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Royal Sundaram Two Wheeler Insurance

When on the go, there is no guarantee about what kind of mishap may occur at any given moment, hence it is indeed best to be prepared for all kinds of possible problems that may spring up from out of nowhere.

People who own and drive two wheelers like motorcycles, scooters and the like are generally believed to be at a greater risk of motor accidents—that cause harm to both, the vehicle as well as the driver. Hence, Royal Sundaram has concocted a solution to cover all the expenses against your two wheeler, should it ever be damaged in an accident, and here is all that you need to know about the Royal Sundaram two wheeler insurance.

Royal Sundaram General Insurance is a renowned name in the insurance industries, and with good reason, because they certainly know what they are doing. A subsidiary of Sundaram Finances, Royal Sundaram General Insurance was, in fact, one of the first companies to be licensed by the IRDA in October of 2000.

The company offers a wide range of insurances, ranging from health insurance, home insurance, motor insurance as well as personal accident and travel insurances

These insurances are distributed by Royal Sundaram to individuals, corporate businesses as well as families via their partners, as well as directly. With over a decade’s worth of experience in dealing with the needs and demands of the people, it is quite safe to say that all insurance policies crafted by Royal Sundaram are designed to fulfil those needs and demands.

Why Should You Buy

Aside from the fact that an insurance for your two wheeler protects you against unforeseen events, there are several added advantages to investing in a Royal Sundaram two wheeler insurance. Some of the key reasons why you should go ahead and get yourself one are:

  • Royal Sundaram two wheeler insurance is an insurance policy that covers your vehicle for up to three whole years in a single insurance.
  • The customer may also renew their existing insurance policy for an additional period of two or three years. The existing policy may be from any other insurance company.
  • The Royal Sundaram two wheeler insurance provides complete and comprehensive coverage for your vehicle, accessories, and also protects your against damage to property and/or life of any or all third parties involved.
  • In case you ever want to shift to any other insurance company, it is super easy to make the shift from Royal Sundaram to any other insurance company of your choice, by simply making a declaration that you can even do online.
  • All claim settlements are dealt with and successfully completed within ten working days of the claim request being lodged.

Key Features And Benefits

Royal Sundaram two wheeler insurances are designed with care and come along with a lot of benefits that are more than ideal for those who own a two wheeler. Certain such features and benefits offered by the Royal Sundaram insurance policies are:

  1. Customers get an option of one-time payment, which means that if they want, they may pay all their premiums for the entire duration of the policy at the inception of the policy itself to avoid monthly hassles.
  2. Royal Sundaram two wheeler insurances cover your vehicle for up to three years with a single policy, which means that you can bid adieu to the troubles of renewing your policy every year.
  3. Your no claim bonus is protected at all times. This means that if a customer claims their policy exactly once in the entire duration of the policy, the no claim bonus that they are entitled to remains unaffected.
  4. The Royal Sundaram insurance policy for two wheelers also has you protected from inflation during the term of your policy. The amount of the premium payable against your policy remains unchanged, should there be any kind of increase in third party premiums.
  5. There are no million documents that you need to keep track of with your Royal Sundaram two wheeler insurance. A single document is issued at the time of inception of the policy, and that very document is valid for the entire two or three year period of your policy.


The Royal Sundaram two wheeler insurance provides coverage for your two-wheelers against natural calamities as well as man-made calamities. Natural calamities include events like fire, earthquake, floods, typhoon, hurricane, storm, explosions, inundation, cyclone, tempest, hailstorm, frost, landslide and rockslide.

On the other hand, man-made calamities include burglary, theft, riots, terrorist attack, and accident by external agents, any harm in transit by road, inland waterway, rail, lift, air or elevator.

The policy provides coverage for unlimited liability in the event of any bodily injury (or death) caused to a third party. Indemnity in case of damage to property of third party has a monetary limit of Rs. 1 lakh. The policyholder is also provided with a personal accident cover for up to Rs. 1 lakh.

Should you happen to be a member of the Automobile Association of India, then you are entitled to a five percent discount on the Own Damage Premium. Also, the Royal Sundaram two wheeler insurance policy also provides cover for pillion riders.

How To Stake Claim

The preliminary features which entail the poWith Royal Sundaram two wheeler insurance, it is just as easy to stake claim on the policy money, as easy as it is to buy an insurance policy. A claim request can be filed with the company via email, or telephone, and it is necessary to mention all pertinent details relating to your insurance policy.

1. No repairs of any kind are to be made to the vehicle before an agent from the insurance company surveys it.

2. A survey of the affected vehicle is arranged after a claim request is filed by the policyholder. After the survey is conducted, a detailed estimation of all the needed repairs and the cost of the same is communicated to the policyholder

3. For verification of claim request, the original Registration Certificate of the vehicle and the original driver’s license of the owner must be provided by the customer to the insurance company, which is then later returned to the customer.

4. The policyholder must submit duly filled and signed claim form with the company, and/or the surveyor. For vehicles owned by corporate businesses, the company seal must be affixed on the form.

5. The insurance company is authorised to ask for any additional documents as and when it may deem fit, during the processing of the claim. Also, the vehicle may need to presented for re-inspection once all the required repairs are carried out.

6. For reimbursement claims against the insurance policy, the original cash bill or invoice must be presented to the insurance company for verification and for further processing of the request to proceed.

Royal Sundaram Two Wheeler Insurance - FAQ's

It is only understandable for first time buyers to have several questions regarding some of the particulars of the whole process of buying Royal Sundaram two wheeler insurance policies, as well as the policy itself.
Certain frequently asked questions along with their answers are mentioned as follows:

1. What is a third party?

Third party is constituted by people who are not a part of your family. It may also refer to property that is not owned by you.

2. What are the factors that determine the premium rates for two-wheelers?

The following factors determine the premium rates for two-wheelers
- Insured’s Declared Value (IDV)
- Cubic capacity of the vehicle
- Geographical zone
- Age of the vehicle owner

3. Can a customer cancel his policy before its duration is completed?

Yes, the customer has full authority to cancel his or her Royal Sundaram two wheeler insurance at any moment they deem fit during the time duration of the insurance policy. This can easily be done by giving a week’s notice to the insurance company, and any refunds (should there be any) shall be made to the customer.

4. What are the age restrictions for the two wheeler insurance policy, if any?

The maximum permitted age of the vehicle at the time of inception of the policy is 10 years. This means that at the time of buying the policy, the vehicle must not be over ten years old in any case.

5. When is an endorsement needed?

An endorsement is a written proof of any changes made to a policy which is agreed upon by any and all parties involved. If there are any changes that the customer wishes to be made to the policy, he or she needs to approach the company with the same to bring it to effect. This is done by way of endorsement. An endorsement may be issued to either provide additional benefits to the customer, or sometimes to impose certain restrictions.

6. What are the various discounts that are allowed under two wheeler insurance policies?

The discounts that are allowed under two wheeler insurance policy are as follows:
- Voluntary deductible account
- No claim bonus
- Automobile Association discount

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May 26, 2018


Happy with my Bike insurance policy from Royal Sundaram . Cheap rates and good support makes it an best choice for two wheeler owners.

May 20, 2018


The online staff is very friendly in solving my problams regarding two wheeler insurance. The work was done real quick.

April 21, 2018


I bougth the lowest two wheeler insurance premium from Royal Sundaram.


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