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New India Two Wheeler Insurance

New India Assurance is a public sector two wheeler Insurance provider. If a person is planning to insure his new or old bike, then New India two wheeler insurance is a perfect choice. A customer can get protection from all kinds of natural disasters, man made peril, accidental damage, fires, third party liability, etc. New India also offers you valuable discounts and rewards in two wheeler insurance premium if you accomplishes certain criteria.

Customer Service

Customer Service

New India promotes faster claim settlement to enhance customer experience where claim payment is made in one day if everything goes well.

24/7 Claim Support

24/7 Claim Support

New India customer support team is available round the clock to solve the queries regarding claim process and payment process of two wheeler policy.

Cashless Garage Service

Cashless Garage Service

You can call the cashless service, Whenever your bike meets any damages in between of a road. All the repair cost will be paid by New India Assurance.


Benefits of Buying New India Two Wheeler Insurance

Flexible Payment Option

Flexible Payment Option

The customer has different choices in the payment of premium for New India two wheeler insurance. The bike owner can pay through credit cards / debit cards / net-banking/ e- wallets.

Claim Communicationl

Claim Communication

A customers can easily reach the customer care centres of New India simply by calling on the toll free number or drafting an email at

Easy Renewals

Easy Renewals

A two wheeler owner can easily process their renewals online within fraction of minutes by using their mobile phones with an internet connection and an online mode of payment.

Discounts on Premium

Discounts on Premium

The New India two wheeler policy gives you the possibility to earn discounts or rewards on premium by not making a single claim in a year or holding a membership of automobile association in India.


Types of New India Two Wheeler Insurance Coverage

Third-Party Liability Cover

The third party liability cover will protect your two wheeler from uncertain expenses developing from third parties.

Example: Suppose, your insured bike hit someone else vehicle due to which its driver has faced minor injuries on head and also damaged the headlight section of the vehicle. In such cases where fault is yours, the third party liability cover will compensate the total loss done by paying directly to the third party after a court settlement.

  1. Enhance your coverage through addition of add-on covers.

  2. No claim bonus up to 50%

  3. Hassle free claim settlement through direct payment to the third party.

  4. Flexible terms of coverage i.e. one year, two years, three years.

Package Policy

The package policy is an extension to third party cover that covers all kinds of unfortunate events.

  1. Damages developing from accidents, theft, self ignition, lighting, fire, explosion, burglary, house breaking, riots & strikes, terrorism, or by transit.

  2. Natural disasters are also covered like Earthquakes, Flood, Typhoon, Storm, Cyclones, landslides, Hurricanes, tempest.

  3. The claim under any of these circumstances has to be reported immediately to the insurer through any specified medium.

  4. No Claim Bonus of up to 50%.

Damages and Repairs Covered

  • Fire/Explosion/Self-Ignition: Any fire or explosion or self ignition can push your bike into complete destruction. However, New India Bike Insurance will compensate for the loss.

  • Theft/Burglary: If in case your two wheeler got stolen during a theft or burglary happened in your locality or at your home, then the insurer will guarantee an agreed compensation.

  • Riot And Strike: Man-made perils during activities such as riots, terrorist attacks and strikes are covered and due coverage is paid on making a claim.

  • Natural Disasters: India has some regions that receive Earthquake, Hurricane, Storm, Hailstorm, Flood, landslide, etc annually due to some environmental perturbation. People living in these areas must purchase bike insurance to protect their vehicle.

  • Accidental Damages: Under New India Bike insurance, customers can protect their bikes form uninvited accidents by simply buying comprehensive coverage which will ensure due compensation.

  • Transit By Road/Waterway/Lift/Elevator/Air: The possible threats to the two wheeler while transportation process or whilst transit are also covered. All transit channels- roadways, waterways, airways, lifts, elevators are included.

Damages and Repairs Not Covered

  • Normal Wear & Tear: The New India two wheeler insurance does not provide coverage if your bike gets faced any normal breakdowns or minor losses to the engine/ gearbox/ parts etc.

  • Driving Without License: Taking a ride on the bike without having a valid license and then meeting some damages are not covered under your New India two wheeler insurance.

  • Intoxication By Alcohol: The bike owner will not be compensated for the losses and damages occurred to two wheeler while driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

  • Wars/Bombing/Radioactivity: The damages to the vehicle as a result of wars, bombing, radioactivities, terrorist attacks are generally not included in the coverage.

  • Using Private Bike For Commercial Use: If the insured private bike is being for commercial purposes due to which severe damage has taken place, then the insurer is not responsible to pay for the losses.

Factors Affecting Premium Calculation

Keep these things in mind during premium calculation New India two wheeler insurance, you should

  • Age of the Bike/ Two wheeler

  • Cubic Capacity of the Engine

  • City of Registration

  • IDV Value of the Two wheeler

  • Type of Coverage opted

  • No Claim Bonus Amount

  • Add-ons Attached to the basic policy

Discounts Under New India Two Wheeler Insurance

  • No Claim Bonus: This is the percentage of bonus which can be earned through fixed renewals plus without making a claim during the year. A minimum of 20% and a maximum of 50% can be earned.

  • Member of Automobile Association: If you own bike insurance from New India and is also a designated member of Automobile Association of India, then you are bound to get 20% discount on the premium.

  • Anti-Theft Device: If the bike owner has installed an anti-theft device to secure their bike from any mishappening then he/ she can avail a proportionate discount on the premium at the time of renewal.


Add-on Covers

Accessory Damages Cover

Your bike must be fitted with electrical and non-electrical accessories which are extra fittings to make the vehicle more efficient. Accessories can include Bi-fuel system, mirrors, sensors, trunk boxes etc.

Zero Depreciation Cover

The customer will get the full amount of claim value without any deduction for the depreciation that usually decreases the compensation amount during claim payment. This will ultimately save your money by reducing the pocket expenses.

Return to Invoice

Under this cover, the customer will get complete compensation for the loss incurred through theft/ damage of the two wheeler. A price equal to the purchase value of the vehicle will be paid by the insurer.

NCB Protection Cover

This protection cover will save your hard-earned No Claim Bonus (NCB) from draining when you make a claim during the policy year. After attaching this, your NCB will remain the same regardless of the claim you raise.

Engine Protect Cover

Any leakage of oils, hydrostatic lock, water ingression damages, or any tangible damage to the gearbox, etc are covered. Customers can easily repair/replace the engine without paying a huge cost as it is borne by the insurer.

Legal Liability To Employees

If you are using your personal bike for office use and if any accident arises during the journey, then you will be covered. The insurer on notification of the claim will verify and settle your claim.


Claim Process of New India Two Wheeler Insurance

For Accidental Damage

  • Intimation To New India Assurance: The bike owner must pass on the information of the claim as soon as possible without any delay. The company will provide you with the claim form.

  • Submit Documents: Complete the claim form and attach a photocopy of Registration Certificate and Driving License while submitting the documents to the insurer. The photocopies must be attested.

  • Inspection of the Bike: A Surveyor will be assigned by New India for estimation of the repair cost who will conduct a deep examination of the damaged bike. The service of spot survey is also available.

  • Submission of Report: The surveyor appointed will prepare a report of the examination and will deposit it to New India for the claim settlement. The insurer will verify the report and start the claim process.

  • Submit Attested Bills: The two wheeler owner needs to collect the final bills related to repair of the vehicle. The bills should be attested by the bike owner.

  • Claim Payment: The claim payment is made after the completion of previously illustrated points and is credited directly to the account of the customer.

For Theft Cases

  • Register An FIR: The two wheeler owner must reach to the nearest police station to report the issue and must file an FIR to continue the further process.

  • Claim Intimation: Call on the customer care number of New India Assurance and report about the whole event.

  • Submit Documents: The insured bike owner must submit the compulsory documents with final police reports justifying the claim authenticity.

  • Verification of the Claim: After receiving the police report, New India Assurance will appoint a surveyor to get in-depth knowledge of the theft and approve your claim afterwards.

  • Approval of the Claim: After the company a[roves your claim, submit your Registration Certificate, keys of the vehicle, letter of subrogation and indemnity to the insurer. The claim will be settled against the agreed value of the payment.

For Third Party Liability Claim

  • Inform the Insurer: After you came across any third party liability that asked you to meet in court should be reported immediately to the insurer after it happens.

  • Submit Written Notice: On receipt of summons from the court, the same should be sent to the company immediately.

  • Documents Submission: Claim Form duly filled in along-with copies of Registration Certificate, Driving License, FIR is to be submitted.

  • Final Settlement: After it is proved in the court that the mistake is yours, the company will directly pay the loss amount to the third party.

Documents Required for Claim Process

  • Policy Documents along with the premium receipt

  • Completely Filled and attested Claim Form

  • Driving License

  • Registration Certificate of Vehicle

  • Estimate of Repairs prepared by mechanic

  • Bills and Cash Memo of repairs

  • Verification of road tax

  • Permit and Fitness Certificate

  • Police Panchnama or FIR


The customer has to pay Compulsory excess/ Deductibles or the salvage value in the total claim amount.

The claim can be informed in two ways-

  • Calling on customer care toll-free number

  • Typing an Email to New India customer support Email ID.

Yes, New India two wheeler insurance provides the facility of insurance to both commercials as well as a private vehicle.

The customer is required to provide certain details related to his/ her vehicle as mentioned below-

  • IDV Value of the vehicle

  • City of Registration

  • Year of Manufacturing

  • Brand and Model of the Bike

  • Type of fuel

  • Coverage Wanted

The claim made under bike insurance is settled either on a cashless basis or on a reimbursement basis.

The company will pay full coverage equal to 100% if the vehicle owner has a personal accident cover under New India Bike insurance.

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Last updated on 13-11-2019