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  • Speedy Claim Processing
  • Concession on Premium
  • Cover Third Party Liabilities
  • Flexible Coverage Options
  • Premium Cashless Garage Facility

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SBI Two Wheeler Insurance

SBI General is one of the most trusted two wheeler Insurance providers which is controlled by the Government of India. A person can easily protect their bikes/scooters from unwanted perils, naturally occurring disasters, road accidents, third party damages, personal accidents, theft of the vehicle or its accessories, fires, etc. Two wheeler insurance is compulsory and it is utterly important to take the right kind of coverage from a reliable insurer that bestows you the ultimate benefits. SBI two wheeler policy gives you timely payment of claims, claim faster claim service, cashless garage facility, flexible premium paying modes and much more.

Cashless Garage Service

Claim Assistance Facility

The claim assistance team of the SBI is always available to chat or communicate where you can ask about claim status, claim process and related information.

Cashless Garage Service

Cashless Garage Service

SBI has partnered with a large number of garages to provide cashless repair service for any accidental damages,

Faster Claim Settlement

Faster Claim Settlement

The claim settlement is done within some days after all the documents and relevant proofs have been submitted.


Benefits You Get Under SBI Two Wheeler Insurance

Discounts On Premium

Discounts on Premium

The total premium can be lessened by earning a discount by earning No Claim Bonus, attaching an alarm to protect the bike from theft, or obtaining AAI membership.

Extra safety Option

Extra Safety Option

If your bike/ scooter is expensive/luxurious and you are possessive about its maintenance, then add-on can really help in withstanding with the rough environment.

Online Renewal Process

Online Renewal Process

Customers can easily process their two wheeler insurance renewal by submitting simple details of the bike and personal contact information. The process will only take 5-10 minutes.

Flexible-Premium Paying Mode

Flexible-Premium Paying Mode

The customers have multiple options while paying a premium for two wheeler insurance. Any online payment mode like credit cards/debit cards/net-banking can be used.

Coverage Options

Coverage Options

The bike owner has complete liberty in choosing the type of coverage for insuring their bike. They can either buy third party liability policy or package policy in harmony to their needs.


Types of SBI Two Wheeler Insurance Coverage

Third-Party Liability

This cover will help the customer in paying third party liabilities. Third-party can be passengers, pedestrians on the road, other motor drivers. Bike owners may have to deposit penalties for the loss and damages occur to third party’s vehicle or driver. The coverage is paid on-

  1. Damage to the Property

  2. Permanent injury or disability

  3. Death of the third party

Package Policy

This will not only cover third party liabilities but also give complete financial assistance to customers during events like theft of the vehicle, damage arising from natural disasters, riots, strikes, accidents, etc.

  1. Personal Accident Cover for personal injuries

  2. Add-on Covers for enhanced safety of bike

  3. Provides mandatory personal accident cover of Rs. 15 lakh for sole two wheeler owner

Long Term Two Wheeler Insurance

This is valid for 2 years or 3 years depending on the term selected and contains all the benefits of Package Policy. The customer can get a huge amount of discount by opting long term policies in contrast to one-year policies.

  1. Freedom from submitting yearly renewals.

  2. Prevent from the annual hike of premium rates and taxes through lumpsum premium payment.

  3. Get discounts on premium prices.


Add-on Covers

Return To Invoice

On theft/burglary/total damage of the vehicle, the company will pay the invoice prices or purchase price on making a claim. Without this cover, the bike owner will only get the IDV value of the two wheeler on complete loss.

No Claim Bonus Protection

This will protect your NCB amount from getting drain after making a claim and will keep your NCB benefit active for the entire policy period. This cover is valid for on claim in a policy year.

Damages and Repairs Covered

  • Third-party Liabilities: If your vehicle by mistake harms third party vehicle plying on the road or causes death/physical injuries to the third party, the insurer will compensate accordingly.

  • Fire/Explosion/Self-ignition: At anytime your bike is at risk of catching fire or getting exploded and if you don’t waste your money on such losses, then buying package policy is perfect.

  • Burglary/Housebreaking/Theft: Thefts/ burglary and housebreaking are common practices in an area. Thus, SBI general will cover your insured two wheeler from these threats.

  • Riot/Strike/Malicious Act: The damages to two wheeler which are caused by harmful actions of humans are covered which includes riots, strikes, terrorist activities, etc.

  • Natural Disasters: The disasters which are generally covered are typhoon, storm, hurricane, rockslide, hailstorm, landslide, earthquakes, etc.

  • In Transit Damages: During the transportation of vehicles through airways/waterways/railways/elevator/lift can involve damage which is payable under SBI two wheeler insurance.

Damages And Losses Not Covered

  • Mechanical/Electrical Breakdown: Any minor breakdowns in the engine or gearbox of the bike will not be covered such as leakage of engine oil, water ingression in the engine, etc.

  • Driving Without A Valid License: Loss to the vehicle arising when a person without a valid license is uncovered under policy nd can involve penalties.

  • Driving Under the Influence of Toxic Substance: If the insurer finds that damages/ injuries to the vehicle/driver happened by the intake of alcohol, the claim will get refused.

  • Using Private Bike For Commercial Purpose: Insuring a bike for private use and then using it for the commercial purpose is a guilty crime. Any claims made under is not payable.

  • Wear And Tear: The damages that may tend to occur with the growing age of the two wheeler are not covered like damage of tires, tubes, plastic, aluminum, wheels, etc.

  • Wars/Rebellion/Military attacks: Activities such as wars, rebellions, military attacks, bombing, etc are not compensated if any loss occurs.


Discounts Under SBI Two Wheeler Insurance

  • No Claim Bonus: SBI Two wheeler insurance gives you loyalty discount on premium in the form of NCB for not making a claim for one or more policy year and doing timely renewals on the due date.

  • Automobile Association Membership: If you are a member of any Automobile Association working in your city, then you are on a p[rofitable side as it can reduce your total premium payable.

  • Installation of Anti-Theft Alarm: If you insert any anti-theft alarm that will prevent your vehicle from thieves/looters and will also save your money by receiving a discount on the premium.


6-Step Online Renewal Process



Fill Vehicle Details

Jump directly to the top-most section of this page and fill in the bike and personal information in the portal given. Choose the ‘Renewal’ option and press continue.



Choose SBI Two Wheeler Insurer

After submitting the details, move forward to select your insurer from the list of insurer generated by the online compare portal of Policy X.



Fill The Proposal Form

After checking the premium, the customer must fill the proposal form declaring the personal details, policy expiry period, previous policy number & bike details.



Check Premium

After filling the proposal form, check the total premium rate after the addition of GST. Also, the customer can also review their policy details, personal as well as vehicle details.



Proceed To Pay Premium

Press the Pay button to make online payment where you can pay the premium either in credit cards/debit cards/net-banking/e-wallets.



Confirmation of Payment

The customer will receive a mail regarding the payment for the policy renewal on the registered email ID where payment receipt with your policy number is allotted.


Claim Process of SBI Two Wheeler Insurance

  • Intimate the Insurer: The first step is to inform the insurer about the claim after it happens. You can call on the SBI General toll free number or drop a mail Official ID.

  • Register an FIR: If it is an accident claim or a theft claim, the customer should file an FIR to the nearest police station available and narrate about what exactly happened.

  • Fill Claim & Collect Documents: Fill the claim form available on the website of SBI two wheeler and other claim related documents which will help in faster settlement of the claim.

  • Inspection of Vehicle: A surveyor will be issued to analyze the damages arrived and evaluate the total cost of repairs payable by SBI General after claim approval.

  • Approval of the Claim: Insurer will study the reports prepared by the surveyor and on behalf of that will approve the claim. The approval is done in just few minutes.

  • Payment of Claim: The claim payment is made for the agreed amount (after compulsory deductibles) directly to the garage under cashless service. Under reimbursement, the payment is transferred to the bike owner’s account.

Documents Required for Claim Process

  • Policy wording. Documents

  • FIR (First Information Report) for accident and theft cases

  • Driving License

  • Vehicle Registration Certificate

  • Insured’s name and contact details

  • Brief description of the nature of loss/physical injuries, if any

  • Address of the place where the vehicle is available for inspection

  • Photos of the accident and damaged two wheeler.

  • Repairs Bills

SBI Two Wheeler Insurance Review

SBI has been doing very well in finance as well as the insurance sector through 100% customer satisfaction. SBI general insurance has a record of settling the claims in just 15 days after the required documents are submitted by the insured person. Also, SBI General gives you the rewards for being a loyal customer in the form of bonuses and discounts on premium.

The two wheeler insurance policy by SBI not only insures new bikes/scooter but also provide coverage to old bikes users. While the premium prices are also comparatively lesser than other insurers. Plus, the coverage offered is also favorable to satisfy the long term goals to protect the bike from casualities.


The customers can easily check their claim status by calling on the SBI General toll-free number or directly going to the website. You just need your policy number and personal details.

Yes, the customer has the option to transfer their previously earned NCB benefit of some other insurer to SBI two wheeler insurance. The owner is just required to present renewal notice and documents related to the allowance of No Claims Bonus.

The percentage is given based on the number of claims have not been made. The table is shown below for consideration.

Not making claim for 1 year20%
Not making claim for 2 year25%
Not making claim for 3 year35%
Not making claim for 4 year45%
Not making claim for 5 year or more50%

The insurance can be transferred in the name of the person purchasing the second hand two wheeler by informing the insurer. The purchaser has to submit documents to process the transfer.

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Last updated on 13-11-2019