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National Two Wheeler Insurance

National Insurance is a gem of insurance from 1906 that has been providing two wheeler Insurance as well as other insurance services to India and Nepal. Under National two wheeler insurance, the bike owner will get absolute safety from accidents, disasters, personal injuries, third party expenses, burglary, etc.

Claim Settlement Ratio

Claim Settlement Ratio

National Insurance bike insurance maintained a claim settlement ratio of 104% reflecting the company's passion towards settling claims.

Instant Claim Settlement

Instant Claim Settlement

The company follows a simple 5-step process to settle a claim on complete submission of valid evidence and timely reporting.

Easy Communication

Easy Communication Of Claim

The claim can easily be reported to customer care support of National Insurance with the help of help-line number given on the website or on official mail ID.


Must Know The Benefits of National Bike Insurance

24 x7 Customer Service

24 x7 Customer Service

National bike insurance customer care team works 24 hours to resolve customer queries and address them as fast as possible.

Online Renewal

Online Renewal Procedure

The online renewal process adopted by National Insurance is really cost-effective and saves the crucial time of the customers.

Quick Policy Issuance

Quick Policy Issuance

A customer can acclaim National Insurance two wheeler insurance within one day or up to a maximum of 7 days due to minimal paperwork.

Flexible Coverage Options

Flexible Coverage Options

The bike owners hold complete freedom to choose the type of coverage i.e. comprehensive or third-party coverage.

Add-On Cover Options

Add-On Cover Options

The bike owner can ensure additional support to their vehicle by attaching add-ons like nil depreciation, return to invoice, NCB protection, etc.


Types of National Two Wheeler Insurance Coverage

Third-Party Liability Cover

This cover will compensate all your expenses arising from the death/ injury/ property damage of third party happened during driving.

  1. Third party liability cover is compulsory in India.

  2. Available for one year, two year, and three years.

  3. You can attach Add-on covers to increase the protection level.

  4. Earn No Claim Bonus upto 50% by not making a claim during the policy year.

Package Policy

The package policy or the comprehensive coverage covers all kinds of damages apart from third-party liabilities that are common to your bike.

  1. Events like accidents, natural disasters, theft, burglary, riots, strikes, terrorist activities, fire, whilst transit are covered and duly compensated.

  2. It can be taken for one year/ two year/ three years.

  3. Long term package policy (2 or 3 years) can prevent you from annual hike in premium prices.

  4. No claim Bonus up to 50% maximum which can be earned through a claim free year.

  5. Suitable to bike which are expensive, costly and newly bought.

Damages and Repairs Covered

  • Fire/Explosion/Self-Ignition: If your bike confronts any fires, explosions, self-ignition which may lead to the complete destruction of engine and body parts of the vehicle are covered.

  • Burglary/Housebreaking/Theft: When someone loots or steal your bike, don’t worry as National two wheeler insurance will compensate with respect to the evidence provided.

  • Riot And Strike: Man-made perils during activities such as riots, terrorist attacks and strikes are covered and due coverage is paid on making a claim.

  • Natural Disasters: Disasters which are beyond the control of human beings are covered which include Earthquake, Typhoon, Hurricane, Storm, Tempest, Hailstorm, Flood, landslide, etc.

  • Accidental Damages: Accidents are common which is why National bike insurance assures complete safety of bike owner by providing compensation for the ruins happened.

  • Transit By Road/Waterway/Lift/Elevator/Air: Any harm or losses did to the vehicle during the process of transportation through any channel of transit (roadways, waterways, airways, lifts, elevators).

Damages and Repairs Not Covered

  • Normal Wear & Tear: The National two wheeler insurance does not provide coverage if your bike gets faced any normal breakdowns or minor losses to the engine/ gearbox/ parts etc.

  • Driving Without License: Taking a ride on the bike without having a valid license and then meeting some damages are not covered under your National two wheeler insurance.

  • Intoxication By Alcohol: It is an illegal offence to drive a two wheeler after drinking alcohol and damages occurred to the vehicle during this condition will not be covered.

  • Wars/Bombing/Radioactivity: The losses resulting after wars, bombing, radioactivity, terrorist activities are excluded from the coverage.

  • Using Private Bike For Commercial Use: If the private bike has been used for renting or as taxi service, then in case of damages the insurer would be unaccountable for the compensation.

Factors Affecting Premium Calculation

While calculating the premium for National two wheeler insurance, you should keep the following things in mind-

  • Age of the Bike/ Two wheeler

  • Cubic Capacity of the Engine

  • City of Registration

  • IDV Value of the Two wheeler

  • Type of Coverage opted

  • No Claim Bonus Amount

  • Add-ons Attached to the basic policy


Add-on Covers

Nil Depreciation

Your bike is depreciating asset and company deducts a proportionate amount of depreciation to calculate IDV Value of the vehicle to pay the claim. This cover will give you the whole amount of repair expenses which will reduce your pocket expenses.

Tyre Damage

Unfortunate events such as bulges, shattering, puncture or cut accidental damage happening to the tires can be protected through this add-on.

Return To Invoice

Usually, when a claim is raised the insurer pays the IDV of the vehicle. While with Return to Invoice, you can get the actual purchase value of the two-wheeler during a claim.

Engine Protector

Engine is core to a vehicle and protection of the same is equally important. So this cover will compensate for the damage occurred to internal parts of the engine and gearbox.


Claim Process of National Insurance Two Wheeler Insurance

For Accidental Damage

  • Intimation of the claim: Next is to reach National insurance through call or email and communicate the claim and providing the requested information for authorization of the claim. For doing so, a claim form is to be filled online by stating everything regarding the claim.

  • Examination of the Vehicle: The damaged two wheeler will be given for investigation to assess the total loss encountered where the company will send a surveyor.

  • Submit Documents: The insured bike owner must fill the claim form online given by the company and also collect duly attested documents relevant to the claim.

  • Claim Processing: Once the surveyor passes your claim after verification, the company will start processing your claim and will keep on informing about every single progress.

  • Payment of The Claim: The payment of the agreed claim amount will be credited directly to the account of the customer.

For Theft of Vehicle

  • Report an FIR: The first obligation of the customer is to inform the nearest police station about the incident and lodge an FIR by explaining the whole event.

  • Notify the Insurer: Inform your insurer about the event by giving a glimpse of how it happened by calling the toll-free number or dropping an email.

  • Submit Documents: The insured bike owner must fill the claim form online and also submit duly attested documents including the final police report.

  • Investigation of the Event: An investigator will be assigned who will scrutinize the authenticity of the theft and accordingly pass the claim for payment.

  • Claim Settlement: The claim is settled after the approval of the investigator and an agreed amount is paid to the bike owner to recover the loss.

For Third-Party Claims

  • Intimation of the Claim: Communicate the claim when the third party asks you to meet him/ her in the court for the settlement. Also, collect the necessary information.

  • Fill the Claim Form: The customer must fill the claim form by stating the real cause of the claim along with submitting RC of the bike, driving license and FIR.

  • Approval of Claim: If it is stated in the court that the fault is yours, then the bike insurance company will compensate for the loss occurred to the third party.

Documents For National Two wheeler Insurance Claim

  • Duly filled Claim Form

  • Certificate of Registration (photocopy and original)

  • FIR in case of accidents

  • Copy of Driving License

  • Premium Payment Receipt

  • Policy document with schedule and endorsement/ clause

  • Original repair bills or cash receipts

Renewal of National Insurance Two Wheeler Policy

  • Familiarise Your Two Wheeler: Reach to the upper section of this page where you have to fill the details of the bike as well as personal contact details. Make sure that you choose ‘Renewal Option’ and acknowledge whether it is expired or going to expire.

  • Choose Your Insurer: Submit details by clicking ‘Continue’ and Policy X compare portal will give a list of bike insurance providers. Choose National two wheeler insurance whose policy you are renewing.

  • Confirm Premium Prices: Study the rate of premium for your bike and the tax applicable on it. You also have the option to purchase add-on covers to enhance the coverage.

  • Proceed To Pay: Pay the premium after confirming the total premium you have to deposit. The payment has to be made online through credit cards/ debit cards/ net-banking which only takes 20 seconds to process.

National Insurance Two Wheeler Review

National Insurance is one of the oldest two wheeler insurance providers which has made millions of customers due to its efficient customer service.

Also, the customers have full freedom in choosing the term of the policy and coverage type according to the condition of the vehicle. With National insurance two wheeler, the customers can enjoy the legacy of Indian government as it is fully owned by it.

To provide better claim service, national insurance bike insurance provide cashless garage service where bike owner is free from paying any repair charges. Moreover, the customer care team of national insurance is available 24 hours for effective communication and assistance to its customers.


The NCB percentage can vary between 20% to 50% maximum.

DV or Insured Declared Value refers to the current value of the bike on which the premium of bike insurance is calculated and the claim is paid.

Yes, according to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, the Indian government has mandated the possession of bike insurance by Indian Citizen while traveling on the road. However, third party coverage is mandatory while comprehensive coverage is up to your choice.

The bike owner must possess the previously allotted policy number at the time of purchase and other realted bike details must be kept handy.

The insured bike owner must provide the certificate of registration, personal government ID, driving license, that can be requested by the insurer during the buying procedure.

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Last updated on 13-11-2019