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Rolls-Royce EngineersMotor Cars Limitedbuilds and manufactures extravagantautomobile parts and automobiles worldwide. Famous for being exclusive, one of Rolls-Royce’s common mottos is that the client does not buy a Rolls-Royce, they commission one.

1998 onwards, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited has been a subsidiary of BMW with BMW owning the right to the Rolls-Royce grill shape and Spirit of Ecstasy trademarks from Volkswagen AG, which owns much of the early Rolls-Royce legacy.

The brand of Rolls-Royce Motors Cars Limited under BMWhas been separate from 2003 onwards.

The flagship product was the Rolls-Royce four-door sedan Phantom up for sale in its first generation in 2003. Named in signature style the Phantom, the Ghost and the Wraith are the major offerings from Rolls-Royce, which sells exclusive products emphasizing quality over quantity, with a high of 4063 cars sold in 2014.

Rolls-Royce Financing Offers

Rolls-Royce financing is as unique and personalized as their cars. Their financial service team will set up a payment schedule that will suit you and your needs exactly.

Rolls-Royce prices will also vary wildly, with the amount of personalization that goes into creating each car. Every car is unique to the buyer. With Rolls-Royce, your service and maintenance are covered for four years, whatever mileage you put on in that car.

The touring and technology collection fits your Rolls-Royce to make your lifestyle on the road as easy as possible. Interior options are endless, with unique wood veneers, endless color variations and leather upholstery that can be designed uniquely with Rolls-Royce’s own crafts people.

With Rolls-Royce Bespoke, you can personalize every inch of your new car. Accessorise to your heart’s delight. With 44,000 hues on offer, even the color choices are astonishing. They also offer to mix up a new color and name it after you, in case you don’t find anything suitable on offer.

Car Variants Rolls Royce

Rolls-Royce Phantom

The flagship offering from the luxury car brand, Rolls-Royce’s Phantom’s eight generation model is at the cutting edge of their offerings but is still distinctively a Phantom. The average price starts at six and a half crores.

The roomy interiors include a boot volume of over 500 ltr and a vehicle length of 5762 mm.

The engine is linked to an automatic transmission, with a petrol engine that achieves a top speed of 250 km per hour and an acceleration that goes from zero to hundred within 5.3 seconds. Amongst the new additions is the trademark Rolls-Royce New Model Architecture with lightweight aluminum spaceframe, active stabilization and rear-axle steering and some excellent on-air suspension.

Fuel consumption is calculated to be about 22 ltr per km in urban spaces, and combined carbon dioxide emissions are at about 320 g per km.

Rolls-Royce Ghost

A more contemporary addition to the Rolls-Royce stables, the Ghost’s mandate is completely different from the Phantom. The Ghost leaves the ‘classic’ touch behind apart from the Rolls-Royce brand design and the 2:1 ratio of wheel to body height that gives the Rolls-Royce its typical silhouette. The Ghost series looks forward to innovation.

The average price is a little less than four and a half crores

With a dynamic and contemporary finish, the interiors are gorgeous and include the Spirit of Ecstasy Rotary Controller which allows access to GPS, music and the internet or will even let you take quick notes.

The engine is powered by a twin turbo 6.6 ltr V12 engine, with the corresponding power. Along with this, new additions to the dash make driving the easiest it’s ever been. A Heads Up Display gives the speed limit and directions ahead and Night Vision makes night driving clear. A luxury addition is the Comfort Entry System in the key which lets the lock sense when the key is nearby so that unlocking is as simple as pulling the handle.

Top speed is about 250 km p hour, with acceleration from zero to hundred within 4.9 seconds. Fuel consumption is calculated to be 21.2 ltr per km in urban spaces, and combined carbon dioxide emissions are at 327 g per km.

Rolls-Royce Wraith

Rolls-Royce boasts that the Wraith is the most powerful, technologically advanced offering from Rolls-Royce ever. There has been no compromise on the classic design with the 2:1 ratio of wheel to body height and the long overhang beyond the rear wheels and the rear-hinged coach doors.

The paintwork is with high-tech Xirallic paint that offers a flawless exterior and boot volume is 470 ltr.

An engine that offers 6592 cc in petrol with 624 bhp and the trademark 8-speed automatic transmission is as expected from Rolls-Royce but will give an acceleration from zero to hundred in an unbelievable 4.6 seconds. The price, starting at five crores is also as usual.

Fuel consumption is calculated at 21.8 ltr per km in urban settings with carbon dioxide emissions of 327 g per km.

The advanced technology on offer starts with Active Cruise Control, which uses radar data to monitor the road ahead and will maintain a safe distance between your car and cars ahead, even taking over to brake if necessary. GPS with Satellite Aided Transmission is to be expected from a luxury car at this range.

Highlights of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Financial Services

Personalised Finance Offers: Just like your Rolls Royce, your finance options for your car can also be personalized to fit your needs specifically. This is what Rolls Royce promises in their finance options.

Pre-Owned Cars: Cars with a previous owner are put through a rigorous round of testing, equivalent to the testing done on new Rolls-Royce cars rolling out from Goodwood. The technicians check the interiors and all mechanical and technical details as well as the paintwork and appearance of the car. The car also goes through a rigorous road test along with mileage check before finally being put up for sale. Rolls-Royce will guarantee their work with a provenance warranty of minimum two-year period. They also offer a complimentary standard servicing for aminimum of two years.

Enhanced Ownership Programme: With exclusive offerings like the Rolls-Royce TeleServices offer from their Enhanced Ownership programme, Rolls-Royce customers can be assured the best of service at all times, and additionally get the guarantee of genuine parts only service centers.

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