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United India Two Wheeler Insurance

United India insurance is a public sector company that has been providing service from 1938. The customer can enjoy after buying two wheeler insurance from united india. The company has made everything online like its claim process, renewal process, policy issue, complaint registration, claim status and premium payment process. Also, the coverage type under two wheeler insurance is flexible as the customer is free to choose from 3 types of coverage available at affordable rates of premium. Your bike/scooter is always under safe hands when you own an insurance cover as it will give financial protection from accidents, perils, fires, disasters, third party liabilities, thefts, etc.

Online Claim Assistance

Online Claim Assistance

Through online claim and grievance redressal service, the customer can easily know about the claim process and can track their claim status by just submitting their policy number and contact number online.

Discounts On Premium

Discounts On Premium

There are plenty of methods through which you can earn discounts on the total premium. For instance, enrolling as a member of the Automobile Association, fitting anti-theft devices, by gathering NCB, etc.

Security of Payment

Security of Payment

The personal (phone, aadhaar, PAN)as well as payment (Card/Bank A/C) details you give while buying the policy and during the renewal process is kept highly confidential and is leaked to any third person.


Benefits of United India Two Wheeler Insurance

Faster Claim Payment

Faster Claim Payment

Once your claim has been accepted and verified by united india on complete submission of documents, the payment is made in less than 15 days to the Bank Account of the vehicle owner.

Better Coverage Options

Better Coverage Options

The bike owner will get three types of coverage option, one is third party liability only cover and other package policy. The customer can decide which cover to opt depending on their bike condition.

Lesser Paperwork

Lesser Paperwork

While buying or renewing your bike insurance policy, the customer does not have to gather a bunch of documents and deposit it in the office. Everything has become online where you can upload documents from the comfort of home.

Extra Safety Options

Extra Safety Options

United India two wheeler policy offer your bike additional protection from the depreciation of parts, loss of accessories, personal accident, and damage to electrical fitting, etc.


Types of United India Two Wheeler Insurance Coverage

5 Years Liability Only Cover

The third party liabilities are duly met under this coverage option where the loss has been constructed by the insured bike owner to the third party plying on the road. The Insurer will pay the agreed compensation for the loss occurred on behalf of the bike owner.

  1. It is compulsory under the Motor Vehicle Act and it advisable to purchase in the same day of the vehicle purchase.

  2. Longer coverage for 5 years which fights inflation rate and keep you away from the hassle of regular premium payment.

  3. Ensures direct payment of expenses incurred by the third party after a court settlement.

5 Years Package Policy

The package policy will preserve your vehicle all kinds of harmful vents like that are likely to ruin your vehicle mechanism within some seconds. What does it include-

  1. Natural disasters ruins, riots, strikes, theft, burglary, housebreaking, fire, explosions, are covered.

  2. Accidental external damages are also included

  3. Damages happen during transit or shipment process of the vehicle are included.

1-Year Own Damage 5 Years Liability

Just Like package policy, this cover also provides coverage to both own damage and third party liabilities. However, the own damage is covered for the first year whereas third party liability cover is valid for five years. This is best for those two wheeler owners who don’t want high premiums and repeated renewals.

  1. Saves your money by eliminating mandatory hike in premium process every year

  2. Frees you from annual renewals as premium is paid in lump sum for 5 years.

  3. Gives you option to increase the coverage though add-on covers.

Damages and Repairs Covered

  • Natural Disasters: United India two wheeler package policy will provide support on happening of natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, thunderstorm, flood, typhoon, hurricane, etc.

  • Theft/Burglary/Housebreaking: The vehicle has complete security from theft, housebreaking, and burglary when you own united india two wheeler policy. A payment equal to IDV value is promised in such case.

  • Fire/ Explosion/Self-ignition: Your vehicle is always at the end of catching dangerous fires, or can even explode in worst cases. No need to worry as you are getting covered from such an event.

  • Third-Party Liabilities: The third parties liabilities are also compensated under two wheeler policy where on court settlement between two parties, the payment is directly generated to the third party.

  • Riots/Strikes/Terrorist Acts: The threats to an insured vehicle coming directly from perilous activities of human beings are also covered like riots, strikes and terrorist activities.

  • Accidental Damages: The damages or losses to the vehicle that have developed from uninvited accidents are compensated. The customers also have to file an FIR to get due coverage.

Damages and Repairs Not Covered

  • Wars/Attacks/Bombing: If your bike faced any major or minor ravages through wars, perils and terrorist attacks, the company will not pay any expenses arrived.

  • Normal Wear & Tear: Some parts of two wheeler are subject to depreciate after a long term of regular usage like seats, plastic accessories, tires, tubes, wheels, fibreglass. The policy will not cover any of these losses.

  • Driving without License: Everybody knows what are the consequences of driving without a valid license. Neither traffic police spares nor the motor insurance provider offers you any coverage for any losses.

  • Driving under Alcohol Influence: It is always advisable to drive decently without consuming any toxic substance as during that stage you are more prone to do accident or cause damages to vehicle/yourself.

  • Using Private Vehicle For Commercial Purpose: If an insured private vehicle has been used for other purposes (commercial) for which it was not insured, then the damages involved are not covered.

  • Mechanical/ Electrical Breakdown: Any minor breakdowns in the engine or gearbox of the bike will not be covered such as leakage of engine oil, water ingression in the engine, etc.

Discounts Offered by United India Two Wheeler Insurance

  • AA Membership: The membership of any Automobile Association operating in your state or area can drive you a significant discount on premium where you have to mention your membership number and type at the time of buying.

  • No Claim Bonus: United India gives you a maximum 50% of NCB which can be earned by not making a claim and can be used in lessening the amount of premium in every renewal.

  • Anti-Theft Device Installation: The installation of anti-theft device on your bike or scooter will help to secure discounts on premium and also ensure complete safety from theft/burglary.

  • Voluntary Deductibles: If you choose to share the claim amount willingly in supplementary to compulsory deductibles you are already paying, then you can earn a proportionate discount on the premium.


Add-on Covers

Personal Accident Cover

The personal accident cover will provide proper compensation for the injuries or death or permanent disabilities happened to the two wheeler owner.

Personal Accident Cover For Cleaner/driver

With this cover, you can provide protection to your drivers and cleaners. On death, permanent total/partial disability of the driver/cleaner, the person will get compensation.

Personal Accident Cover For Named Person

The bike owner can purchase this cover if anyone else is driving the vehicle but do not own it. This person can be from your family whom you know beforehand.

Electrical accessory Cover

You have the option to protect your electrical accessories from damages or losses by taking this cover. This is applicable to accessories which are purchased additionally after the bike is bought.

Non-Electrical Cover

The non-electrical accessories like mirrors, helmets, carry bags, which are purchased after the bike is bought is included under this coverage at an additional cost of the premium.

Nil Depreciation

The insurer will pay the exact value of the vehicle under this cover regardless of the depreciation that decreases it value by time. There is no deduction for depreciation for parts made of fibreglass, plastic, seats, aluminium, etc.

Vehicle Moving on International Border

If your vehicle also plies on neighbours countries like Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, then this cover will be useful in providing listed benefit in these locations too.

Legal Liability to Paid Driver/Cleaner

This cover will provide safety to the drivers and cleaners employed by the insured vehicle owner who may be using the vehicle on the permission of the owner. The damages or physical injuries will be duly compensated.


Factors Affecting united india Two wheeler Premium

  • Vehicle Registration State

  • Manufacturer Name

  • Model with Variant of the Vehicle

  • Body Type

  • Make Year and Month

  • Date of Purchase

  • Region of Registration

  • Vehicle is financed or not

  • Type of Coverage

  • Add-on covers

  • NCB Discount

  • Insured Declared Value

United India Bike Insurance Claim Process

  • Contact The Insurer: No matter what is the place where the accident or damage took place, the bike owner must immediately contact and inform united india. The insured person needs to call on the toll free number to get quick response.

  • File An FIR: The insured vehicle owner is liable to report the incident to the nearby police station and file an FIR. This is valid for Accidents, thefts, fires and third party losses where the FIR Copy has to be submitted with the insurer.

  • Issue of Surveyor: The company will send a surveyor who will assess the vehicle condition after the incident took place. It is advisable not to move damaged two wheeler from the place of the incident until the surveyor arrives on the spot.

  • Fill the Claim Form: You are then required to file a claim form disclosing related facts about a claim like when, where and how accident/theft took place, policy number, vehicle details, workshop details in which it is rectified, etc.

  • Acceptance of Claim: The surveyor passes favourable reports to the united india insurance who will examine the credibility of the claim and based on this study will approve the claim for repairs at an authorized garage.

  • Give Vehicle For Repairs: The vehicle can now be towed to any local verified garage or workshop who will rectify the damages. The total cost of repairs arrived should be submitted to the insurer for reimbursement.

  • Submit Documents: Basic documents that are crucial in making claim like Driving License, Registration Certificate, policy document has to be submitted to support the claim process.

  • Settlement Of Claim Amount: After you accomplish all the above-mentioned steps and united india has agreed to settle the claim amount. The payment of expenses will be transferred directly to the account of the insured.

Documents Required During Claim

  • Policy Document/ Wordings

  • FIR (First Information Report), if required

  • Driving License

  • Vehicle Registration Certificate

  • Insured’s name and contact details

  • Address of the place where the vehicle is available for inspection

  • Brief description of the nature of loss/physical injuries, if any

  • Photos of the accident and damaged two wheeler.

  • Repairs Bills

Online Renewal of United India Bike Insurance

  • Submit Your Details: Move to the upper section of this page and fill in the details of the vehicle as requested. Select the renewal option and do mention whether current policy is expired or going to expire.

  • Choose United India Insurance: After submitting the details, move forward to select your insurer from the list of insurer generated by the online compare portal of Policy X.

  • Fill The Proposal Form: After checking the premium, the customer must fill the proposal form declaring the personal details, policy expiry period, previous policy number & bike details.

  • Check Premium & Coverage: After filling the proposal form, check the total premium price after adding applicable GST. The customer can also recheck their policy details, personal information and vehicle details.

  • Premium Payment: Press the Pay button to make online payment where you can pay the premium either in credit cards/debit cards/net-banking/e-wallets.

  • Confirmation of Payment: The customer will receive a mail regarding the payment for the policy renewal on the registered email ID where payment receipt with your policy number is allotted.


The vehicle owner must finish the following details at the time of buying United India.

  • Vehicle details: Registration city, IDV value, model, manufacturing date, fuel type, etc

  • Personal contact: Mobile number, Email ID, Name of the owner

Yes, the two wheeler owner can easily show online document as proof of insurance to any legal authority. The document does not need any stamp as these are system generated files carrying the logo of the company.

The claims can be either be informed by two ways-

  • united india Toll-Free Number

  • Official Website

You only need your policy number or registration number to check the status of your claim. You have to visit the website of united India to avail this online tracking facility.

Yes, you can easily transfer your two wheeler insurance following the transfer of ownership. The transfer must be informed to the united india within 14 days of ownership transfer.

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Last updated on 13-11-2019