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United India Two Wheeler Insurance

In India, where most of the population use a two wheeler to transport from one place to another, having a two wheeler insurance has been made mandatory by Section 146 of the Motor Act of 1988.

Having a two-wheeler insurance helps an individual save a lot of money in the event of an unfortunate accident. It not only takes care of the expenses of the person driving and other passengers, but it also takes care of any third person involved as well.

Why To Buy A Two Wheeler Insurance

A two-wheeler insurance is a necessity that all two-wheeler owners need to have. There are a lot of insurance companies that provide a variety of features in their two wheeler insurance policy. is the perfect destination for someone who is looking to buy the perfect two wheeler insurance for themselves.

The company compares two wheeler insurances from all insurance companies and presents them to the customer. The different features, benefits, inclusions, exclusions and method for getting the two wheeler insurance are all listed down and compared by

Two wheelers have special requirements depending on their age and the usage of the vehicle. These requirements need to be taken care of by the owner and need to be included in the insurance plan for the vehicle. There are a variety of inclusions and exclusions of two wheeler insurance that are provided by different companies. An individual needs to choose the best insurance that takes care of all the requirements of the vehicle.

A two-wheeler insurance provides financial support to an individual and others and therefore is mandatory. This insurance takes care of all the medical bills, repairs to a vehicle and property damage that may be caused by an accident. Apart from buying of two-wheeler insurance online, also helps individuals to renew their existing insurance as well.

Features Of Benefits Of United India Two Wheeler Insurance

The features and benefits that are provided by an insurance company are what distinguishes their two wheeler insurance from the rest of the other insurances. Some of the common features and benefits that are provided by two wheeler insurance companies include:

  1. The cost of repairing an insured vehicle under both natural calamities such as lightning, storms, floods, earthquakes as well as manmade calamities like robbery, theft and damages that are caused due to accidents.
  2. Third party liability coverage which takes care of any loss caused to a third person involved in an accident caused by the insured vehicle. This usually covers the medical bills for any individual and all compensation for property damage
  3. A two wheeler insurance is primarily for the policyholder and any other add-on that is mentioned by the policyholder.
  4. A two wheeler insurance includes add-on passengers who are covered by the insurance. The age of a person needs to be 18 or above in order to be considered as an add-on for a two wheeler insurance.
  5. The time period for each two wheeler insurance depends on the company from where the insurance has been bought.
  6. All two wheeler insurance companies provide its policyholders with the No Claims Bonus feature. This special bonus is applied when a policyholder has had one or more claim free years. This gives a customer discounts and can be applied as long as an individual renews their insurance policy regularly

Inclusions Of Two Wheeler Insurance

There are two types of insurance policies that are available for any individual who wants to buy a two wheeler insurance. The first type if the Third Party Liability Policy while the second is the Comprehensive Insurance Policy or Own Damage.

Third Party Liability is a part of a two wheeler insurance that covers fatal or non-fatal injuries that are caused to a third person. These injuries may be sustained by the individual or may be for the damaged vehicle. This insurance is meant for a third person only and takes care of all the needs of the third person, but it does not cover the insurance holder.

Comprehensive Insurance Policy is the insurance that is taken for the insurance holder and is also known as Own Damage Cover. This insurance cover not only takes care of the injuries that the policyholder has undertaken, but it also takes care of the repairs of the bike under different circumstances. A comprehensive insurance policy takes care of the repairs of the insured two-wheeler under different circumstances such as natural as well as man-made calamities.

Natural calamities such as fire, floods, lightning, earthquakes, hurricanes, landslides, typhoon, storms, self-ignition, fires, explosions are all included. In the case of a natural calamity, the insurance company will take care of the repairs that are needed to the insured two wheeler. Man-made calamities such as an accident, theft, collision, malicious acts are also covered under this insurance policy.

Exclusions Of Two Wheeler Insurance

Any two-wheeler insurance that is provided by any company has a list of exclusions that are not covered by the company. Some of the exclusions for a two wheeler insurance are:

  • Damages that are caused due to the normal wear and tear of the vehicle
  • Any loss that is caused due to mechanical or electrical breakdown
  • Any loss that has been caused by the vehicle due to the regular use and depreciation of the vehicle.
  • The replacement or the damages that are caused to the types of a vehicle due to the regular use of the vehicle.
  • Any type of loss that is caused by the vehicle when it is being used for any other purpose.
  • Losses that are caused to the vehicle when a person without a license is driving it.
  • All losses that are caused when the driver of the vehicle is driving under the influence of alcohol, liquor or drugs.
  • Any damage that is caused to the vehicle under the influence of war, mutiny or any form of nuclear risk.

Documents Required For Getting A Two Wheeler Insurance

Once an individual has decided on the two wheeler insurance that perfectly fits their requirements and appeals to them, they have to apply for it. An individual can either go to the insurance company and apply for the insurance face-to-face, or they can go to the company portal and apply online. Through, individuals have the benefit of having direct access to the application page of all two wheeler insurance company websites.

Apart from the filling up of the application form and the submission of this form to the company website or to the company, the other general documents that are required include drivers license of the individual, registration documents of the insured vehicle, address proof of the individual and the bank details of the individual.

  • Third party liability cover
  • Vehicle damage cover
  • Personal Accident cover
  • Pillion Cover

United India Two Wheeler Insurance - FAQ's

1. What Documents Are Required For Buying Another Two Wheeler Insurance Policy?

For those individuals who want to buy another two wheeler insurance policy, the process is simple. All they need is a copy of the old insurance and the registration papers of the insured vehicle.

2. Can I Buy Or Renew A Two Wheeler Insurance Policy Online?

With the advancements in technology, nearly all tasks can be performed online. The buying and renewal of bike insurances can easily be done online. Online websites such as make the process of choosing one’s two wheeler insurance far easier along with carrying out functions like the online renewal of one’s two wheeler insurance policy.

3. What Is The Claims Process For Bike Insurance?

For any individual who wants to claim their bike insurance, they first need to notify the company of their desire to make a claim within 24 hours of the accident. The company will ask the individual to follow a number of steps in written to get a full reimbursement for the damage that has been caused.

On the part of the individual, they have to submit a number of documents that include the completed claims form of the company, all relevant bills such as hospital bills and repair bills, an authentic approximation of the loss that is caused by the vehicle and a copy of the vehicles RC.
Once all these documents are submitted, and the company evaluates them, the claim for one’s insurance is approved.

4. What If I Misplace My Insurance Policy?

If a two wheeler insurance is lost, then the individual needs to notify the company so that they can send a duplicate copy of the insurance. This copy will be sent once a small compensation fee is paid by the individual. In case of those policies that are bought online, a soft copy of the insurance is available on the registered email ID of the policyholder.

5. Can I Get NCB For An Expired Policy?

Once a policy expires, a policyholder is given a grace period of 90 days in order to renew their policy. If the policyholder renews the policy within this time, then the No Claims Bonus is present. In case an individual fails to renew their insurance policy then the no claims bonus feature is lost and no longer available for the individual.

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I bought a United India Two Wheeler Insurance online. The experience was very simple and quick. In less then few minutes I paid and got an email of my policy document.

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I am completely happy with United India two Wheeler insurance and there all services.


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