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Tata AIG Two Wheeler Insurance

Tata AIG has produced a power pact two wheeler Insurance plan that focuses on complete protection of bike and its owner. The bike owner can remain tension free as all the third party damages, accidental damage, theft & fire related losses, exhaustion/self-ignition damages, etc are duly compensated. Apart from coverage part, TATA AIG bike insurance also excells in the areas of claim settlement, customer service, brand credibility, etc. TATA AIG also promises annual rewards to insured bike owners for timely renewals, installing anti-theft devices, and opting deductible.

Emergency Towing Assistance

Emergency Towing Assistance

The roadside assistance program will provide services like repair of flat tyre, jump start service of flat battery, towing facility etc.

Personal Accident Cover

Personal Accident Cover

The personal accident cover will prevent you from the expense of death, accidental injuries, permanent disability arising from an accident.

Rebates On Premium

Rebates on Premium

Through regular renewal, anti theft device installation, and skip making a claim for one year of policy can rewards you with discount on premium.


Benefits of Buying Tata AIG Two Wheeler Insurance

Third Party Losses

Third Party Losses

The third party liabilities are easily settled when you have TATA two wheeler insurance as payment is directly made to third party on behalf of insured.

Easy Communication Of Claim

Easy Communication of Claim

The claim can be intimated to Tata AIG by using any online source of media like toll free number or official email ID of the company.

Speedy Settlement Of Claim

Speedy Settlement of Claim

TATA AIG delivers the payment of claim in just 15 days after the claim is approved and complete documents has been submitted.

Cashless Garage Service

Cashless Garage Service

There thousands of garages that are in the network of Tata AIG which provide repair services anywhere in the country.


Types of Tata AIG Two Wheeler Insurance Coverage

Third-Party Liability

When you done loss or damage to other vehcile can trap you in a big problem. But when you have bike insurance, you can ignore such infortunes as the cost of losses are directly settled by Tata AIG. What expenses will it cover?

  1. Damage to the Property of third Party

  2. Permanent injury or disability

  3. Death of the third party

Package Policy

This will not only cover third party liabilities but also give complete financial assistance to customers during events like theft of the vehicle, damage arising from natural disasters, riots, strikes, accidents, etc.

  1. Personal Accident Cover for personal injuries

  2. Add-on Covers for enhanced safety of bike

  3. Provides mandatory personal accident cover of Rs. 15 lakh for sole two wheeler owner

Long Term Two Wheeler Insurance

This is valid for 2 years or 3 years depending on the term selected and contains all the benefits of Package Policy. The customer can get a huge amount of discount by opting long term policies in contrast to one-year policies.

  1. Freedom from submitting yearly renewals.

  2. Prevent from the annual hike of premium rates and taxes through lump sum premium payment.

  3. Get discounts on premium prices.

Damages and Repairs Covered

  • Third-party Liabilities: Third party liabilities arising from the loss done by the bike owner to other vehicles, pedestrians and vehicle driver the insurer will compensate accordingly.

  • Fire/Explosion/Self-ignition: To prevent your bike from self ignition, fires, or explosion, Tata AIG bike insurance will support financially to recover from the loss.

  • Burglary/Housebreaking/Theft: Thefts, burglary and housebreaking are unfortunate events that may financially ruin you

  • Riot/Strike/Malicious Act: The damages to two wheeler which are caused by harmful actions of humans are covered which includes riots, strikes, terrorist activities, etc.

  • Natural Disasters: The disasters which are generally covered are typhoon, storm, hurricane, rockslide, hailstorm, landslide, earthquakes, etc.

  • In Transit Damages: During the transportation of vehicles through airways/waterways/railways/elevator/lift can involve damage which is payable under Tata bike insurance.

Damages and Repairs Not Covered

  • Mechanical/Electrical Breakdown: Any malfunctioning in the engine or gearbox of the bike have to be repaired by self and no coverage will be provided.

  • Driving Without A Valid License: If a bike driver was found driving without a license and confronts any accidents afterwards, you will not be compensated for it.

  • Driving Under the Influence of Toxic Substance: Damages arriving Intake of alcohol or any toxic substance before or while driving are not covered under TATA AIG bike insurance.

  • Using Private Bike For Commercial Purpose: If a bike has been used for commercial purposes like for providing rental services, etc. and in case any losses arrive then insurer will not pay

  • Wear And Tear: The normal wear and tear that comes with increasing age of vehicle such as damage to tires, bike seats, body, mirrors, plastics, etc are not covered.

  • Wars/Rebellion/Military Attacks: Insurer is not responsible to give coverage for the damages occurred through wars, rebellions, military attacks, nuclear bombing, etc.

Discounts Under TATA AIG Bike Insurance

  • No Claim Bonus: This will lower your premium only when you do not raise a claim during a policy year and apply for regular renewal in every policy anniversary.

  • Automobile Association Membership: If you are a member of any Automobile Association established in your city, then you are on a profitable side as it can reduce your total premium payable.

  • Installation of Anti-Theft Alarm: If you insert any anti-theft alarm that will prevent your vehicle from thieves and save your money indirectly through discount on premium.

  • Voluntary Deductibles: Opting voluntary deductibles is a wise decision as it will cut premium. Insurer never forgets to reward you when you show interest in paying fraction claim amount.


Add-on Covers

Return To Invoice

The return to invoice will give you proper return on complete/total loss of insured bike due to fire, theft, burglary etc. TATA AIG will provide purchase price of the vehicle.

Depreciation Allowance

On choosing this cover, the insured by owner can get relief from depreciation factor that decreases the total monetary worth of two wheeler after sometime.

Cost of Consumables

Consumables that are elevates the productivity of a vehicle can be covered by attaching this cover. It includes the cost of engine oil, brake oil, radiator coolants, nuts, bolts, etc.

Loss of Accessories

A bike owner purchases accessories to make the bike extraordinary. So, to ensure proper safety of it from thievery, this cover can be opted which gives you compensation.

Emergency Medical Expenses

The cover will promise medical help during accidental emergencies. This will include ambulance charges for both driver and the co-driver of the two wheeler.

Personal Accident Cover To Unnamed Person

For any accidental injuries to pillion/co-driver or any party who is either driving or traveling insured vehicle, the cover will ensure compensation.

Personal Accident Cover To Owner Driver

The accidental suffering happening to the owner itself who is driving the vehicle at the time of accident will be compensated for treatment expenses.


Factors Affecting Tata Aig Premium Calculation

  • Brand of the Bike/Scooter

  • Model of the Brand

  • Sub-Type Of Model

  • Cubic Capacity of Bike/ Scooter

  • City Of Registration

  • Year of Registration

  • Add-no Cover Opted


Claim Process of TATA AIG Bike Insurance

  • Register Your Claim: The customer must report the claim to the customer care of TATA AIG through call or drafting an email. The insurer will enquire about policy details, the loss occurred, contact information to verify your request.

  • File An FIR: In case, it is an accident case/ theft case, the bike owner must file a complaint against with the nearest police station. A copy and original of FIR must be kept handy to get faster processing of the claim.

  • Submit Documents: Before moving forward to conduct a survey, the customer must provide all the necessary documents demanded by the surveyor. Also, a duly filled and attested claim form disclosing related information must be submitted.

  • Appointment of the Surveyor: The company will organize a quick survey of your damaged vehicle and appoint a surveyor to check the condition of the vehicle. He will prepare a report after evaluating the losses encountered by the vehicle.

  • Acceptance of the Claim: TATA AIG will approve the claim for payment if all the documents are found right and adequate to examine the truthfulness of the claim.

  • Settlement of the Claim: The Claim after approval will be processed for payment. In case of a cashless claim, direct payment will be made to the network garage. While for reimbursement claims, the insurer will pay the full amount of repairs or loss incurred.

Renewal Process of TATA AIG Two Wheeler Insurance

  • Fill Vehicle & Personal Details: Head to the upper section of this page and start filling your vehicle details as well as personal information. The online compare portal of PolicyX will enable you to quickly renew in seconds.

  • Choose Your Insurer: After submitting all the details and choosing renewal options, the PolicyX web portal will give you a list of insurers from which you have to select TATA AIG Two wheeler insurance.

  • Check the Premium: Confirm the prices of premium plus GST applicable as per the current IDV value of the vehicle. You can also propose to attach add-on cover at the time renewal by just informing the insurer.

  • Premium Payment: Proceed to pay the premium if everything you have checked everything and is satisfied with the rate. The payment can be made online by using credit cards/ debit cards/ Net banking. A payment receipt will be mailed to your email ID.


Vehicle AgePercentage of Depreciation
Not more than 6 months5%
More than 6 months but less than 1 year15%
More than 1 year but less than 2 years20%
More than 2 years but less than 3 years30%
More than 3 years but less than 4 years40%
More than 4 years but less than 5 years50%

The claim can be informed by-

  • Calling on the toll free number

  • Through Insurer’s website

  • Through offcial email ID

If you want to check the claim status, then you have to visit claim section of website and then provide following details-

  • Policy Number

  • Claim Registration Number

The usual time taken by TATA AIG to settle a claim is 7 days on due submission of required documents and claim form applicable to a particular claim.

You just have to cancel your current bike insurance policy and need to provide the following documents to the insurer-

  • Original policy Wordings with the certificate of insurance (form – 51)

  • Covering letter declaring the reason for cancellation.

  • Form 29/ 30 (for retention of the NCB)

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Last updated on 13-11-2019