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New India Suhana Safar Policy

Are you a free bird looking for a gateway to paradise after a hectic schedule? It is not considered good for your health to be either working or sitting at home, idle. You need to get out and breathe some fresh air. Travelling can do wonders to your body and mind and can revive you all over again like a phoenix rejuvenating from its own ashes. Thus, why not take a small trip and release all your burdens and suffocation? Now, you must be thinking it is easy to give suggestions, but travelling requires money and what if an accident happens and your beautiful journey becomes a tragedy? So, for that too there is a solution. Why don’t you just buy an insurance for your trip to make it a ‘Suhana Safar’?

Suhana Safar Policy of New India has been created in order to protect you from the sudden expenses that you may have to endure during your journey within India because of any accident and lost luggage.

Benefits and Features

Basic Attributes

Amount Insured and Premium Paid- To avail this policy, the sum insured in case of personal accident is up to Rs.1 lac. As for the coverage of lost or damaged baggage, the amount insured depends on a number of people. In short, for one person, the amount is Rs.5000, for two person the sum insured is Rs.10,000, for three people the money insured is Rs.12,500 and for four and more, the amount insured is Rs.15,000.

The premium paid under this policy depends on the number of people covered.

Your Rock Always (Personal Accident Coverage) - It is hard to handle the consequences of an accident. In fact, some scars stay with you for life. You might not be able to completely wash it away, but can definitely try to lighten it a bit. Hence, if the insured gets injured because of a road accident, the company bears his expenses and provides him compensation.

  • If the insurer dies or lose one of his hand, leg or eye or both of his hands, legs or eyes or become totally disabled, then the company shall pay 100% compensation.

  • If the insurer lose one whole leg or hand by physical separation or lose one of his eye sight completely, 50% of the sum insured shall be paid as compensation

  • Beside these, in case of loss of each finger 8% of the sum insured is paid, as for loss of hearing 15% of the sum insured is given and in case of loss of toe, 4% compensation is given. Compensation for other partial disabilities depends on the medical expert assessment.

  • Rs.1000 (per insured person) is payable in case the emergency expenses incurred because of the accident.

Lighten Your Baggage- You carry so many things with you when you go to any trip. It cost you so much, but at times you may lose your luggage or it gets ruined because of riots, harsh weather, strike, fire, etc. So in that case, the company will pay you the expense. However, expense on per article is limited to Rs.500 unless mentioned before. Moreover, the sum insured here depends on the number of people covered. Hence, you just enjoy the trip and let New India Assurance carry your baggage.

Expert View

"Suhana Safar Policy is an apt plan to ensure you have a safe journey within India. It gives you monetary support if you are involved in personal accident or your baggage gets lost or damaged while travelling. However, there is restriction to the amount paid for each article as well as valuable items and jewels are not covered."

Why Suhana Safar Policy?

Suhana Safar Policy has its own list of merits that makes it stand apart from the rest of the policies. Some of which are mentioned below-

  • Your Choice of Transport Mode- This plan provides security for you and your luggage no matter which mode of transport you use. You can avail the benefits, whether you go from train, airplane or car or through the waterways. However, it is applicable within geographical boundaries of India.

  • Make Your Journey Easy- This policy is specifically designed in order to provide the insured a safe journey where he and his insured family will be taken care for. This policy covers everything from your personal accident to your lost or damaged luggage.

  • As inexpensive as it can Get- The premium that you need to pay is very less. The premium of one person including personal accident and luggage coverage is Rs.80. The premium will increase as the members covered increase.

  • No Jewellery or Valuable Items- The damage of the belongings in the luggage will be covered. However, any jewellery piece, money bills, bonds, etc. will not be covered.

  • Restriction Hurdle- Under this policy, if your belongings in the luggage get damaged, then you will be paid not more than Rs.500 for each article. If there is any article more valuable than that, then you need to inform the insurer before you go for the trip.

  • Intentional Abuse is a Big No- The insured will not be paid if the accident happens intentionally or under the influence of the alcohol or drugs.

  • Just for India- You can buy this plan just for the travelling purpose within India. It won’t cover for your luggage or any personal accident outside India. If you want policy for overseas, then go for other plan.

  • Claim Settlement (Personal Accident)

  • In order to settle the claim, you need to follow a well-defined procedure- Fill the claim settlement provided to you. Make sure the information you give is 100% authentic.

    Provide the report of you attending the doctor as well as diagnosis report to prove you are hurt.

    Since, it is an accident, you need to provide a police report

    Provide the medical bills and all and your claim will be settled ASAP.