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Indica Car Insurance

The Indica is a hatchback under the Tata banner that comes in a myriad number of variants. The in Indica offers both petrol and diesel engine choices and is more popular among the Indian middle class. Being low maintenance and cheap to repair, Indica has penetrated into the taxi and car rental segment. The Indica was discontinued in April 2018.

The Tata Indica is priced between Rs. 2.77 - Rs. 4.26 Lakhs. The vehicle competes to the likes of Maruti Alto, Maruti S-Presso and Renault KWID.

Key Features of the Tata Indica

The Indica is ideal for those who are on the lower end of the budget and would like to get the best value for their money. Let us consider some of the key features of the Tata Indica to help you make the purchase decision.


The exterior of the Tata Indica is sleek yet admirable with body-coloured bumpers and smart grille. The vehicle also features a tail lamp cluster and radiant headlamps. The hood is chrome plated and the car comes with half-wheel covers. The vehicle has puncture resistance radial tires around 14-inch wheels.


The Indica comes with 220L boot space and large leg space on the interiors that can comfortably accommodate 5 passengers. Other notable features on the interior are air conditioner, 4-spoke steering wheel, a provision for the mobile charger and an ergonometric instrument panel. Reading lamps, boot lamps and cabin laps are add-ons. The Indica also features a music system with aux-in port and Bluetooth connectivity.

Engine and Transmission

The vehicle comes with a common rail direct injection type 1396 cc engine. The power generated by the engine is 64.4Bhp@5000rpm and the maximum torque generated by the engine is 99.8Nm@2700rpm. The Indica comes in manual transmission and mileage of 16.84 KMPL.

Braking and Safety

The Indica features a good deal of braking and safety features for the price. On the front, the Indica features disc brakes. The vehicle is equipped with drum brakes at the rear. Other key safety features of the car are headlamp leveller, rear fog lamps, child safety locks and collapsible steering column.

Premium For Tata Indica Cars

Car insurance premium depends on myriad factors including the year of purchase of the car, the location, the Insured Declared Value of the car, the model of the car, among others. To ensure that you get the most value for your money when buying car insurance, compare the inclusions in the policy with the premium to be paid at regular intervals.

The table below reflects the amount of premium to be paid for the top variants of Indica V2 car.




Zero-Depreciation (Add-on)*

Estimated Premium*

Indica V2 LE

(1396 cc)

4.2 Lakhs




Indica V2 DL

(1405 cc)

3.72 Lakhs




Indica V2 LS

(1405 cc)

4.84 Lakhs




*The values are calculated based on year of registration (2018) and city (Bangalore).

Add-on Covers for Indica Car Insurance

To enable an extra layer of coverage for your car, you must invest in some of the common add-on covers. Add-on insurance covers ensure that you do not have to pay out of the pocket. You can take your pick on add-on covers for car insurance to get the benefit of wholesome insurance coverage.

Here are some of the best add-on covers to add to your basic comprehensive car insurance coverage.

Engine Protection Cover

Engine protection add-on cover includes coverage for damage to the engine due to water ingression, hydrostatic lock and leakage of engine oil. Under this add-on, the parts of the engine are also covered including damage to gearbox, pistons, pins, crankshaft, and cylinder. In the event of damage to any of the engine parts, you will be reimbursed under this add-on cover.

Roadside Assistance Cover

The roadside assistance add-on cover is a unique add-on to comprehensive car insurance, which enables the insurer to seek assistance in the event of an accidental breakdown of the car. The roadside assistance coverage extends 24/7 service to insured cars. From engine repair, refuelling to towing the car to the nearest repair centre, this add-on covers everything.

Passenger Protection Cover

Passenger protection cover compensates for the treatment and medication for the passengers in the event of injury due to accident or collision.

Accessories Cover

Your comprehensive car insurance will not cover for the damages to all-electric and non-electric accessories in the car. Usually, accessories which are not included in the car manufacturer's list are excluded from coverage. Having accessories cover will allow you to make a claim for damage to accessories in case of an accident.

Tire Protection Cover

Damages to tires of the car are not covered by comprehensive car insurance. Tire protection cover ensures that you do not have to pay for the replacement of damaged tires out of your pocket. You can claim a reimbursement of the cost of replacing your car tires.

Consumables Cover

The consumables add-on covers you for the cost of replacement of consumables including oil, lubricants, refrigerants, washers, screws, nuts, bolts etc.

Renewal of Indica Car Insurance

Follow the steps below to renew your Indica car insurance plan from PolicyX.com.

  1. Move up to the top of this page and find the 'Get Instant Quotes' option.
  2. Fill in your car registration number and select the option 'Get Quotes'. If you don't want to provide your registration number, choose 'Proceed without car number' and enter details like car model, variant, RTO code, and year of registration. Select 'Renewal' and then 'Continue' to get the quotes.
  3. You will be redirected to the page where you can find Indica car insurance quotes from various vendors.
  4. Choose the plan which you wish to buy. You will be redirected to the vendor's website for the payment.
  5. Use your debit or credit card to pay the premium.
  6. On successful transaction, you will receive the copy of the insurance plan on your registered mail ID.


1. Is there a maximum cap on the number of passengers covered under the Passenger Protection add-on cover?

Yes, passenger protection covers a maximum of 6 passengers for the cost of treatment and medication in the event of an accident.

2. My car has been damaged in a landslide. Will my car insurance cover it?

Yes, basic comprehensive car insurance covers you for the cost of damage due to a natural calamity. You can claim a reimbursement for the damage by intimating your car insurance service provider about the same.

3. My car has been stolen. Will I be compensated for the full invoice amount?

No, if your car has been stolen, you will only be compensated for the Insured Declared Value unless you have the Return to Invoice add-on cover, which will allow you to claim the complete invoice value.

4. How can I choose to pay lower premiums on car insurance?

If you wish to pay a lower premium on your Indica car insurance, you must increase the amount of voluntary deductible. You can also get discounts on your car insurance premium by utilizing No-Claim Bonus accumulated on every claim-free utility.

Last updated on 19-06-2020