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Oriental Insurance Two Wheeler

Oriental two wheeler Insurance is a complete protection policy for your bike/ scooter. What damages do it compensate? This two wheeler insurance will provide financial safety from natural calamities, fires, self-ignition of the engine, accidental damages, robbery, burglary etc. Due to the online procedure of renewable and making claim under oriental two wheeler insurance, the bike owner can now relax and feel more comfortable.

Faster Claim Settlement

Faster Claim Settlement

The customers can enjoy hassle free and quick claim service by just following a few simple steps that requires lesser paperwork with quick online payment of the claim amount.

Cashless Garage Service

Cashless Garage Service

With this facility service, an insured bike owner can easily avail cashless repairs at any of the listed network garages of the Oriental insurance mentioned in the policy.

Instant Online Renewals

Instant Online Renewals

The bike owner can easily renew their oriental bike insurance with a system, internet connection and policy number. Submit the necessary details and then proceed for premium payment.


6 Reasons To Buy Oriental Two Wheeler Insurance

24 x7 Customer Service

24/7 Customer Support

While registering a grievance, or informing a claim to the customer support team of the Oriental Two Wheeler policy, the customers can easily reach the company anytime in a day.

Flexible Policy Terms

Flexible Policy Terms

At the time of purchasing two wheeler policy, the bike owner will get complete freedom in deciding the term of the policy. The customer can either opt for a policy of one year or two years or three years.

Discounts on Premiums

Discounts on Premiums

A proportionate amount of discount on the premium can be earned by accumulating No Claim Bonus or by installing an anti-theft alarm or simply by obtaining AAI membership.

Add-On Protection

Add-On Protection

The add-on protection is to enhance the coverage value in order to make it more efficient and helpful during risky and emergency events. These add-ons can be attached by paying the extra premium.

Safety of Information

Safety of Information

The customers can ensure the safety of information provided during the purchase & renewal under this policy. All your payment details, personal details, contact details are kept secret.

Type Of Coverage

Type Of Coverage

Oriental Two Wheeler insurance offers you three kinds of coverage options while purchasing the policy. Options available are- Liability Only cover, Bundled Policy, 5-year long term policy.


Types of Oriental Two Wheeler Insurance

Third-Party Insurance Policy

By taking third party insurance, two wheeler owner can greatly save their money which may dissolve in submitting third party liabilities.

  1. Third-party liabilities are formed when the loss has been constructed by you to another party vehicle.

  2. Any physical injuries happening to the third party will be covered.

  3. Any severe Damages/losses to the third party’s vehicle are also compensated.

Bundled Cover Policy

This will include all kinds of threats common to a two wheeler vehicle. The bike owner can get financial protection or a lock of 5 years from events like-

  1. Natural disasters like Earthquake, Inundation, Landslide, Flood, Storm or Rockslide and man-made disasters like Terrorism, Strikes, Riots, Malicious Acts.

  2. Thefts, burglary, housebreaking, fire, explosion, self-combustion & lightening.

  3. Accidental external damage to the insured vehicle and its owner.

5-Year Motor Package Insurance policy

this is meant to give coverage for 5 continuous years without any break and bike owners can save themselves from future yearly hikes in the prices of premium.

  1. Free from submitting annual premiums to keep the coverage intact.

  2. Save your money from a mandatory annual hike in premium rates by making lumpsum payment for five years.

How To Earn Discount In Oriental Two Wheeler Insurance

  • No Claim Bonus: No Claim bonus can seriously lower your premium value on every renewal if the oriental two wheeler policy is timely renewed and no claims have been reported during the policy period.

  • Anti-theft Device: The customers can earn beneficial discounts on premium by fitting the anti-theft alarm device in the interior of the bike to lock your bike safety.

  • Automobile Association Member: If the customer has subscribed to the membership of Automobile Association of India, then he / she will get a proportionate discount on the gross premium.

  • Voluntary Deductibles: Deductibles are mandatory in bike insurance whereas voluntary deductibles are up to the choice of the customer. If a customer opts to pay deductibles, then 5% - 10% of discounts can be earned annually.

Damages and Repairs Covered

  • Third-Party Liabilities: It is very unfortunate for you when you have done severe damage to other person’s vehicle/ life. However, you can knock out these expenses by insuring your bike with Oriental Insurance.

  • Accidental Damages: Any accidental losses to the vehicle or the vehicle owner taking shape due to collision or harsh climatic conditions will be covered under two wheeler policy.

  • Natural Calamities: Calamities that have heinous effects on the environment, as well as the property of people, are covered. landslides, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, storms, etc are covered.

  • Fire and Explosion: A fire or explosion in the parts of bike can ruin your bike in a few minutes. Don’t worry! Oriental insurance will safeguard you against this loss with compensation.

  • Theft/Burglary: Even if your bike has been stolen or looted by thieves or burglars, the Oriental two wheeler insurance will guarantee you complete compensation on making a claim.

  • Transit by Road/Rail/waterways/air/lift: The damages happened during the transit process for transportation of the vehicle through roadways/ waterways/ lifts/ railways are covered.

Damages and Repairs not Covered

  • Wear and Tear: The damages occurring from day to day like normal scratches, tyre punctures, and other normal repairs are not covered under Oriental Two Wheeler policy.

  • Driving Without License: The damages made to the vehicle when the driver is non-license holder will not be included in the coverage.

  • Mechanical or Electrical Breakdown: Any major or minor breakdowns to the engine or body of the vehicle, the insurer will not pay for the expenses.

  • Intoxication By Liquor/Drugs: If the insured vehicle is driving under the influence of any toxic substance, the resulting damages (if any) will not be compensated.

  • War/Mutiny/Nuclear Bombing: Any kind of wars, revolts, mutinies, bombing, etc will not be covered if the insured two wheeler faces any loss due to any of the activities.

  • Depreciation: The damages resulting due to depreciation of the vehicle parts are not fully covered until unless nil depreciation cover is purchased.


Add-on Covers

Nil Depreciation

The Insurer gives IDV value of the bike which is calculated after deducting depreciation applicable. However, after adding this cover, the bike owner will get the actual value of the vehicle without any depreciation.

Return To Invoice

The return to invoice cover is suitable in theft/ total destruction situation where your vehicle is destroyed or stolen. The company will pay the purchase cost of the bike disregarding the IDV value.

Engine Protect Cover

The cover is meant to give financial protection to the bike owner. Any damages to the engine due to oil leakage, water admission, misfunctioning of gears, locking of engine happened while starting the wet engine.

Total And Permanent Physical Disability

The Oriental two wheeler insurance provides this add-on to financially help the bike owner during a permanent disability. Any loss of both eyesight or one eyesight or both hands or both legs are covered.

Legal Liability To Driver

If you are the owner of the bike and hired a driver to drive it, then you hold legal liability to pay the compensation in case any injury or loss. If buy this cover, the insurer will settle the loss of the driver.

Personal Accident Cover For Unnamed Person

This cover is valid for a person who is driving but is not the owner of the two wheeler. For any accidental injuries/ death of the person, the insurer will pay the whole amount of loss.


Oriental Two Wheeler Premium Calculation

The rate premium will depend on various factors listed below-

  • IDV of the vehicle

  • Manufacturer of the vehicle

  • Model of the Bike

  • Cubic Capacity of the vehicle

  • Zone of Registration

  • State of Purchase

  • Type of coverage

  • CNG/LPG fuel

  • Add on Covers

  • NCB Benefit and Deductibles opted

Claim Process Of Oriental Two Wheeler Insurance

  • Intimation of the Claim: The bike owner is expected to immediately notify the insurer over a call or writing an email no matter what type of claim it is.

  • Report an FIR: In case of an accident/ theft of the vehicle, visit the nearest police station and file a FIR for the further verification process.

  • Fill the claim form: The bike owner must fill claim form available on the website of the Oriental and also collect necessary documents related to claim.

  • Inspection of the Vehicle: A surveyor will be appointed for the examination of the damaged vehicle and evaluate the total losses for payment.

  • Approval of the Claim: A report will be passed by the surveyor revealing all damages arrived and the authenticity of the claim. On behalf of the reports, Oriental Insurance will approve the claim.

  • Payment of the Claim: The payment is processed after all the formalities are accomplished. The claim amount is directly transferred into the account of the bike owner.

Online Renewal Process

  • Fill Bike Details: To renew Oriental two wheeler insurance, you are first required to go to the upper section of this page and then fill your bike details plus the contact information.

  • Choose Your Insurer: The PolicyX compare portal will give you a list of insurers where you have to choose Oriental Two Wheeler insurance. Click on the insurer and check the premium prices.

  • Premium Payment: Confirm the prices of premium and other taxes applicable to the policy. The payment must be made online through any acceptable medium like credit/ debit cards/ net banking.

  • Issue of Renewed Policy: On making an online payment, a payment receipt will be mailed to the provided email ID of the customer certifying the renewal.

Oriental Two Wheeler Insurance Review

Oriental has been offering two wheeler services in the middle of the 20th century and has been rated as AAA by CRISIL due to credibility towards their customers. Oriental insurance has sold millions of policies until now and has earned 11452 crores from The company has been operating in Kuwait, Nepal and Dubai. Coming to its claim service, the company support both offline as well as an online medium for reporting claims. The communication has also become easy with 24 hours of availability and facility online registration of grievances.

Customers can also check their claim status online by submitting the policy number and can remain updated about each step. Overall, the company has worthwhile benefits which must be considered before buying two wheeler policy.


You can buy online by following the 4 step procedures-

  • Go to the upper section of this page or just click on the ‘Get Quote’ indicator on the right side.

  • Fill in the details of your bike as well as you contact details. Choose the buy option

  • Compare the coverage offered by distinct insurers and choose the one.

  • Proceed to pay the premium after confirming all information. Your policy will be issued online and a payment receipt is generated to your mail.

It is advisable to inform the claim as fast as possible on the same day when it happens to stay away from claim rejection and get a smoother settlement of claim.

Yes, you have full right to transfer your insurance in the name of the purchaser of your vehicle. You just need to fill a fresh proposal form declaring the transfer and do read the terms & conditions.

The compulsory deductibles refer to the sharing of some percentage of claim amount with the insurer as agreed during the purchase of the Oriental bike insurance policy. However, voluntary deductible is not mandatory to pay and is completely optional.

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Last updated on 13-11-2019