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Royal Sundaram Two Wheeler Insurance

Royal Sundaram is one of the oldest two wheeler Insurance providers that have attained millions of customers due to fast and quality customer service. Also, it is the first insurer to introduce In-house Motor Assessor where surveyor are allotted to evaluate the total damages held to the insured vehicle.

A two wheeler policy gives financial protection from casualties that can ruin your bike/scooter in seconds and can cause heavy injuries to third parties traveling on the road. The company will entertain all kinds of claims related to a third party, accidental damage, theft, fire, natural calamities, etc.

Paperless Process

Whether you are purchasing a new two wheeler policy or renewing your old one, Royal Sundaram does not ask you to submit papers as everything is online.

Quick claim Settlement

Quick claim Settlement

Royal Sundaram two wheeler insurance just want 10 days in total for settlement of the claim on proper submission of the documents.

Grants Discounts on Premium

Grants Discounts on Premium

You can also minimise your premium through discounts available on making timely renewals and not raising a claim, installing an anti-theft device, etc.


Benefits of Royal Sundaram Two Wheeler Insurance

Personal Accident Cover

Personal Accident Cover

The customer can assure their safety from fatal accidents by simply adding personal accident cover to their two wheeler insurance.

Online Policy Issue

Online Policy Issue

Royal Sundaram supports the online issue of policy and therefore for better customer experience grant policy within some minutes.

Long Term Policies

Long Term Policies

While buying two wheeler insurance from Royal Sundaram, the customers get long term policy options i.e. two/three/five-year policy.

Type of Coverage

Type of Coverage

Under Royal Sundaram bike insurance, you will get two types of coverage options i.e. Third Party Liability Cover And Comprehensive/Bundled policy cover.

Add-on Covers

Add-on Covers

With the options of add-on covers you can get coverage for bike accessories, electrical fitting, personal accident of paid driver or any other person.

Transferrable NCB

Transferrable NCB

The No Claim Bonus collected in previous policy can be transferred to the current two wheeler insurance of Royal Sundaram.


Types of Royal Sundaram Two Wheeler Insurance Coverage

Bundled Two wheeler Long Term Policy

This is a long term two wheeler policy that covers all kinds of damages listed below and is not limited to the third party. The customer can choose a term of either a two-year or three-year policy.


  1. Premium is payable for two or three years in lumpsum

  2. Saves your money from the yearly rise of premium rates

  3. Covers natural calamities, fires, fire, self-ignition, theft, riots etc and provide due compensation.

Five Year Policy Liability Only Policy

This insurance policy is valid for five continuous years where the premium is submitted in lumpsum. This will cover third party liabilities only. Third-party refers to drivers/pedestrians traveling on the same road and third party liability refers to expenses arising from the damage/harm done any of these third parties while driving.


  1. No need of paying the annual premium by submitting in lumpsum for five years

  2. Protect yourself from market inflation of premiums.

  3. Get up to 50% NCB on completion of five years if you do not make and any claim.

Five Year Package Only Policy

Just Like five year bundled policy, the bike owner will get coverage for five continuous years and get coverage for third party liabilities plus other possible activities causing damage to the vehicle.


  1. Protection from fires, self-ignition, man-made perils, natural calamities, accidents, theft, etc.

  2. Submit 5 year premium and save yourself from the annual hike of premium prices by the government.

  3. Get coverage for accessories, electronic fittings, personal accident n opting add-on covers under the payment of additional premium.

Damages And Losses Covered

  • Fire Explosion/Self-ignition/Lightning: Fire caused to the vehicle due to the explosion in a nearbuy area or self-ignition of the engine or lightning will be covered.

  • Burglary/Housebreaking/Theft: The activities like theft/burglary of two wheeler or any housebreaking in the locality where the bike has suffered severe damage, the insurer will provide an agreed amount of payment for repairs.

  • Riot/Strike/Malicious Act: The man-made activities that can completely or partially effect the interior, as well as exteriors of the two wheeler, are compensated. Activities like terrorist attacks, riots, strikes, protests, etc are included

  • Natural Disasters: Disasters such as floods, typhoon, storm, tempest, hurricane, rockslide, cyclone, hailstorm, landslide, inundation, frost, earthquakes, etc are covered and duly compensated by the insurer.

  • Accidental Losses: In case your bike/ scooter gets involved in an accident, then after informing the Royal Sundaram you can ensure coverage for the external losses occurred to the vehicle. Also, do inform the local police station.

  • In Transit Damages: The losses and damages to the vehicle caused during the transportation of the bike through any channel of transit are covered. Transit through road/railways/ inland-waterways/lifts/elevators/airways are applicable.

Damages And Losses Not Covered

  • Mechanical/ Electrical Breakdown: Any kind of mechanical breakdown where the vehicle becomes immovable due to some fault in the engine or gearbox.

  • Driving Without A Valid License: If you have not been granted any driving license by the government authorities and still you are driving a two wheeler, then any accident/ injuries/ damages will not be covered.

  • Driving Under the Influence Of Toxic Substance: The intake of any toxic substance (alcohol, drugs, morphine) before/ at the time of driving is risky and can cause severe damage to the vehicle and life of the driver.

  • Using Private Bike For Commercial Purpose: If the insured private bike has been used for commercial purposes, for instance, renting a bike, using it for business purposes, for deliveries, etc then no coverage is given.

  • Wear And Tear: The normal wear and tear that is bound to occur as two wheeler is a depreciating asset will not be covered until unless nil depreciation cover is availed. This includes minor damages to rubber parts, tires, and batteries, etc.

  • Wars/ Rebellion/ Military attacks: Losses made during wars, mutiny, military attacks, hostilities, rebellion, military, etc are not included under coverage and no claims are acceptable.


Add-on Covers

Personal Accident Cover For Unnamed Person

If the insured two wheeler is driven by a number of licensed family members, then this cover can ensure the personal safety of that driver.

Personal Accident To Hirer/Pillion Passengers

Any physical injuries/death/disablement happening to any hirer/driver/pillion/sidecar passenger caused by insured bike owner will be compensated.

Personal Accident Cover To Paid Drivers

The bike owner can ensure proper compensation to the paid driver if any bodily injuries sustained while driving the vehicle.

Electrical/Electronic Fittings

The insured bike owner can get compensation for expenses incurred in procuring electrical fittings to the bike which is not included by the manufacturer.

Legal Liability To Paid Driver

If the bike owner has hired a paid driver to drive his/her vehicle, then this cover will guarantee compensation on any accidental loss to the driver.

Legal Liability To Employees

If your employees are traveling in the vehicle for business meetings and any accident occurs, then the loss (death/injuries) will be compensated.

Loss Of Accessories

Any loss of accessories (helmet/box/riding gears/locks etc) resulting from theft/burglary/housebreaking will be covered under this add-on with the submission of additional premium.


Discounts Under Royal Sundaram Two Wheeler Insurance

  • Anti-theft Alarm: The bike owners who have inserted anti-theft alarm in their vehicle are bound to receive a discount of 10% to 20% on the premium.

  • AAI Membership: The two wheeler owners who are holding the membership of Any automobile association of India will get a discount on the total premium.

  • No Claim Bonus: The No Claim Bonus can lower your premium if you do not make a claim for one or more years and renew the policy on every policy anniversary.

  • Voluntary Deductibles: If the insured bike owner chooses to pay claim amount with the insurer apart from the compulsory deductible, then he will get a decrease in premium rate.


Factors That Affect Your Two Wheeler Insurance Premium

  • Insured Declared Value or IDV (present market value of the vehicle)

  • Cubic Capacity of the vehicle

  • Place of registration (Zone A / Zone B)

  • Age of the vehicle

  • Policy Tenure 2/3/5 years


Claim Process of Royal Sundaram Two Wheeler Insurance

  • Intimation of claim: The customer must report the claim to the customer care of Royal Sundaram through call or official Email ID. The company will ask for policy details, the loss occurred, contact details to verify your request.

  • File An FIR: In case, it is an accident case/ theft case, the bike owner must urgently report the details of the incident with the nearest police station. A copy and original of FIR must be kept in handy for consideration at the time of making claim.

  • Submit documents: Before moving forward to conduct a survey, the customer must provide all the necessary documents demanded by the surveyor. Also, a duly filled and attested claim form disclosing related information must be submitted.

  • Appointment of the Surveyor: The company will organize a quick survey of your damaged vehicle and appoint a surveyor to check the condition of the vehicle. He will prepare a report after evaluating the losses encountered by the vehicle.

  • Acceptance of the Claim: Royal Sundaram will approve the claim for payment if all the documents are found right and sufficient to prove the authenticity of the claim.

  • Settlement of the Claim: The Claim after approval will be processed for payment. For a cashless claim, direct payment will be made to the network garage. For reimbursement claims, the insurer will pay acceptable bill value presented by the customer.

Documents Required for Claim Process

  • Duly completed claim form given available on the website

  • Original vehicle registration book (with the fitness certification).

  • Original driving license

  • Police Complaint report (FIR) (photocopy and original)

  • Estimate of repairs

  • Original Cash Bills/ Invoice Bills

  • Pan Card and passport size photographs (if claim value exceeds Rs 1 lakhs)

Online Renewal Process

  • Fill Vehicle and Contact Details: Head to the upper section of this page and start filling your vehicle details as well as personal information. The online compare portal of PolicyX will enable you to quickly renew in seconds.

  • Choose Your Insurer: After submitting all the details and choosing renewal options, the PolicyX web portal will give you a list of insurers from which you have to select Royal Sundaram Two wheeler insurance.

  • Check the Premium: Confirm the prices of premium plus GST applicable as per the current IDV value of the vehicle. You can also propose to attach add-on cover at the time renewal by just informing the insurer.

  • Premium Payment: Proceed to pay the premium if everything you have checked everything and is satisfied with the rate. The payment can be made online by using Credit cards/ debit cards/ Net banking. A payment receipt will be mailed to your email ID.

Royal Sundaram Two Wheeler Insurance Review

Royal Sundaram, till now has gained strength of 4.5 million customer that every year renew their policies with them. Talking about its network, the company has been located in 140+ cities and villages in India with 2000 employees.

The two wheeler insurance of Royal Sundaram offer longer protection (max. 5 years) from every possible kind of eventualities that may affect the bike directly or indirectly. Also, if anything happens to the owner/driver of the vehicle, the compensation will be paid under personal accident cover. The customer can also enhance their coverage by purchasing add-on covers.


The claim can be informed in two ways-

  1. Call at 1860 425 0000

  2. Draft an email to customer(dot)services(at)royalsundaram(dot)in

The accessories that does not come with the two wheeler when you purchase it. These lines have to be purchased additionally to enhance the security and value of the vehicle. For instance- alloy wheels, protection bumpers, saree guard, Interior fittings.

Compulsory deductibles refer to the amount payable by the bike owner in two wheeler insurance claim. Here, the bike owner has to share the admissible amount of claim with the insurer. How much depreciation is applicable according to the age of the two wheeler?

Age of the VehiclePercentage of Depreciation
Not more than 6 months5%
More than 6 months but less than 1 year15%
More than 1 months but less than 2 years20%
More than 2 months but less than 3 years30%
More than 3 months but less than 4 years40%
More than 4 months but less than 5 years50%

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Last updated on 13-11-2019