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Universal Sompo Bike Insurance
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Universal Sompo Two Wheeler Insurance

Universal sompo provide highly affordable two wheeler insurance plan which will cover all your damages and losses caused while driving a vehicle. Whether you had done any loss to other vehicle or someone else has done harm to your vehicle, the company will borne all the expenses listed in the policy document. Also, the customer service team of universal sompo gives you 24 hours of service, and tries to settle the claim within a day (under cashless claims). for

7-Day Claim Settlement

7-Day Claim Settlement

The claim is settled in 7 days if all the documents and related information are submitted and has been approved by the Universal Sompo officials. The claim payment is directly made in the bank account.

Wider Coverage

Wider Coverage

Universal Sompo bike insurance by offering undivided coverage to damages forming out from accidents, theft, burglary, disasters, explosion and also the expenses building from third party loss.

24-7 Claim Assistance

24/7 Claim Assistance

Universal Sompo customer care is always available to guide the customer through their queries no matter what time the clock is showing. You can easily communicate by calling on toll free number.


Benefits of Universal Sompo Two Wheeler Insurance

Discounts On Premium

Discounts On Premium

The customers can earn discounts up to 50% on premium by regularly renewing their policy along with not making a claim or choosing voluntary deductibles.

Add-on Covers

Add-on Covers

The bike owner has wide number of add-on covers (14 options) to enhance the basic coverage value. Customer can get coverage for depreciation, breakdown, injuries, death, loss of accessories.

Online Renewal Process

Online Renewal Process

The renewal of two wheeler policy can be done in just 5-10 minutes by just relaxing at home. You just need your policy number and a premium payment mode like credit/debit cards, net banking.

Long Term coverage

Long Term Coverage

Universal Sompo has designed long term two wheeler insurance to provide 2-3 years of security to the vehicle and liberate the customer from the duty of renewing their policies.


Types of Universal Sompo Two Wheeler Insurance Coverage

Third-Party Liability

This cover will help the customer in paying third party liabilities. Third-party can be passengers, pedestrians on the road, other motor drivers. Bike owners may have to deposit penalties for the loss and damages occur to third party’s vehicle or driver. The coverage is paid on-

  1. Damage to the Property

  2. Permanent injury or disability

  3. Death of the third party

Comprehensive Policy

This will not only cover third party liabilities but also give complete financial assistance to customers during events like theft of the vehicle, damage arising from natural disasters, riots, strikes, accidents, etc.

  1. Personal Accident Cover for personal injuries

  2. Add-on Covers for enhanced safety of bike

  3. Provides mandatory personal accident cover of Rs. 15 lakh for sole two wheeler owner

Two Wheeler Insurance Long Term Package Policy

These are much more beneficial as compared to one year policy as it give discounts, saves your money and longer protection. A two wheeler owner can take it for 2 or 3 years. What benefits can be extracted from long term policy? For this, refer below-

  1. Freedom from submitting yearly premium and.

  2. Save your money from mandatory annual premium hike by submitting a lump sum payment of premium for two to three years.

  3. Flexibility to choose the term of the policy i.e. 2 or 3 years.

  4. Covers from natural disasters, theft, fire, personal accident, ignition, third party etc.

Damages and Repairs Covered

  • Third-party Liabilities: If your vehicle by mistake harms third party vehicle plying on the road or causes death/physical injuries to the third party, the insurer will compensate accordingly.

  • Fire/Explosion/Self-ignition: At anytime your bike is at risk of catching fire or getting exploded and if you don’t waste your money on such losses, then buying package policy is perfect.

  • Burglary/Housebreaking/Theft: Thefts/ burglary and housebreaking are common practices in an area. Thus, Universal Sompo will cover your insured two wheeler from these threats.

  • Riot/Strike/Malicious Act: The damages to two wheeler which are caused by harmful actions of humans are covered which includes riots, strikes, terrorist activities, etc.

  • Natural Disasters: The disasters which are ly covered are typhoon, storm, hurricane, rockslide, hailstorm, landslide, earthquakes, etc.

  • In Transit Damages: During the transportation of vehicles through airways/waterways/railways/elevator/lift can involve damage which is payable under Universal Sompo two wheeler insurance.

Damages and Repairs Not Covered

  • Mechanical/Electrical Breakdown: The breakdown that can happen at any point of point of time while traveling far away from the city or state are not included in the coverage.

  • Driving Without A Valid License: Loss to the vehicle arising when a person without a valid license is uncovered under policy nd can involve penalties.

  • Driving Under the Influence Of Toxic Substance: If the insurer finds that damages/ injuries to the vehicle/driver happened by the intake of alcohol, the claim will get refused.

  • Using Private Bike For Commercial Purpose: When you use your private bike for the commercial purposes like for renting or providing services, the company will not be responsible to pay damages.

  • Wear And Tear: Damages to the bike tires, rubber tubes, plastic, batteries, fiberglass, aluminum, wheels, due to accident or any other activity are not covered and subject to depreciation.

  • Wars/Rebellion/Military Attacks: The damages which are aftermaths of nuclear bombing, wars, rebellions, radioactivities, military attacks, etc are not included under coverage.

Discounts Under Universal Sompo Bike Insurance

  • No Claim Bonus: By purchasing the two wheeler insurance, you will never be in loss. It will always reward you for being faithful by renewing the policy and not making a claim during a policy year.

  • Automobile Association Membership: If you are currently holding membership of any Automobile Association established in the state, then getting a discount on the total premium is a sure thing.

  • Installation of Anti-Theft Alarm: aking care of your bike and installing an anti-theft alarm will not only ensure the security of vehicle but also reward you with the discounts on premium.

  • Voluntary Deductibles: The bike owner can literally earn valuable discount on premium through opting higher deductibles by their own wish. This is optional than compulsory deductible where you are bound to share the claim amount.


Add-on Covers

Nil Depreciation cover

This cover will waive off the depreciation considered while paying for every claim. The vehicle age must not be more than 5 years.

Return to Invoice

If the insured has been stolen or completely devastated in an accident, the complete purchase value of the two wheeler is paid to the owner of the vehicle is not more than 5 years.

Daily Cash Allowance

A daily cash will be allotted to the insured vehicle owner for daily commute if the vehicle is in network garage for accidental damages. A compensation for a maximum of 7 days is given. For theft cases, cash is given for 10 days maximum.

Loss of Driving License/RC

If you lose your current driving license the company will pay Rs 500 for the procurement the new or duplicate driving license and registration certificate.

Accidental Injury Compensation for Owner Driver

For any accidental death or permanent disabilities happening to the vehicle owner will be compensated amount equal to Rs 1L/2L/ 3L and maximum 8 lacs.

Wider PA Benefit for Owner

This cover will protect you from accidental death/ permanent disability or normal bodily injuries, no matter whether you are travelling in your vehicle or someone else's vehicle.

Accidental Hospitalization cover for Family

If the family is traveling with you on the insured two wheeler and met accidental injuries, then the cost of inpatient treatment will be borne by the insurer on reimbursement basis.

Hospital Daily Cash

A daily cash amounting to Rs 2000 is given to the injured vehicle owner for in-patient hospitalization and is allowed for a maximum of 30 days. This is applicable when the insurry is caused by accidents.

Additional Accidental Injury Compensation (Family)

This insurance cover will ensure financial safety against accidental death or permanent/partial disabilities happening to the family of the insured bike owner.

Driving-Train Protect

The cover will provide additional safety to the minor parts of Engine, and Gear Box of the insured two wheeler from water emission, leakages of the lubricating oil or any other damages.

Cost of Consumables

The cost of consumables that is excluded in the basic coverage are covered under this add-on. Cost of screws, nuts, bolts, brake oil, lubricants, grease are covered.

Roadside Assistance

The roadside assistance programme will help the two wheeler owner during the breakdowns by providing facilities like Towing assistance, Puncture repair, Cab Service, Fuel Delivery, accommodation, Vehicle Key Lock Out.

Engine Protector

The heart of the vehicle called engine will be protected from water ingression happening due to heavy rains/floods/cyclones etc and also from leakage of lubricating oil casing damage to engine gears, differential parts.

NCB Protector

No matter how many claims you made in a year, the NCB percentage will remain unaffected and will not get minimised under this cover. While in the basic cover, on making claim the NCB value automatically gets decreased.


Claim Process of Universal Sompo Two Wheeler Insurance

  • Intimate the Insurer: Notify about the claim to Universal Sompo either by reaching on the toll number or by writing a mail to the Official Email ID.

  • Register an FIR: This is applicable to accident and theft cases where the incident must be reported to the nearest police station along with informing the insurer.

  • Examination of Vehicle: A claim surveyor is assigned to carry out a complete survey of the loss happened to the vehicle and will prepare a report of estimate repairs to be paid. The report is then given to the insurer.

  • Submit Documents: Submit the claim form with relevant documents asked by the claim manager for faster approval of claims. Claim form can be downloaded from the universal Sompo website.

  • Approval Of the Claim: On studying the reports and if they find the report perfect to pass the claim then it will approve the claim and start processing the payment of your claim.

  • Payment Of Claim: The payment is made within 5 days after the claim is approved and the complete set of documents are received. You can also track your claim status through the website by submitting the policy number.

Documents Required During Claim Process

  • Policy wording Documents

  • FIR (First Information Report) for accident and theft cases

  • Driving License

  • Vehicle Registration Certificate

  • Insured’s name and contact details

  • Concise description of the nature of loss/physical injuries, if any

  • Address of the place where the vehicle is available for inspection

  • Photos of the accident and damaged two wheeler, in case of accident

  • Repairs Bills/ Invoice bills

5-Step Online Renewal Process



Fill Vehicle Details

Scroll up to reach the topmost section of this page and furnish your two wheeler details as well as contact information to the online portal of Policy X. Also, click on the renewal option and proceed.



Choose Your Insurer

The online compare portal will give you different quotes from various bike insurers where you have to choose Universal Sompo. Check the premium prices given according to the IDV value of the bike.



Fill The Proposal Form

Confirm the premium and move forward to fill the proposal form declaring previous policy number, bike details and personal information. Submit the form.



Review and Pay Premium

Check the total payable premium rate after GST and also review other information to ensure zero percent mistake. Pay with any acceptable source of payment i.e. credit cards, debit cards, net-banking or e-wallets.



Confirmation of Payment

The customer will receive a mail regarding the payment for the policy renewal on the registered email ID where payment receipt with your policy number is allotted.


Yes, obviously. The policy is not specific to one region or city. Universal Sompo will cover accident regardless of where it has happened across India.

The process of obtaining a claim is simple. The customer can find it in the policy documents issued during the purchase. Another option is to download the form on the website of Universal Sompo.

The surveyor will come directly to the workshop where the two wheeler is submitted for repairs. In the case of the spot survey, the surveyor will come directly to the spot where the incident has taken place.

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Last updated on 13-11-2019