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Platinum Etios Car Insurance

The Toyota Platinum Etios was a sedan launched by Toyota Motor Corporation in India in 2016. It was a family car that could comfortably seat 5 people. The Platinum Etios was first launched in Brazil before it was introduced in India. In 2018, a limited edition version of the car was introduced. The Platinum Etios has been discontinued by Toyota from April 2020 due to BS6 regulatory issues.

Key Features of Toyota Platinum Etios

The Platinum Etios is available in petrol and diesel variants. The 1.5-litre petrol engine has a peak power of 90 bhp while the 1.4-litre diesel engine had a power output of 68 bhp. The Platinum Etios has a 5-speed manual transmission. It comes in seven colours.

The fuel efficiency of the Platinum Etios petrol variant is 16.78 km/l. It is 23.59 km/l for the diesel variant. The fuel tank capacity is 45 litres. With a 592-litre boot space, the car offers ample space for luggage making it convenient for families to use the car for long journeys.

The key features of the Platinum Etios include:

  • Anti-Lock braking system
  • Driver and Passenger airbag
  • Adjustable steering
  • Keyless entry
  • Electronic trip meter
  • Digital odometer
  • Side and front impact beams
  • Engine immobilizer

Premium for Platinum Etios Car Insurance

When you buy the Platinum Etios, it is important to get your car insured. The premium for your car insurance depends on the year when the car was registered and the place (RTO) where it was registered. The model and variant of the car also determine the premium. The following table presents premium rates for top variants:

Car Variant

Price of the Car


Zero Depreciation

(Add On)*


Toyota Platinum Etios GX Petrol 1496 cc





Toyota Platinum Etios VX Petrol 1496 cc





Toyota Platinum Etios GXD Diesel 1364 cc





*The prices are calculated for a 2018 Platinum Etios car registered in New Delhi.


  • You can claim damages to your car due to the accident.
  • In case an accident leads to the damage of a third party’s property, you are indemnified against the losses.
  • An accident causing injury to a third party is also included and your liability is covered by the insurer.
  • Any injuries caused to you are covered as the policy includes personal accident cover.
  • In case the car is stolen, then you can claim losses under the policy.
  • Damages caused to the car due to manmade hazards like riots, arson, and vandalism is included. Similarly, damages due to natural calamities like landslides, floods, and earthquakes are included.
  • Any damage caused during transit is also included.


  • General wear and tear are excluded.
  • In case of breakdown due to mechanical or electrical problems, you will not be eligible for coverage.
  • Damage to the engine or engine parts are excluded.
  • Wars, enemy invasion, nuclear warfare are excluded from the policy.
  • Any deliberate damage caused to the car or consequential damage as a result of any action you take is excluded.
  • Costs of accessories and consumables are excluded.
  • Driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol or driving without a valid driving license will invalidate your claim.
  • Accidents caused while using the car for commercial purposes or racing are excluded.

Add-ons Benefits

When you buy an add-on cover for your Platinum Etios car, you are enhancing the scope of your insurance policy. Certain things that are normally excluded can be included in the policy when you purchase an add-on. Some of the add-ons you can consider include:

Zero depreciation: ensures that the cost of depreciation of certain car parts would be considered zero and thus, allow you a complete bumper-to-bumper cover.

24x7 road assistance: is an add-on through which you can get assistance for any on-road problems like flat tyres, battery discharge, towing, etc.

Engine protector: is an add-on that allows you to claim for the cost of the engine and related parts under the policy. This is normally disallowed.

Key & lock replacement: is a handy add-on that allows you to be compensated for the cost of a duplicate key/lock for your car, in case the key/lock is damaged or if the key is lost.

Electric Accessories: cover allows you to claim the cost of any electrical accessories that have been fitted in the car and damaged due to an accident.

Platinum Etios Car Insurance Renewal Process at

Renewing your Platinum Etios car insurance is important. Failure to renew can lead to loss of coverage. You can renew your car policy easily when you use the services of The procedure for the same is explained below:

  1. Scroll up to the top of this page. You can either enter your car number and click on 'Get Quotes' or click on 'Proceed without car number' and fill the required details to get to the quotes section.
  2. Based on this information, your premium is calculated and displayed with offers from multiple insurers, including the one from whom you have an existing policy.
  3. Select the insurer of your choice by comparing premium prices and terms. Once you make a decision, click on the buy now option.
  4. You will be now redirected to the insurance company’s website. You can make the payment for the policy online.
  5. Once your payment is complete, you will receive an email with the confirmation and a copy of the insurance policy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. My Platinum Etios car was damaged in an accident and repair will take a week, can I claim expenses incurred on making alternate arrangements for my commutation?

The policy by default does not have any such option. If you had chosen a daily allowance add-on to your policy, then it is possible. You will get an amount as a daily allowance while your car is under repair. You can use this amount to hire a cab or make other travel arrangements.

2. I understand that if I make a claim on the insurance, I will lose the no claim bonus. Is there any way to protect the no claim bonus?

Yes! It is possible if you take an NCB protector add-on to your policy. Making a claim leads to the loss of NCB. With the protector add-on, making a claim allows you to retain your NCB, which will be handy as it gives you a discount.

3. My Platinum Etios was stolen on 23rd. My insurance policy expired on 24th and I obtained the FIR on 25th. Will my claim be accepted?

Yes, it will! The theft happened when the insurance policy was valid. So, your claim is valid and you can be compensated for your losses incurred.

4. Is it required to report any accident to the police before making a claim?

There are two instances where you need to report an accident to the police- if it has led to third party property damage/injury to a third party or if you have suffered serious injuries or if the accident was a major one. You need to report it to the jurisdictional police station at the earliest.

Last updated on 18-11-2020