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Skoda Superb Car Insurance

The Skoda Superb is a family sedan car manufactured by Skoda Auto. The Superb was launched in India in 2009 by Skoda Auto India Pvt Ltd. The car was withdrawn from the market after the new BS6 norms and underwent a major facelift. The new Skoda Superb was launched in May 2020 and is BS6 compliant.

Key Features of Superb

The new Superb 2020 has a 2-litre petrol engine of capacity 1984 cc with automatic transmission. It is available in two variants. The Sportline offers a sleek and sporty look, while the L&K (Laurin & Klement) is luxurious in appearance.

The Superb is a 5-seater car. It has a fuel tank capacity of 66 litres. The expected mileage is 15.1 km/litres. It has a TSI/ fuel system. The car has ample boot space of 625 litres. The ground clearance is 156 mm. The L&K is available in five colours, while the Sportline is offered in three colours.

Some of the main attractions of the new Superb are:

  • 8 airbags
  • 12-way electrically adjustable front seats
  • Panoramic electric sunroof
  • Leather upholstery
  • 20.32 cm touch screen infotainment system with navigation
  • Cruise control
  • Parktronic system
  • Rearview camera
  • Keyless entry, start & exit system

Premium for Superb Car Insurance

The premium for your Skoda Superb car would depend on the variant you have along with other factors like the registration year, place of registration, etc. The table below has premium rates for the two variants of the Superb:

Car VariantPrice of the CarIDV*Zero Depreciation (Add On)*Premium*
Skoda Superb Sportline AT Petrol 1984 ccRs.29,99,000Rs.25,49,150Rs.12,236Rs.58,392
Skoda Superb L&K AT Petrol 1984 ccRs.32,99,000Rs.28,04,150Rs.13,460Rs.61,802

*The prices are calculated for a 2020 Superb car registered in Thane.

Inclusions & Exclusions For Skoda Superb Car insurance


  • The policy covers any accident that occurs to your car causing damages. You can claim for damages under the policy.
  • Damages caused due to a natural calamity (eg: flood, earthquake, landslide, cyclone) are included.
  • In case your car was damaged due to fire or explosion or was damaged due to any man-made hazards like a riot, act of vandalism, arson, then you can claim damages under the policy.
  • Theft of the car is included and you can claim losses you suffered.
  • Any damage caused to the property belonging to a third-party or injuries suffered by a third-party is included and indemnified by the insurer.
  • Damages during transit of the car are included.


  • Any losses due to electrical or mechanical breakdown are not included.
  • General wear and tear are excluded.
  • In case a person without a driving license is driving the car, then your claim will be denied.
  • Driving the car under the influence of drugs or alcohol will invalidate your claim.
  • Driving the car for commercial purposes or for an activity like racing is excluded under the policy.
  • Consequential damage that occurs as a result of the driver's action is excluded.
  • Any damage that occurs due to intentional or deliberate actions are not included in the policy.
  • Damage to the engine or engine parts or to the tyres and tubes are excluded from the policy.
  • The cost of consumables used for repair of the vehicle (like bolts, screws, engine oil) will not be paid as it is not included.
  • Electrical and non-electrical accessories are excluded.
  • Damages caused by war, enemy hostilities, civil disturbance, and nuclear attack are excluded.

Add-ons Benefits

Add-ons offer additional cover for your Superb car insurance. When you buy an add-on, you are enhancing the coverage of your insurance policy by getting some exclusions included. Some of the add-ons you can consider are:

  • Zero Depreciation is an add-on cover that ensures you get bumper-to-bumper coverage. Depreciation will not be calculated if you buy this add-on (ensuring you get complete coverage).
  • Invoice price is an add-on where the invoice price of the vehicle is considered for the purpose of making an insurance claim, rather than the IDV (insured declared value). This is beneficial at the time of making a claim.
  • Electrical Accessories cover is an add-on that includes the electrical and electronic accessories you install in your car. You can claim for these accessories in case of an accident.
  • Engine protection cover includes the engine and engine parts allowing you to claim for damages.
  • Daily allowance ensures that you get a fixed daily allowance to cover your daily travel arrangements when your car is being repaired after an accident.

Skoda Superb Car Insurance Renewal Process offers a simple and highly convenient way of renewing your Superb car insurance. This is how you can do it:

  1. Scroll up and go to the 'Get Instant Quotes' form.
  2. Type in your registration number and directly choose 'Get Quotes'. You can skip this step and select 'Proceed without car number'. You will be asked to enter your car details like a model, variant, RTO code, and year of registration. Enter these details, select 'Renewal' and 'Continue'.
  3. Go through the quotes from different insurers and choose the best quote.
  4. You will be redirected to the insurance company's website, where you can complete the renewal.
  5. You can pay online and get the acknowledgement and policy copy by email.

Skoda Superb Car Insurance: FAQs

1. I was driving my Superb on the highway when I met with an accident and the other vehicle driver escaped. What should I do in this scenario?

If you have opted for 24 x 7 road assistance, then call the helpline of your insurance company. They will tow the car for repair and take care of further arrangements. Even otherwise, intimate your insurance company and then get the car towed to a garage for repair.

2. I forgot to renew my car insurance and realized it 15 days later. I have a 50% NCB, will I lose it now?

No, you will not! A grace period of 90 days is given to renew your policy to retain the NCB. If you do not renew within this period, you will lose the no claim bonus you have accrued. Please note that not renewing your policy on time may lead to a penalty if caught by the police. In case of accident and theft, you will not be covered by insurance, so always renew on time.


3. My car was being driven by a driver when it met with an accident. He has lost a limb in the accident. Is he entitled to compensation under the insurance?

The policy only covers the insured driver. If you had taken a paid driver cover, then your driver would be included. Partial disablement would entitle the driver to receive 50% compensation under the insurance policy.

4. I met with a minor accident but decided to drive on and my car broke down midway. My insurance claim was rejected, why?

When you drive your car after an accident, you are exposing the car to the risk of damage. For example, the gearbox can be damaged due to oil leakage. This is known as consequential damage and is not included in your policy. So, your claim can be rejected.

Last updated on 18-11-2020