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Reliance Two Wheeler Insurance

Reliance two wheeler Insurance gives you a hive of profits of protecting your bike through multiple discounts and wide coverage. Reliance General Insurance is the most trusted brand because of their customer service values and claim settlement process. The company is IRDA licensed and ISO certified which exhibits their credibility towards customers. A two wheeler once insured will get financial protection from natural disasters, man-made disasters (terrorism, riots), accidental losses, thefts etc.

5-minute Policy Issuance

Reliance Two wheeler insurance issues policies in less than 5 minutes with a lesser amount of documentation to ensure the convenience of the customers.

24/7 Claim Support

Long Term Policy

Ignore the annual payment of premium and save your money with the option to purchase long term policies where you gather a handful of benefits.

Lesser Paperwork

As all processes of renewal and purchase is online, so now a customer can relax without any need to collect papers and waiting for approval.


Benefits of Reliance Two Wheeler Insurance

4450+ Cashless garages

4450+ Cashless garages

When your bike needs immediate mechanic attention then Reliance two wheeler insurance gives you the repair service at any network garage without any requirement of cash.

Easy Renewals

Easy Renewals

The renewal of two wheeler have now become easy with the online system where you can renew your policy in a few minutes. You just need to provide the policy number and other personal details.

Flexible Coverage Options

Flexible Coverage Options

The customers have the flexibility to choose the kind of coverage suitable to secure their bikes from unpredictable events. There are two options i.e. third party cover and comprehensive cover.

Multiple Discounts On Premium

Multiple Discounts On Premium

You can earn an exciting range of benefits that can minimise your rate of premium on every renewal. For instance, by not making a claim during a year or fitting anti-theft device.

Add-on Covers Options

Add-on Covers Options

The add-on covers can seriously raise your coverage value and lower your bike-related expenses. This can be attached at the time of renewals or purchase of Reliance bike insurance.

Claim Assistance Service

Claim Assistance Service

Through the whole process of claim, the customer will get undivided attention towards their queries related to the claim process. Customer can either call on the toll free number or mail their questions.


Type of Reliance Two Wheeler Insurance Coverage

Third-Party Liability

The third party liability cover will save you from the liabilities arising from the collision or accident which has caused damage to the vehicle or physical injuries to the third party. Both the parties third party and the insured can remain satisfied under this cover.

  1. This is compulsory by law under the Motor Vehicle Act and should be purchased on the same day of the vehicle purchase.

  2. Premium is comparatively lower than the comprehensive cover.

  3. Ensures quick compensation once the third party raises summons in the name of the insured bike owner.

Comprehensive Coverage

The comprehensive coverage covers third party liabilities and other common damages/losses happening because of accidents, environmental changes, man-made activities.

  1. Natural disasters ruins, as well as damages made by human beings during riots/strikes/thefts/burglary, are covered.

  2. Thefts, burglary or plunder of bike or its parts will be covered

  3. Accidental damage

  4. Covers Harms resulting from fire/self-ignition

Damages and Repairs Covered

  • Third-Party Liabilities: It is very unfortunate for you when you have done severe damage to another person’s vehicle/ life. However, you can knock out these expenses by insuring your bike with Oriental Insurance.

  • Accidental Damages: Any accidental losses to the vehicle or the vehicle owner taking shape due to collision or harsh climatic conditions will be covered under two wheeler policy.

  • Natural Calamities: Landslides, cyclones, floods, Typhoon, earthquake, Frost, tempest, lightning, etc are covered under Reliance two wheeler comprehensive policy.

  • Terrorism/Riots/strikes: Terror attacks, riots, strike etc all are man-made disasters that may result in major/ minor losses to the vehicle and hence they are covered

  • Fire/Explosion/Self-Ignition: If your bike suffers any self-ignition or get ruined by accidental fire/ explosion, then you can claim the loss amount to the insurer

  • Theft/ Burglary: Any loss caused because of theft/ burglary of the vehicle will be compensated under the Reliance two wheeler insurance.

Damages and Repairs Not Covered

  • Normal Wear & Tear: The losses or damages to the vehicle that does not have severe effects in the interiors or exteriors of the vehicle are not covered.

  • Breakdowns: Any Mechanical and electrical breakdowns to the engine or gears of the vehicle are not covered under Reliance two wheeler insurance.

  • Private Vehicle Used Commercially: The company will not be accountable to pay for any damages done when the private bike is used for commercial purpose.

  • Driving Without Valid License: Driving a vehicle without a license can invite monetary penalties and damages to the vehicle which are not covered under this policy.

  • Intoxicated Driving: If you are driving the insured two wheeler after taking any toxic substance and if any damage occurs, the insurer will not pay the compensation.

  • Damage to Accessories: The vehicle accessories are not covered and therefore if any theft/burglary happens, the compensation will not be provided.


Add-on Covers

Nil Depreciation

The value of your bike tyres, wheels, engine seat, body, clutch depreciates whose effect is reflected in the payment of claim amount. However, can get the full amount of claim without any reduction due to depreciation by adding this cover.

Personal Accident Covers

A two wheeler driver is always inclined to accidents either caused by the negligence of others or of himself. Under this cover, the insurer will entertain all kinds of accidental damage to the body of the bike owner. Whether an accident has caused the death of the insured person or made him permanently disabled, all will be compensated by the insurer on intimation.

Daily Allowance Benefit

The insurer will pay for the daily travel expenses in case your bike is under supervision at a network garage for more than 3 days. A maximum of Rs 5000 is paid per day. If the vehicle is not returned in 90 days, then lumpsum theft benefit is allowed. The bye owner can make 2 claims in a policy year.

EMI Protection

Suppose your bike suffered heavy losses and needs plenty of days (more than 30 days) to get perfectly repaired in a network garage. In such situations, the bike owner would get cover for up to 3 EMIs which is paid by the Reliance General Insurance directly to the financial institution from where the vehicle is financed. Only partial claims are applicable under this cover.

Helmet Cover​

Your cost of a helmet, if it damaged completely in an accident, will be paid by the insurer for the replacement with the brand new of the same type and model. Under this cover, you more than 1 helmet can be covered and a maximum sum insured allowed is equal to Rs 50,000 per year. This cover is available in a single year two wheeler policies with an affordable premium.


How Discounts Can Be Earned?

  • NCB: The No Claim Bonus is the percentage of discount that can bring down the amount of premium of the insured bike. A maximum of 50% NCB can be earned by not making a single claim during one policy year and renewing on every policy anniversary.

  • Long Term Policy: Choosing a long term two wheeler insurance policy can give unlimited discounts on premium i.e. 10% to 20%. You can also save your money from the annual hike in premium prices by submitting the lumpsum premium for two/ three years.

  • Voluntary Deductibles: Sharing the claim amount with Reliance General insurance can lower your premium value on every renewal. Greater the percentage of voluntary deductibles, lower will be the premium. You can opt a deductible between Rs 500- 1500.

Claim Process of Reliance Two Wheeler Insurance

Cashless Claim

  • Register the Claim: The first job is to intimate the Reliance General insurance about the claim immediately (within 24 hours) by calling on the toll free number 1800 3009.

  • File An FIR (for accidents/thefts): It is the primary duty of the bike owner to reach the nearest police station for reporting the incident of accident/theft and file an FIR for the same.

  • Take the Vehicle to Nearest Garage: Next step is to take the insured bike to the nearest network garage for the repairs under the authorization of the insurer.

  • Examination of the Vehicle: A surveyor will be allotted to assess the total loss incurred by the vehicle and prepare a survey report for further consideration of the insurer.

  • Acceptance Of Claim: The insurer will inspect the reports submitted by the surveyor and will accept the claim if the reports are found authentic.

  • Submit Bills and Documents: For reimbursement claims, once the vehicle has been repaired completely, the customer is required to gather related bills and mandatory documents. Cashless claims are not required to perform this step.

  • Settlement of Claim: Once the bike has been repaired by the garage experts, the claim payment will be made directly to the garage. In case non-cashless claim, the payment will be made on surrender of repair bills.

Documents Required for Claim Process

For Cashless claims/Accidental Claim/Theft Claim

  • Claim form containing all the required information

  • Policy Document

  • Copy of Registration Book, Original Tax Receipt

  • Copy and original of Driving License

  • Police Panchnama / FIR (fir third party claims, accidents, theft)

  • Repair Bills & Payment Receipts

  • Claims Discharge Cum Satisfaction Voucher signed across a Revenue stamp in this format.

  • Copy of Letter informing the RTO about the theft

For Third-Party Claims

  • Duly filled Form 28, 29 and 30 attested by the bike owner

  • Form 35 (undated and blank) attested by the Financer on the admission of liability of insurers

  • Letter of Subrogation

  • Consent towards agreed claim settlement value from you and Financer

  • NOC of the Financer (when the case is in favour of the bike owner)

  • Claim Discharge Voucher with signature on the side of the Revenue Stamp

Renewal Process Of Reliance Two Wheeler Insurance

  • Familiarise Your Vehicle: Go to the upper section of this page and submit the required information including registration city of vehicle, brand name, model name, manufacturing date.

  • Give Contact Information: Along with bike details, the details of the customer contact number, Email ID, and the name of the bike owner should also be filled in the same online compare portal of PolicyX.

  • Choose the Insurer: After you press continue, the compare portal will show you a variety of insurers where you have to look for Reliance bike insurance. Click and check the premium details.

  • Make Payment: Following the confirmation of the premium with GST, the customer should step forward to do the payment. Payment is made online through credit cards/debit cards/net-banking.


  • Compare the prices of premium with other insurer running in the market.

  • Know about the IDV value and other information of the Two wheeler.

  • Look for the benefits and add-on covers it is providing for better coverage value.

  • Check the claim settlement ratio of the company

The IDV value is current worth of the vehicle after deducting depreciation factor. This value is considered under Reliance bike insurance while paying for the claim amount.

The bike owner must know the following things before proceeding to buy-

  • Registration number

  • Engine number

  • Chassis number

  • Vehicle manufacturing date (mm/yy), purchasing date and city

  • Contact details (address, mobile no, and email id)

  • Photocopy of RC booklet

The add-on cover can be added at the time of renewal by informing the company and filling a proposal form. Thecustomer can propose for any add-on if it is avaialble under coverage.

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Last updated on 13-11-2019