Porsche Boxster

Porsche Boxster

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Porsche Boxster

The German Car maker has launched many cars in India and one of the important members of Porsche family is the Porsche Boctor. This is a sports car and it is loved by India.


the Porsche Boxtor is a 2 seater sports car and the exterior of the car is an amazingly attractive. The car has retractable car roof and that can shut and open in a small time as 12 seconds smoothly. The front headlight of the car ate vertical in the spa that maintains a unique style of the car. The doors of the car are glitzy and the side mirrors of the car are placed at the doors only. This improves the aerodynamics and as a result, the wind noise is resisted. The lift of car is reduced with the rear end. For the sporty look of the car, the spoilers of the exterior are neatly placed and go till the LED light along with the taillights and the center brake light. The car has a long wheelbase and low windscreen, fog light along with the large wheels that give the car a roadster look that looks extremely sporty and classy.


The interior of the Porsche Boxter is extremely ravishing and stylish. The car is spacious and perfectly designed with the aerodynamic features. The alleviation of the central console of the Porsche Boxter is very comfortable that makes the gear shift way and increase the ergonomic efficiency. The side doors and candle of the car match the color theme of the car. The car is fitted with the three-spoke steering that has a leather cover which enhances the grip of the driver on that. The car has features like 4.6 inch TFT monitor and features for navigation and climate control.


Car insurance is the mandatory thing for the vehicle owners in India and for a car like Porsche Boxtor it is actually a necessity. Third person Liability insurance is mandatory insurance for every driver. A pre defined value is fixed as per the insured Declared Value (IDV) of the required vehicle for the premium amount that is required to be paid by the policyholder for the policy. But, one should not settle just for the low premium amount. With the little more premium amount, one can buy a Comprehensive car insurance plan that will not only cover the third party liability but also the first person regarding any accident or injury and it even covers the damage or loss that is caused to the vehicle during any car accident. This plan also covers any damage that is caused due to the natural or man-made calamities such as earthquake, cyclone, terrorist attack or any riot. This plan can be enhanced with add ons after paying an extra premium amount.


Mileage- 11.36 kmpl

Transmission- Automatic

Displacement- 3387 cc

Power- 315PS @ 6700RPM


Porsche Boxtor S Tiptronic
Porsche Boxtor GTS

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