluster, bumpers and wheel arches, provision for 2-Din Music System, windshield demister, air conditioner, heater, dual-tone dashboard, and halogen light.

Premium for Thar Car Insurance

The premium insurance rates for your Mahindra Thar will most definitely differ when compared between various car insurance companies. This is because several factors are taken into consideration when adding up to that cost. These are no less than your car's make, model, age, its current condition, the location of registration, the driving terrain, its idv, and the engine displacement.

You will get a good idea about how the prices are for some of the Thar variants by taking a look at the table below.

Car Variant

Price of the Car


Zero Depreciation

(Add On)*


Thar CRDe 4WD AC (2498cc)

Rs. 9,51,000

Rs. 7,96,100

Rs. 2,149

Rs. 32,521

Thar CRDe ABS 4WD AC (2498cc)

Rs. 9,66,000

Rs. 8,28,400

Rs. 2,237

Rs. 32,854

Thar CRDe ABS 700 Special Edition (2498cc)

Rs. 9,99,000

Rs. 9,49,050

Rs. 2,562

Rs. 34,099

*The values are calculated on the basis of the city (Bangalore) and year of registration (2020).


  • Personal accident cover in case of injury, death or disability caused due to an accident.
  • Own damage cover to your car against accidents.
  • Covers lawsuits, including the legal fees against you due to an accident.
  • Third-party cover against life or property damage.
  • Cover against damage or loss due to fire, explosion or terrorism.
  • Cover against damage or loss due to theft.
  • Cover against damage or loss caused due to natural calamities.
  • Cashless claims at thousands of network garages.


  • Damage caused due to ageing and lack of maintenance.
  • Depreciation of your car's parts.
  • Damage or loss when driving without a valid license.
  • Damage or loss when driving under drug abuse.
  • Damage to your car's tyres and tubes.
  • Damage or loss caused at the time of nuclear war, perils, mutiny or nuclear risk.
  • Damage caused when driving outside geographical constraints.

Add-ons Benefits

In order to include any of the above exclusions as part of your car insurance cover, you can choose to opt for an additional cover at extra cost.

  • Tyre cover will protect your car against damages caused to your tyres due to an accident.
  • Hospital Cash will provide you with daily allowance in case you are admitted to the hospital due to an accident. It can be anywhere around Rs. 1000 for up to 30 days.
  • Ambulance Charges will help you cover the charges of transportation in an ambulance in case of an accident.
  • Consumable Cover will allow you to file a claim on certain parts of your car that were replaced at the time of repair, such as, bolts, nuts, coolant, oil, etc.

Thar Car Insurance Renewal Process

If you want to renew your Mahindra Thar's car insurance, then there is no better portal than known for its ease and simplicity. To get started, scroll up on this page and find the form on the right-hand top corner. The next few steps are easy to follow:

  1. You will have to enter the registration number of your car and click on 'Get Quotes'. Alternatively, you can also click on 'Proceed without your car number', enter the details and select 'Renewal' before you click 'Proceed'.
  2. You can either choose to go ahead with your current car insurance plan or opt for another suitable option from the provided list of quotes.
  3. Once you have selected your plan, you can make an online payment on the selected insurance provider's portal.
  4. Within a few minutes of submission, you will have the car insurance policy document reach your inbox.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I opt for consumables cover in the middle of policy term?

No, you cannot opt for consumables cover add-on in the middle of your car insurance policy tenure. This must be done at the time of insurance purchase.

2. Is there any provision of No Claim Bonus under Consumables Cover add-on?

No, zero amount of provision of no claim bonus will be added to your premium under this add-on.

3. Will my car insurance cover the damage caused to the tyre sidewall indentations due to an accident?

Your car insurance will cover the damage caused to your car’s tyre sidewall indentations due to an accident, provided it is protected under tyre cover add-on.

4. How will the insurance company compensate me under Tyre Cover add-on if the repair of the damaged tyre is not possible?

If the repair of the damaged tyre is not possible, then your insurance provider will reimburse a percentage of the cost of a new tyre(s) or tube(s) which depends on the unused tread depth of your car’s tyres.

5. A tree fell on my Thar causing heavy damage to both its interiors and exteriors. Will my car insurance cover its repairs?

Yes, the repairs for damage caused due to a tree falling on your car will be covered by your car insurance.

Last updated on 30-12-2020