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If you have a two wheeler then you must be aware of the fact that having two wheeler insurance policy is mandatory in India under the Motor Vehicle Insurance Act otherwise you would have to pay heavy penalty for the same. Apart from this, a two wheeler insurance policy provides the essential coverage to your vehicle when you need it the most. There are several types of coverage that comes under this category. A two wheeler insurance policy makes sure that you and your vehicle feel protected every time you step out.

Benefits and Features

Basic Attributes

A two wheeler insurance policy will be there to provide you required coverage when you get stuck in a situation or meet an accident. It will offer coverage on all the damages, your vehicle and third party liability. The coverage list is long as there are different kinds of situation that can arise. The coverage period will be of 1 year. The plan offers comprehensive coverage and two wheeler coverage as well.

Damages Caused To Your Vehicle: It will provide coverage to maximum damages that are caused to your vehicle due to any unforeseen incident. Consumers will get coverage on accidental loss or damage to the vehicle, burglary, fire, earthquake and many such similar types of accidents.

Third Party Liability: It also offers coverage on third party liability. The insurer will pay on your behalf to the third party against the damages to his/her vehicle caused by you.

Personal Accident Cover: The owner will get the personal accident cover which means that if you ever meet with an accident then the company will be there to support you financially and makes sure that you will get quality treatment.

Expert View

There is no doubt that having a motor insurance is mandatory in India. A plan like this will be more beneficial if you are about to purchase a new vehicle. This plan has a host of helpful features that provide maximum coverage and add on benefits as well. So, you can consider this while selecting a motor insurance policy.

Why Oriental Two Wheeler Insurance?

  • Useful coverage: This plan provides maximum coverage to you and your vehicle. It provides comprehensive and third party liability coverage. Consumers will also get personal accident cover.
  • Add on Cover: By having policy, the consumers will be liable to get add on cover benefits from time to time that enhances the basic coverage.
  • Discounts: The customer will get many helpful discounts such as voluntary deductibles, no claim bonuses and discount on anti theft devices as well.


  • Driver Carelessness: Any incident that takes place because of driver carelessness such as driving without a valid license or under the influence of alcohol will not be covered by insurers.
  • Mechanical or Electrical Breakdown: Any loss because of mechanical or electrical breakdown and failure will be out of coverage domain.
  • Depreciation: Loss due to depreciation is not liable for any coverage.
  • Vehicles Used for Inappropriate Purpose: Any loss that takes place because of any inappropriate purposes such as speed testing, racing etc will not be insured.