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Mercedes-Benz Car Insurance – Ride with Pride & Security

Mercedes is the world’s leading car manufacturers associated with luxury cars. The company also deals with buses, coaches, and trucks, but it is highly popular among the Indians for its superior cars that are associated with safety, technology, and comfort.
The Mercedes Benz is not only a joy for born riders but also a symbol of status and social respect. The German automobile company was established in 1926, and since then it has established its footprints world over.

The Mercedes Car Insurance

Considering the high cost associated with a luxury brand like the Mercedes, the Mercedes-Benz insurance program offers unparalleled benefits with safety. The program assures that your car is secured no matter which conditions you drive in.

The insurance program understands that every car is different and is designed according to the specific needs of a buyer. Therefore, the insurance cover provided by Mercedes- Benz ensures 360-degree security. The insurance features and benefits clearly go with the benchmark set by the premium car manufacturer.

You need not worry about the Mercedes-Benz car insurance price if you consider the safety and security the insurance program offers.

Features of Mercedes Benz Car Insurance / Star Insurance

The original insurance policy offered by Mercedes-Benz offers a wide range of options and can be chosen according to your preference and requirements.

Consider the following packages –

New Star Protect I

The package is available forseven years and includes features like zero depreciation, loss of key, and tyre cover.

New Star Protect II

The package provides zero depreciation, loss of key protection, but doesn’t include the tyre cover. However, the package includes a key offering called as engine protector. The plan is available forseven years.

Star Protect Gold

One of the commonly preferred insurance plans, the Star Protect Gold offers protection over, tyre, engine, loss of key, zero depreciation, and provides rim cover.

Star Protect Gold Plus

The offering provides all the features and benefits included in the Star Protect Gold and includes an additional benefit that covers your EMI. In other words, it provides added security in case you are not able to pay your EMI for specific reasons.

Star Protect Platinum

The Star Protect Platinum provides all the benefits offered by the Star Protect Gold but doesn’t include the additional benefit offered by the Star Protect Gold Plus,i.e., EMI cover. However, if you don’t bother about EMIs and got your car with hard cash you can always choose this plan as it offers provides vehicle replacement guarantee.

Star Protect Platinum Plus

If you really love your car and want the most comprehensive benefits, then this plan is meant for you as it includes all the benefits and features like - EMI cover, Vehicle Replacement, Engine Protection, Rim Cover, Tyre Cover, Loss of Key, and Zero Depreciation.
Note – All the above plans are available untilseven years, as opposed to ordinary insurance plans that provide key features like Zero Depreciation up to 3 years max.

Tie-ups with Indian Insurance Companies

Mercedes- Benz is a renowned luxury brand in India and is preferred by elite personalities of the country. Considering the popularity of the brand in a growing market like India, Mercedes- Benz India has collaborated with major general insurance companies like Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, Reliance General Insurance, and Cholamandalam MS General Insurance.
These companies adhere to the quality standards set by Mercedes-Benz and provide top-notch services to the elite customers.

The key features include-

  • 20x7 assistance on spot/ roadside assistance

  • 20x7 telephonic assistance including Sundays

  • Cashless settlement without hassles

  • Towing facility in case the vehicle breaks down in remote locations

  • Quick claim settlement with instant insurance renewal facility

The companies ensure that the customers are satisfied, and the Mercedes- Benz insurance review is not affected. Hence, quality is 99.9 percent assured.
Note- By choosing add-ons, all the features offered by the Mercedes-Benz Star Insurance plans can be availed through Indian General Insurance Companies.

Things to Avoid

Purchasing a premium car like the Mercedes-Benz is indeed expensive, and its maintenance can take a toll on your pocket. Hence, it is important to choose the best insurance policies and avoid cheap third-party insurance.

The following are the disadvantages of choosing low-cost insurance plans-

  • Doesn't guarantee repair by authorized Mercedes-Benz service stations.

  • As opposed to the genuine insurance plans the cheap insurance plans don't give you the option to choose your repairer

  • Low-cost insurance companies won’t provide you additional benefits life road-side assistance, cashless settlement, vehicle replacement.

  • These insurance companies won’t always use genuine Mercedes-Benz parts, and your vehicle won’t be repaired by trained Mercedes- Benz mechanics.

Therefore, low Mercedes-Benz insurance price doesn’t guarantee quality service. So, going for a cheap insurance cover is not always a good idea and should be avoided at any cost.

Trending Mercedes-Benz Models

Mercedes – Benz E-Class (E220 D)

A delight to the eye, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class is featurepacked and comes with a powerful engine displacement of 1950cc. With an above average mileage of 15 KM/ Litre, the engine assembles 400 Newton Metres of torque.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class (C220 CDI Style)

One of the most popular and affordable cars is priced under 40 lakhs INR and is one of the most fuel-efficient luxury cars that provides a mileage of 19 KM/Litre. With a top speed of 233 KM/Hour, the car is fun to handle. The 4-Cylinder 7 - speed gearbox won’t let you down in express highways.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class (A180 Sport)

One of the most popular cars in India is also termed as Baby-Mercedes. A 1595 cc engine displacement ensures that the engine packs a punch and delivers a high efficiency of over 15 KM/Litre. The Mercedes-Benz car is loaded with safety features that include six airbags, adaptive braking system, and attention assist.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class (A200D Sport)

Another popular machine of the premium manufacturer offers supreme comfort with safety. The automatic version offers unparalleled driving experience. The powerful engine of 2143 cc coupled with 136 BHP ensures that drivers don't experience turbo lag during their long journeys.

Mercedes-Benz GLA

The latest attraction of the German Automotive giant starts with a price of above 30,000,000 INR and offers 360 degrees safety. It offers an automatic transmission and is available in both Petrol and Diesel variants.

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