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The MINI car insurance is the official MINI insurance product and it comes with many benefits. The car insurance offers the option of a MINI approved body shop that covers the accident repairs that usesMINI trained technicians and the genuine MINIparts.

The insurance cover also covers the lifetime workmanship guarantee. There are also choices of additional add-on options that will suit your requirements. This includes protecting your no claim discount,legal expenses and car contents as well as the personal accident. The insurance provider also offers a courtesy car to you in the case where your car is under repair.

You also get a call center representative who will be your personal claim handler. The insurance coverage for your MINI car will be provided based on the criteria and eligibility as well as the cover limits and the policy terms and conditions.

The insurance coverage also offers 24 hours of accident recovery to recover your MINI car in the case of theftor in the case of any immobilizingaccident. The cover will also replace the child seat in the event of an accident. There is a coverageoffered to the damage or a breakage of the glass which howeverdoes not affect the noclaims discount.

There is also access to 24 hours of motoring legal advice. You also get access to the policy documents through the online secure document center. Your MINI car is also completely protected in the case of a fire or theft or in the case of any malicious damage.

In addition to the core insurance cover offered to your MINI car, you also get the choice of some optional benefits which lets you design the policies as per what your needs are:

No clam discount protection lets you make a fault claim on your policy per year however you do not lose out on your no claim discount

Legal expenses cover is towards the cost of any legal action that you may need to take to cover the uninsured losses. This is applicable in the case you or anyone under the policy is involved in a road accident whichinvolves your car howeverwhich is not because of your fault.

Driving another car gives you a third party cover when you drive another car

The personal accident which gives you a fixed sum in case you or the passengers inyour car get killed or get permanentlyinjured in an accident that involves your car

Car contents covers all the personal possessions in your car that is your mobile phone or sat that is locked out of sight in yourcar. This could be in an attached luggage or in a locked up roof box. The loss could occur because of a fire, a theft or an attempt of theft

Car hireswhich is inaddition to the replacement vehicle covered by the core cover. This also includes 2 levels of enhanced cover

The car hire provides with a MINI one or an equivalent for the period during which the car is being repaired which couldbe upto 4 days in case the car is damaged beyond any economical repair.

The extended car hire provided with a MINI one or an equivalent for the car period it is being repaired. This is for upto 18 days when the car is damaged to such an extent that is beyond repair or if the car is stolen and not recovered.

If you are looking for a second hand or anew MINI, then you should look to buy the budget car insurance for your MINIcar. The firstMINI car was called Austiin.There are a range of products that are tailored for the beloved MINI. The MINI is covered against any unfortunate accident. The MINI prestige vehicle motor insurance makes sure that the MINI is repaired only by the authorised dealers and only genuine parts are used. There are a range of MINI car insurance products that protects your investment and also you.

Ensure that you be clear on the following before you take the car insurance for your MINI car:

• Motor vehicle insurance

• Value protect insurance

• Lease protect insurance

• Loan insurance protection

• Used vehicle warranty insurance

• New vehicle extended warranty insurance

The MINI Car Models

For your MINICoopercar know the coverage that you need. Each car is unique and so is its insurance. The right insurance will be dependent on the coverage that you need as well as the monthly premium that you are ready to pay and the deductible that is best suited for your budget.

There are many car insurance discountsavailable and you could make use of that to save on the premium cost. You could also save money by choosingthe safety features on your car .you can fist get an estimate by checking the coverage that you get and you also need to build a policy that is right for your needs.

You can save money on your MINICooper car by getting the driver discounts through safe drivers, seniors and students schemes. There are discounts when your car has a passive restraint system where you can save upto 30% if the car has airbags and seat belts that are motorised. Also if your car has anti-lock brakes you can enjoy around 10% discounts. If you install some anti-theft devices you can enjoy lower premium. To know the discounts that you can enjoy it is best to ask or a car insurance quote

The MINICooper car variant has some installed safety features that helps you keep safe and saves you money on yourcar insurance. To shop for a car insurance for your MINI car make sure that you now about the different coverage options.

Most of the car insurance policies also let you cover your car in the case of foreign travel. This could be for 30,6 or 890 days.

The MINICooper is a true British car and is the most recognizable cars and also very influential. This vintage classic has a sleeker and a sportier look courtesy BMW, but the charm of this car is still intact. When you choose a MINI to drive you have everything that you had ever looked for.

What Does The Insurance Cover?

• Personal accident coverage is provided to the owner or the driver of the car

• Accidental damages to the car are covered

• Any damages caused because of a flood or a storm is covered

• Loss caused because of a fire, or an explosion is covered

• The owner is compensated in case the car is stolen

What Does The Insurance Not Cover?

• Any wear and tear on the car that is caused over the yearsis not covered. This also includes having a flat tyre

• Any loss that occurs when the carwas driven without a valid driving license

• Any damage that occurs because thecar was drivenwhen one was under the influence of alcohol

• If the car was drivenoutside the geographical limits

• If the car was used for any purpose that was beyond its legal purpose

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