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Terrano Car Insurance

The Terrano from Nissan Motors is a compact SUV that was launched in India in 2013. The car is a restyled version of the Dacia Duster SUV from Renault. The SUV was re-launched in 2017 with 22 new features keeping in mind market trends. The Terrano was discontinued in 2018 and has been replaced by Nissan Kicks.

Key Features of Terrano

The Terrano is available in both diesel and petrol variants. The petrol variant has a 1.6-litre engine of 1598 cc capacity. The diesel variant is available in three trims XE, XV, and XV premium (with automatic transmission). The diesel car has a 1.5-litre engine of 1461 cc capacity.

The Terrano has 5 doors with a seating capacity of 5 passengers. The mileage offered is 19.87 km/l for the diesel variant and 13.2 km/l for the petrol variant. The car has a fuel tank capacity of 50 litres. It has a ground clearance of 205 mm and the boot space is 475 litres. The Terrano is available in six different colours.

The top features of the Terrano include:

  • Power windows.
  • Central locking.
  • Front airbags for driver and passenger.
  • ABS with EBD.
  • Engine immobilizer.
  • Key-off reminder.
  • Front fog lights.
  • Touch-screen based infotainment system.
  • Rear window wiper, washer, and defogger.

Premium For Terrano Car Insurance

The premium for insuring your Terrano car would depend on factors like the car variant, year of registration, place of registration, among others. The following table lists out premium rates for select variants of the Terrano:

Car Variant

Price of the Car*


Zero Depreciation

(Add On)*


Nissan Terrano XED 85PS Diesel 1461 cc





Nissan Terrano XV D Premium 110PS Diesel 1461 cc





Nissan Terrano XL P Petrol 1598 cc





*The prices are calculated for a 2018 (till May) Terrano car registered in Bangalore.

Inclusions & Exclusions of Terrano Car Insurance


  • Damages caused to your car due to an accident are included under the policy, allowing you to make a claim.
  • Any damage caused to the property belonging to a third party is included.
  • Injuries that you suffer due to an accident are included under compulsory personal accident cover.
  • Injuries suffered by a third party due to the accident are included in the policy.
  • Any damages caused by natural calamities (floods, earthquakes, landslides) or man-made hazards (riots, arson, terror attacks) are covered by the policy.
  • Damages caused during transit are covered.
  • Losses incurred due to the theft of the car can be claimed under the policy.
  • Damages due to fire or explosion are included.


  • Losses due to general wear and tear of the vehicle are excluded.
  • Any damages caused deliberately or intentionally or caused in a riot when you are involved in it will not be covered under the policy.
  • Damages caused due to war, enemy hostilities, nuclear warfare, and civil war will not be included.
  • Damages caused to the vehicle when it is used for racing or any illegal use are excluded.
  • Damages caused when the vehicle is being used for commercial purposes are excluded.
  • Driving by an underage driver or by a driver without a valid license or when the driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol will lead to insurance claims being denied.
  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown and damage to engine or engine parts are excluded.
  • Cost of consumables used during repair after an accident shall be excluded.
  • Damages caused to any accessories installed in the car are excluded.

Add-ons Benefits

Add-on cover is an addition to your car insurance policy that enhances its scope. Buying an add-on is beneficial as the policy coverage is extended, allowing certain exclusions to be covered. You can consider the following add-ons:

  • NCB Protector: is an add-on cover that allows you to retain the no claim bonus discount on the premium, even if you make a claim on the policy.
  • 24x7 Road Assistance: is an add-on that is very useful to get assistance on the road in case of a breakdown, or if you need the vehicle to be towed, or even for minor issues like fuel delivery and battery recharge.
  • Consumables Cover: is an add-on that ensures the cost of consumables like nuts, engine oil, gear oil would be included in your claim.
  • Invoice Price: allows you to increase the coverage of your car. Instead of the Insured Declared Value (IDV), the invoice value of the car will be considered.
  • Paid Driver Cover: ensures that in the event of an accident, financial assistance will be provided to a paid driver in case of disablement or death.

Renewal Process For Terrano Car Insurance

Renewing your Terrano car insurance policy is easy when you do it through PolicyX.com. The process to do this is explained below.

  1. Go to 'Get Instant Quotes', which you will find at the top of this page.
  2. Enter your registration number and choose 'Get Quotes'. Alternately, you can choose 'Proceed without car number' and enter your car model, variant, RTO code, and year of registration and then select 'Renewal' and 'Continue'.
  3. Go through quotes from different insurers. Compare the quotes, decide the insurer, and select 'Buy'.
  4. You are now redirected to the website of the insurer. You can pay the premium online to complete the renewal process.
  5. On successful payment, you will get an email confirmation, followed by a soft copy of your insurance policy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. There was a disturbance in the area I live and some antisocial elements set fire to my car, causing severe damages. Can I claim damages under the insurance policy?

Yes, definitely you can claim damages. This is a case of arson, which is a man-made hazard. It is covered under your Terrano insurance policy. You can submit an insurance claim and get damages based on the extent of damages.

2. I had taken my Terrano for a holiday to Leh, where it met with an accident. Since the accident happened in a different state, can I still claim insurance?

Yes! The insurance policy is valid throughout the geographical borders of the Indian Union. Irrespective of where the accident occurred in India, you can claim damages under the insurance policy. You can even claim damages for an accident that occurs in some neighbouring countries if you have extended the coverage at the time of buying the policy.

3. My car hit a two-wheeler and the insurer compensated the two-wheeler for his injuries and for damages caused to his vehicle but I did not receive compensation for damages to my car, why is this so?

This is because you have opted for third-party insurance, which only includes damages to third party property and injuries to a third party. Had you bought a comprehensive insurance policy, your car damages would also have been covered.

4. My Terrano policy expired at midnight and the car was stolen in the evening earlier. I had not renewed it yet. Can I still make an insurance claim?

Yes, you can. When the car was stolen, your insurance policy was still valid. As long as your insurance policy is valid and in force, damages or losses due to theft would be included. You can go ahead and make an insurance claim.

Last updated on 06-10-2020