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The sixth largest Automaker in the world, Nissan, traces its name to Nissan Zaibatsu, presently known as the Nissan Group.Nissan is a Japanese Multi-National Automobile company, headquartered in Nishi-Ku, Yokohama, Japan.

The brand is owned by Renault S.A (43.4%) and sells its models under four divisions- Nissan, Infiniti, Nismo, and Datsun.

The models under Nissan include commercial vehicles, automobiles, luxury vehicles, and trucks.

In India, Nissan Motor India Private Ltd., a subsidiary of Nissan Motor Company Ltd., Japan, made an entry into the automobile market in India in the year 2005 when it started production of the X-Trail near Chennai. Currently, the models under Nissan include Sunny Sedan, Micra Hatchback, Teana premium sedan, TerranoSUV and Evalia MPV.

Currently, Nissan holds the prestigious position of being the second largest automaker in Japan and is known to be one of the leading brands worldwide.

Car Insurance for Nissan Models

When it comes to car insurance, it is in all probability that uncertainty and doubts would follow. But the fact remains that insurance itself is a provision for all probable uncertainties and not having one can cost you much of a fortune in dire straits.

Now, a lot other question remains. Why opt for a car insurance? What policy should you look for when buying one? What are the other factors you should consider when looking for a car insurance?

Buying a car insurance makes it mandatory for you to look out for a Third-Party Liability policy in the first place as having one will make sure you abide by Law. In addition to the plans that cover you from a third-party liability in case you be liable for damages or losses to a third party in the event of an accident with your car, you also need to look out for a comprehensive policy so that the risk associated with your own car gets transferred to the insurer which the third party policy does not cover for.

In addition to the core coverages that are catered by the insurance company, there are certain additional benefits like discounts, cashbacks and additional coverages such as coverage for accessories like helmets, tires, gloves, etc. That are also provided by the insurance company under a comprehensive policy.

There are about 12 major company that shall provide you with insurance for your Nissan model. All you need to do is to compare the policies and choose what exactly fits your requirements.

Some Of The Popular Models Of Nissan

In India, Nissan offers a myriad number of options to choose from. The options include cars in small, midsize, sports and utility segment models.

In India, Nissan offers a myriad number of options to choose from. The options include cars in small, midsize, sports and utility segment models :

Nissan Micra :

Micra by Nissan is the perfect mould of style and modern features that is cost-effective all the same. The smart and sporty appearance of the car with minute features that drives you comfortably all the while makes it an amazing deal all the more.
The sleek exteriors that come in a variety of color options are enough in itself to seal looks from the passerby.
Automatic headlamps, rain sensing wipers, the lead me to the car feature, push start button, LED Tail lamps are features that one is meant to drool over.
Price for Nissan Micra starts Rs. 5.99 Lakhs onwards.

Nissan Sunny

Launched in 2011, Nissan Sunny is regarded as the updated version of Nissan Micra, the features being similar mostly.
New features include boomerang-shaped headlights, a bigger and bolder grille, new mirror mounted indicators and wheels designs are worth your attention.
The interior is highly spacious and comfy. The three-spoke steering wheels surely adds to its classy interior looks. The interior also has an all-black gleam,and that perfectly complements the sheer attractiveness of the exterior.
Nissan Sunny is available in six different colours- black, shade, Silver, Grey, white and brown.
The price for Nissan Sunny starts at Rs. 6.99 Lakhs.
Nissan Sunny is regarded as a smart buy and has been competing well in the market.


- Terrano by Nissan is one of the most popular and most sold SUV in India. Terrano comes with a bolder look that is hard to beat and as much as 22 of new features.
The exteriors look rugged as well as bold. Withthe chrome grill at the front and dual-barrel square headlamps highlights Terrano’s bold exterior look.
The interiors are equally comfy and spacious. Terrano ensures comfort for every person in the car with features like orange backlight for theinstrument cluster, one step driver height adjustable, rear AC vents and more such.
Terrano is available in a lot ofdifferentcolour options that include brown, Grey, blank, Silver, white and red.

Nissan Mircra Active

For all those who look for a car that is all in all as well as cost-efficient, Nissan Micra Active is the one for you. Nissan Micra Active is totally a blend of sporty looks, smart and innovative technology and eye-catching appearance!
From comfort to entertainment, Micra Active offers its best to you. While the centre console audio system keeps you entertained all throughout the journey, spacious interiors, driver's seat height adjustment and other such features get you comfortably through the journey.
The price for Nissan Micra Active starts at Rs. 4.6 Lakhs.

Nissan GT-R

This is the only car available in the sports section under Nissan in India. From looks to performance, the model sets benchmarks in every sphere. The price for the model starts at Rs. 2.09 Crore. The colour variants include orange, black metallic, Silver, Blue, red and white.

Benefits of Nissan Car Insurance

Getting insurance for your car is no more an option but an obligation. But even if it seems an obligation there are benefits that are undeniably amazing and must be considered while buying insurance for your car. These benefits include:

• Core coverage for any losses or damages of your car

• Almost cashless services at garages that are under the network's coverage

• Additional benefits like coverage for accessories

• Discounts and cashbacks

• Retain No Claim Bonus even after making a claim

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