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Royal Sundaram Two Wheeler Insurance

Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co. Ltd., formerly known as Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance Company Limited was founded in the year 2000. It is a subsidiary of Sundaram Finance Group, which is a private sector general insurance company. The insurance provider has been recognised by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India and offers products ranging from health insurance, car insurance, accident insurance, two-wheeler insurance, and more. It has won Celent recognition for several causes in the years 2011, 2013 and 2014.

Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co. Ltd. offers two wheeler Insurance policies that provide complete protection and can be purchased online. They are divided into 5 different plans:

  • 5 year Two Wheeler Liability Only Policy: A 5 years long term policy that covers damage or loss to third party life and property.
  • Bundled Two Wheeler Long Term Policy: A bundled policy that covers damage or loss to both insured and third party.
  • 5 Years Two Wheeler Package Policy: A 5 years long package policy that protects both insured and third party.
  • Two-Wheeler Long Term UIN NO: A long term policy that covers both the insured and third party with a choice of 2 years or 3 years of the policy period.
  • Standalone Motor Own Damage Policy Two-Wheeler: A policy that protects against loss or damage to the vehicle insured.

Highlights of Royal Sundaram Two Wheeler Insurance

Claim SettlementProcessed within 10 working days
Owner-Driver coverCover up to 15 lakh in case of an accident
Policy TermCoverage up to 3 years in Single Insurance with the flexibility to choose the length of the policy term
Customer Service24 x 7 customer support

Last Updated 05-11-2020

How To Renew Royal Sundaram Two Wheeler Insurance?

You can renew your Royal Sundaram Two Wheeler Insurance online on the Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co. Ltd. official website. You must take the following 4 easy steps to renew your policy within minutes:

Renew via Royal Sundaram

  1. Visit the following link of page "Renew Policy Online" -
  2. In the provided form, enter your Policy Number and Expiry Date. Click on "Submit".
  3. You can view your Policy Details and the premium amount that needs to be paid for the renewal of your two-wheeler insurance.
  4. Make the payment online using any of the available payment modes.

Your policy document will reach your inbox within a few minutes after you make the payment.

Renew Via PolicyX.Com

Your Two Wheeler Insurance by Royal Sundaram can also be renewed on the insurance portal of an IRDAI approved insurance advisor - To begin right away, scroll up and find the form "Get Two Wheeler Insurance Quotes Online" at the beginning of the present page. The next few steps are easy to follow:

  1. Enter the details of your Two-Wheeler such as its make, model, variant, RTO code, and year of registration.
  2. Select the "Renewal" radio button and click on "Continue".
  3. You will be redirected to a page that consists of Two Wheeler insurance quotes from various insurance providers. Select the plan by Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co. Ltd.
  4. Once you have chosen the plan, you can make the payment for renewal on the Royal Sundaram website via any of the available online payment channels.
  5. Once you have made the payment, your insurance policy document will reach your inbox within minutes.

Features and Benefits of Royal Sundaram Two Wheeler Insurance

  • One-time Payment: Renew/Buy your Two-Wheeler Insurance for a period of two or three years with a single payment.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Cover your two-wheeler against loss or damage caused due to man-made and natural calamities such as fire and explosion, riots, strikes, accidental damage, malicious act, burglary, theft/housebreaking, earthquake, landslide, storm, flood, terrorism, etc.
  • Liability to Third Parties: Avail legal protection against death or injury of the third party, damage to the third party and expenses of lawsuits.
  • Transfer No Claim Bonus: Move to Royal Sundaram from other insurers and transfer your NCB along with your Two Wheeler Insurance.
  • Protection of No Claim Bonus: Making one claim during the policy term will not make your NCB value turn to nil.
  • Protection from Inflation: Avoid paying any extra premium even if there is an increase in the Third Party premium during the course of the policy term.
  • Easy to Keep Record for two-wheeler: Only one insurance policy document will be issued for the entire policy period of 2 or 3 years.
  • Personal Accident Policy: Protect yourself and your family members against death or bodily injury caused due to an accident.
  • Network Garages: Repair your two-wheeler at Royal Sundaram network of 3300+ garages and be eligible for cashless claims.
  • Add-on Covers: Avail additional optional cover provided by Royal Sundaram in the form of add-ons at the time of purchase of your two-wheeler insurance policy.

Royal Sundaram Two Wheeler Insurance Policy Discounts

You can avail attractive discounts on your Royal Sundaram Two Wheeler Insurance offered by Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co. Ltd.

  • No Claim Bonus: You will be eligible for a percentage of discount on your own-damage premium for every claim-free year. It can be as much as 20% for the first claim-free year and will reach as much as 50% for five consecutive claim-free years.
  • Anti-theft Device: You will be eligible for a discount of up to 2.5% on your own-damage premium if you have installed an ARAI approved anti-theft device on your two-wheeler.
  • Member of Automobile Association of India: You will be eligible for 5% discount on your own-damage premium if you are a member of any Automobile Association of India.
  • Voluntary Deductible: You will be eligible for a discount on your own-damage premium if you promise to pay your share of the amount at the time of claim settlement. Higher the amount of deductible, lower will be your premium.

Royal Sundaram Two Wheeler Insurance Premium Calculation

When coming up with the cost of your Royal Sundaram Two Wheeler Insurance, the following factors are taken into consideration:

  • Manufacturing Year of your two-wheeler.
  • The city your two-wheeler was registered in.
  • The Make and Model of your two-wheeler.
  • Status of your two-wheeler's previous policy - whether it is active or non-active.
  • No claim bonus, if applicable.
  • Cost of additional cover, if included.
  • The Insured Declared Value of your two-wheeler.
  • Cubic Capacity of your two-wheeler.
  • The age of your two-wheeler.
  • The geographical zones your two-wheeler will be driven on. Where,
  • Zone A - Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Pune.
  • Zone B - Rest of the country.
Two Wheeler ModelPrice of the Two WheelerIDV*Zero Depreciation (Add On)*Estimated Premium*
Honda Dio DLX BS-VIRs. 68,486Rs. 57,648N/ARs. 3,862
Hero Honda Karizma ZMR Dual ToneRs. 1,08,000Rs. 92,340N/ARs. 1,591
Bajaj CT KS Alloy - BS-VIRs. 47,450Rs. 41,407N/ARs. 922

Table Data updated on 05-11-2020

*The values are calculated on the basis of the city (Chennai) and year of registration (2020).

How To File a Claim Under Royal Sundaram Two Wheeler Insurance Policy?

In Case of Theft Claim:

  1. File a police report right away if your two-wheeler has been stolen. Failure to do so will prevent Royal Sundaram from processing your claim request.
  2. Inform Royal Sundaram as soon as you file the police report.
  3. Provide them with all the details of loan/lease of your two-wheeler (if any) along with a copy of the FIR.
  4. Provide them with a description of your vehicle along with a few specifications. You must also submit the list of stolen personal items along with the two-wheeler (if any).
  5. Inform your RTO about the theft of your two-wheeler.
  6. Inform your financier (if any) about the theft and ask them to discuss the case with Royal Sundaram right away. This will help expedite the claim process.
  7. In case your two-wheeler is recovered, inform Royal Sundaram about the same. They are still liable to pay for the compensation on damages and for stolen as per your policy.
  8. In case your two-wheeler is not recovered, Royal Sundaram will settle the amount, which is the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of your two-wheeler.

In Case of Own Damage Claim:

  1. Upon meeting with an accident, arrange for immediate medical attention, if required. Note down the details of other vehicles and parties involved (if any).
  2. In case of any damage or injury caused due to man-man calamity, inform the nearest police station right away.
  3. In case of a severe accident where the vehicle cannot be moved, ensure that your two-wheeler has proper protection at the spot. Do not try to start or drive the two-wheeler before the repair is done.
  4. Arrange to tow your two-wheeler to the nearest garage of your choice and request them to draft a detailed estimate. This should include labour charges and a list of parts with its prices.
  5. Do not attempt to dismantle or alter the condition of your two-wheeler after the accident and before the repair until the vehicle is assessed by a surveyor.
  6. Inform Royal Sundaram about the accident or loss right away.
  7. Fill and submit the duly signed claim form.
  8. Submit all the documentation for verification along with a copy of each.
  9. Submit original vehicle registration book and original driving license.
  10. Submit a copy of FIR, if any.
  11. Royal Sundaram may request additional information, documentation or clarification at the time of claim process.
  12. Your claim and mode of the settlement will be decided post the assessment made by the surveyor.

You must take the following steps in order to make a Two Wheeler Insurance Claim:

  1. Inform Royal Sundaram about the policy details, contact details and loss details immediately.
  2. Refrain from dismantling or repairing the vehicle before the surveyor inspects the two-wheeler.
  3. Submit the estimate of repairs from the repairer.
  4. A survey of your two-wheeler will be arranged.
  5. Submit the required documents to the repairer/surveyor before the survey begins.
  6. Duly fill and sign the claim form with updated Aadhar and PAN details. In case your vehicle is owned by your company, the signature of an authorized signatory along with the company seal is mandatory.
  7. Submit a copy of the registration certificate, driving license of the driver involved in the accident, and FIR from the police station in case of third party death, injury or property damage.
  8. Submit a copy of your PAN card along with a recent passport photo in case your claim amount exceeds Rs. 1,00,000.
  9. Based on the requirement, a few other documents may be requested. These must be submitted as well.
  10. Once all the documents and details are found to be in order, Royal Sundaram will arrange a cashless facility. Collect your vehicle after completing a satisfaction voucher and paying the amount as required.
  11. In case of claims requiring reimbursement, submit the original cash bill with cash receipt for settlement of your claim.
  12. Your vehicle may have to be produced for re-inspection if required by the surveyor.

Contact Details of Royal Sundaram Two Wheeler Insurance

You can contact Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co. Ltd. via any of the following communication channels. These can be used to enquire more about the two-wheeler insurance plans or even inform Royal Sundaram about a mishap for claim settlement.

  • Toll-Free Number: 1860 425 0000
  • Email:
  • Web Form: You can fill the following form -
  • Corporate Office Telephone Number: +91 44 7117 7117
  • Fax Number: +91 44 7113 7114
  • Live Chat: You can also interact with the customer services team using the live chat feature available on the website.

You can also get in touch with insurance experts at via any of the following communication channels. They will assist you with any query with respect to Royal Sundaram Two Wheeler Insurance and guide you through every process step by step.

  • Email:
  • Toll-Free Number: 1800 4200 269

Royal Sundaram Two Wheeler Insurance : FAQs

1. What are the exclusions of Royal Sundaram Two Wheeler Insurance?

Some of the things that are not included in your Royal Sundaram Two Wheeler Insurance are:

  • Depreciation, wear and tear or any consequential loss.
  • Electrical or mechanical breakdown.
  • Damage caused when driving without a valid license.
  • Damage caused when driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Costs or expenses that are incurred without Royal Sundaram's prior written consent.

2. Can I cancel my two wheeler insurance policy during the tenure of my policy? Will I get a refund on my premium?

Yes, you can cancel your policy with a 7-day notice to Royal Sundaram. They will cancel the policy on a short period basis and refund the premium, if applicable. The refund will be subject to no claim under the policy and minimum premium of Rs. 100 will be retained by Royal Sundaram. In case of Liability Only policy, the cancellation can be made only after ensuring that the vehicle is insured elsewhere.

3. What is the minimum premium that will be charged for a long term two wheeler insurance policy?

The minimum premium that will be charged for a 2-year policy is Rs. 200 and for a 3-year policy is Rs. 300.

4. How is the percentage of depreciation decided for my two-wheeler?

The percentage of depreciation of your two-wheeler is decided based on its age. For example, Royal Sundaram, a vehicle that is not exceeding 6 months of age will have nil depreciation value. However, a vehicle that exceeds more than 4 years and is less than 5 years of age will have 35% of depreciation value.

5. Can I cancel my existing annual policy and opt for a long term policy with the same risk?

You can cancel your existing annual policy and opt for a long term policy by paying the necessary premium and submitting the proposal form for long term 2W package policy. Your existing policy cancellation is subject to no claim and will be done on a pro-rata basis.

6. Can I extend my 2-year policy to another year?

No, you cannot extend your 2-year policy and make it a 3 year one. Instead, you can cancel your 2-year policy and purchase a 3-year policy.

7. In case the change of address of the insured takes place during the policy term and it results in the change of zone, will it be subjected to payment of additional premium?

Yes, in case of change of zone from B to A, an additional premium for the balance policy period will be collected from the insured.

8. Can I have two policies such as one is of annual basis and another is that of the long term for a single two-wheeler?

You cannot have two different policies for a single two-wheeler. Hence, Royal Sundaram will cancel any one of the policies, based on the customer's request, along with a full refund, provided both the policies cover the same risk.

9. When is an endorsement required for the Royal Sundaram Two Wheeler Insurance?

In case of any changes to the terms of the policy, an endorsement is written as evidence of the agreed changes. This is done at the time imposing restrictions, change of name, change of address, etc.

10. What is the rate of depreciation for all rubber, nylon or plastic parts, tyres, tubes, batteries, and airbags?

The rate of depreciation for parts falling under those categories is 50%.

Last updated on 05-11-2020