Mini Countryman

Mini Countryman

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Mini Countryman

Mini is a well reputed and established name in the Indian market and it has accomplished great heights in the heart of Indian drivers. Mini Countryman is the first car that is launched by the BMW under its newly owned the MINI marque. This car is being chosen above all another car with its six-speed manual transmission option.


The Mini Clubman looks very muscular. It has the same specification as other Mini cars from the front look like the hexagonal grille. The Grille has horizontal symmetric air vents just below it as in other mini cars. But, the look of the car is longer from the sides as compared to other cars as it has two doors. The car offers a good ground clearance that means it can tackle all tracks smoothly. It has all-around style light alloy wheels that make the car more attractive The side rails are extending from the front bumper through the side and rear profile. The car has anti-lock braking system and Corning brake Control that will avoid any unintended slip of the vehicle.


The interior of the Mini Countryman is powerful and it owes an SUV stature. The car can accommodate 5 people easily. The car has the specially designed audio stereo system Alpine. The sound system allows one to access the iPod, USB stick, Aux and other portable devices. The instrument cluster is just behind the steering wheel. So one does not need to remove hands from the steering wheel while driving. The rear sitting in the car is not cramped and it offers good legroom to the passengers. It has instrumentation features such as a tachometer, key off reminder, headlight reminder and low fuel warning features. It has the air conditioning vent in the circular form. it is available in various colors like royal grey, blazing red and absolute black.


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Mileage- 15.6 km/litre

Transmission- Automatic

Engine- 1598 cc

Torque- 270Nm @ 1750rpm


Mini Countryman Cooper D

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