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In India, it is simply illegal to drive without carrying insurance. It is mandatory to have a motor insurance policy, whether you own a four wheeler or two wheeler under MOTOR INSURANCE ACT. It is not quite safe to drive without insurance. Nowadays, we know about the growing number of road accidents in India and how several people get injured daily while numerous cases lead to death. More often accidents are involving fights because of loss or damage to the vehicle. It is quite hard to calm down the opponent in such cases and he/she will surely ask for the repairing expenses of the vehicle or may even file a case against you which is totally intolerable because we know it is really hard to face court hearings and related penalties. What will you do in that case?

The United India Insurance Company has bought something special for you that will help you in providing motor package and liability insurance cover. The plan is divided into two parts, motor package policy and liability policy. Consumers can extend their insurance cover by paying an additional premium. This plan provides peace of mind and assist in several unwanted situations.

Benefits and Features

Basic Attributes

United India Motor Insurance Plan is one of the special policies that come with dual benefits. This is a plan  that provides comprehensive motor package and liability cover as well. Any vehicle owner within India can buy this insurance policy and can drive securely. The plan is divided into section that provides enormous benefits such as:

Section I

Own damages: This part of the policy assists you in case of a damaged vehicle. This insurance plan provides coverage on loss of damages that may occur because of several different reasons like accidents, external fire, self ignition, lightning, terrorist activity, riot strike and malicious damage, earthquake, flood cyclone and inundation, while in transit by rail road air elevator lift or inland waterways, landslide etc.

Covers loss or damage to accessories by burglary/house breaking/theft: In case of Motorized Two Wheelers this can be covered on payment of an additional premium at 3% of the IDV of such accessories.Loss or damage to the lamp, tyres, mudguard and / or bonner side parts bumpers etc. can be covered on payment of additional premium. This is applicable only to Commercial Vehicles.

Covers cost of repairs if the vehicle is disabled: In an accident, if the vehicle is disabled then it will also get the benefits of coverage. It will provide cover on the expenses of vehicle removals to the nearest garage  and the cost of reasonable repairs.

 Section II (Liability coverage): It provides coverage on liability to third parties bodily injury, property damage and death as well. Consumers will also get the personal accident cover for the owner driver for a specified sum insured. Under this section consumers will get coverage on the insured's legal liability for death / disability of third party, loss or damage to third party property, Claimant's cost which is decided by the court, entire expenses and expenses incurred with company's written consent.

Provides Safety while Driving:  all the features of the plan assist you in having a safe drive. It saves a lot of money as well. During an accident, there are several things that you might have to face, but with the help of United India Motor Insurance Plan you will feel secure as the plan is there to cover all the accidents related expenses.

In case of death of the policyholder permitted to indemnify for a liability incurred under this policy, his legal spokesperson will be indemnified in place of policyholder if he observed all situations as the insured himself.

expert view

Expert View

United India Insurance Company has introduced a one of its kind insurance policy that assists consumers when they need it the most. This plan provides maximum coverage to the insured with the help of two different sections in a single plan that is designed to provide a secure driving experience to the insured at the affordable price. This plan provides coverage on maximum expenses that may arise due to any accident. Consumers will also get coverage on damages that occur due to natural disasters, burglary and theft as well. It also offers liability coverage for unwanted incidents. What more, it is available at the reasonable price that makes it a perfect choice to buy

Why choose United India Motor Insurance Policy ?

It is one of the best insurance products offered by the United Insurance Company. This plan carries unique features, multiple benefits, and much more. You will feel secure and ready to face any situation while driving with this insurance plan.

Makes you feel secure: This plan and its essential features make it perfect to buy. This is a one of its kind plan that offers comprehensive motor package and liability package under a single plan.

Covers Maximum losses: This plan has been designed in a way that it would be ready to help you in any related cases. This plan provides the essential cover when you need it the most.

Maximum Benefits: This plan offers maximum benefits and coverage as well. Consumers can easily extend their policy.


•   Contractual liability: This plan will not provide coverage on contractual liability as per the guidelines of the policy.

•   Drunken Driving Are Excluded: It is against the Indian law to drink and drive. Consumers will not get the coverage for damages suffered due to driving the vehicle under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs.

•   Driving without license: If the policyholder drives the vehicle without driving license, then the insurer will not be eligible to pay the claim.