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New India Rasta Apatti Kavach (road Safety Insurance)

Can you predict what will happen with you the very next moment? Can you be very sure? No? Exactly! In life you can never be sure. You might make big plans, create a whole map out of your life, but the fact is, no matter how much you try, you can never ever control the future. You can try to make it better, but you can definitely not take over it. Supposedly, you were going somewhere in your car or bike and suddenly a vehicle comes out of nowhere and collides. What you will do? This might turn out to be a huge accident that requires you to go to hospital for treatment. The most unpredictable things can happen on the road. You might be able to control your actions, but you definitely cannot control the action of others. Hence, you should always have a back-up plan with you to overcome unpredictable situations like these.

Rasta Apatti Kavach of New India is a road safety insurance plan that provides the coverage for the treatment of the injuries caused in road accident to the insured as well as offer compensation if there is personal accident.

Benefits and Features

Basic Attributes:

Purpose of the Policy- The person insured under Rasta Apatti Kavach, gets protection and financial support from the company in the case-

1. There is a Personal Accident of the insurer

2. The insurer needs medical treatment for the injuries occurred.

1) Section 1 (Personal Accident)- As per this section, if the insured gets injured because of the external violence, then the company is liable to pay the compensation if

* The insured person specifically dies because of the accident within the 12 months; the nominee shall be paid as mentioned in the policy.

* The insured lost his eyes whether one or two or both of his limbs, then the capital amount mention will be paid by the company.

* The insured lost one of his eye sights or is unable to use his hand or leg within 12 months of the accident; he shall be paid 50% of capital amount mentioned.

* If the damage caused by the accident is permanent which hampers the insured from doing his job to earn his living, the capital sum shall be paid to him as mentioned.

2) Section 2 (Medical Treatment Expenses of Injuries Caused By Accident)- If during a road accident, a person gets injured and needs treatment, then as per the sum insured, the company will pay for it. Few things payable under this section-

* Pays for the room rented in the hospital

* Bears the expense of nursing and doctor visit fees

* Also covers the expense of anesthesia, oxygen, drugs, blood, fees of specialist, etc. that may be used during treatment

* Moreover, provide the money for the ambulance called by you during an emergency.

Money Insured and Policy Term- Under this plan, you can get insured money up to 1 lac. In short, there are four sum insured packages available for you to choose from- Rs.1 lac; Rs. 75,000; Rs.50,000 and Rs.25, 000. As for the policy term, it is applicable for maximum 5 years. However, the premium is paid annually. Moreover, you can renew the plan later on with mutual agreement.

Pay Premium as Sum Insured- The premium that you need to pay under this plan depends on the amount you have insured.

Group or Individual, Your Choice- This policy is available for both individual as well as a group of people. So, if you want to protect your loved ones too, you can buy the group plan.

Expert View

"Rasta Apatti Kavach is an insurance plan that covers for the expense that you may have to endure if you have met with a road accident. It pays you the compensation if the consequence seen within 12 months of the accident is adverse as well as offers you money for the treatment of the injuries caused by it. However, there is also deduction in the policy amount if your claim ratio is high at thetime of renewal."

Why Rasta Apatti Kavach (Road Safety Insurance)?

Not just one, there are many reasons to choose Rasta Apatti Kavach. If you want to live a carefree life, you really need a plan that you can trust and depend on. Few of the highlights of this policy is mentioned below just for you to go through-

  • A Tragic Incident can be dealt with- This plan, is specifically designed to take care of the needs of people who went through a tragic road accident. When you go through an accident and injure yourself, you need love and support and not tension. So, this plan makes sure you get your treatment and all your financial worries are looked after by the insurance company.

  • Have it for Eternity- You can renew this plan for lifetime if you want. All you have to do is pay the renewal amount before the policy gets cancelled. However, the mutual approval is required.

  • Discount on Group Insurance- If you have bought this plan for a group, you will get a discount on the policy and thus, a cheaper plan for you and your loved ones.

  • No-Claim Benefit- If during renewal, it is found that you haven’t claimed your policy, then you shall receive a discount of up to 40%. (The discount is applicable to the entire group and not just for each individual of the group).


Below is the list of things covered under this plan-

  • No Coverage For Pre-Existing Conditions- If you have some health conditions before you bought the policy, then it won’t be covered under this plan because this plan provides specifically for injuries caused due to accident. However, if the accident has further worsened the case, then there is scope of you getting treatment.

  • Covered as Per Sum Insured- You will be paid only as per the amount you have insured. The company will not give money from its own pocket.

Rasta Apatti Kavach is your guardian angel when you are out in the road. It looks after your medical needs when you suddenly meet an accident. However, more than any insurance, you need the conscience to drive carefully to avoid any misfortune.