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About Volkswagen

Volkswagen Automotive is one of the largest automobile companies by worldwide sales. Founded by the German Labor Front in the year 1937, Volkswagen came a long way to gain billions of patrons worldwide. Over the years, the automobile company has come to offer a line-up of fascinating vehicles including Taigun, Polo, Vento, Ameo and more. The company set a benchmark in 2016-17 when it won over Toyota to be the best-selling automaker in the world.

Volkswagen Automotives is headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany. At present, there are four models of Volkswagen marketed in India and there are six upcoming models, expected to launch by September 2021.

Top 4 Volkswagen Car Models

The top four Maruti cars sold in India are:

1. Volkswagen Ameo

Volkswagen Ameo

The Ameo by Volkswagen offers 1 Petrol and 1 Diesel engine. The displacement for the diesel engine is 1498 cc and the petrol engine is 999 cc. Ameo offers mileage up to 21.66 KMPL, depending on the fuel type and the variant. The 5-seater sedan comes in manual transmission with a maximum power of 108.62Bhp@4000rpm and maximum torque of 250Nm@1500-3000rpm. Power steering, driver airbag, air conditioner, front fog lights, alloy wheels, automatic climate control, anti-lock braking system, and passenger airbag are some key features of Volkswagen Ameo.

2. Volkswagen Polo

Polo is a 5-seater hatchback that offers 1 Diesel and 1 Petrol engine having a displacement of 1498 cc and 999 cc respectively. Depending on the fuel type and the variant, the hatchback offers mileage up to 21.49 KMPL. The vehicle comes in manual transmission and has a maximum power of 88Bhp@4200rpm and maximum torque of 230Nm@1500-2500rpm. The special features of Polo are front and rear power windows, central locking, driver and passenger airbags, speed-sensitive electronic power steering, automatic climate control, and anti-lock braking system.

Volkswagen Polo

3. Volkswagen Vento

Volkswagen Vento

With 2 Petrol engines and 1 Diesel engine on offer, the Vento is one of the most sought after cars under the Volkswagen banner. While the petrol engines are 1197 cc and 1598 cc, the diesel engine is 1498 cc. The 5-seater sedan can offer mileage up to 22.27 KMPL, depending on the variant of the car and fuel type. The maximum torque offered by the car is 250Nm@1500-3000rpm and power of 108.6Bhp@4000rpm. The key features of Vento are driver and passenger airbags, central locking, front and rear power windows, phonebook sync, anti-lock braking system, and alloy wheels.

4. Volkswagen Tiguan

The Tiguan offers 1 1968 cc Diesel Engine. The Tiguan has two variants, namely the Tiguan 2.0 TDI Comfortline and Tiguan 2.0 TDI Highline. The vehicle is offered in automatic transmission and has mileage ranging up to 16.65 KMPL. The maximum torque for the vehicle is 340Nm@1750-2750rpm and the maximum power of 141Bhp@4000rpm. Some of the key features of the Tiguan are driver alert system, black roof rails, auto-dimming IRVM, central locking, fog lamps, and power windows front.

Volkswagen Tiguan

Volkswagen Car Insurance Price

There are various factors which determine the insurance premium of the car, some of which are listed in points below:

  • The age of the vehicle
  • The location
  • The market value of the car
  • Type of insurance coverage required
  • The present condition of the car

The table below sums up the approximate amount of premium for certain variants of each Volkswagen model.

Car ModelVariantEx-Showroom Price (Lakhs)IDV*Zero depreciation (Add on)*Premium (Basic)*
AmeoTDI Highline Plus Diesel 1.5L (1498 cc)Rs. 9.27Rs. 854,145Rs. 3,417Rs. 19,349
PoloTDI Trendline Diesel 1.5L (1498cc)Rs. 7.36Rs. 395,200Rs. 1,297Rs. 14,724
VentoHighline Petrol 1.6L (1598 cc)Rs. 9.99Rs. 823,410Rs. 3,845Rs. 32,038
TiguanComfortline TDI Diesel (1968 cc)Rs. 28.07Rs. 23,50,395Rs. 10,577Rs. 40,461

*The values stated are based on the city (Delhi) and the year of registration (2020).


The inclusions listed below apply to your Volkswagen car insurance plan:

  • Own damage cover
  • Third-Party Liability
  • Loss as a result of vandalism or civil disturbance
  • Loss due to fire
  • Loss due to theft
  • Roadside assistance (add-on)
  • Cashless repairs at garages within the insurance network


Your Volkswagen insurance plan comes with the following exclusions:

  • Loss due to driving drunk
  • Damages as a result of contributory negligence
  • Driving without a valid license
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Damages to tires


Policyholders are eligible to get discounts on premiums for their insured Volkswagen vehicles. The points mentioned below elaborate on the details:

  • Voluntary Deductibles: It is the amount that the policyholder agrees to pay voluntarily when there is a claim for an accident. The amount must be furnished by the policyholder before the insurer reimburses the claim. Higher voluntary deductibles will result in a lower premium.
  • No-Claim Bonus: For every claim-free year, the policyholder is eligible to no-claim bonus which is best described as a discount on the premium of the car. The discount in premium as a result of the accumulation of No-claim Bonus can range from 20-50%. You can also transfer the accumulated No-Claim Bonus to another insured car.
  • Discount on Own Damages: Drivers with good driving records are generally rewarded with discounts on car insurance premiums by insurance providers. Since they are less prone to accidents, the risk factor for them is minimized which justifies the discount on the premium.

Add-ons on Volkswagen Car Insurance

The coverage for your Volkswagen car can be enhanced by buying add-ons. You can look out for the below-mentioned coverages for your car insurance plan.

  • Emergency Road Assistance: Option for an emergency road assistance add-on for your Volkswagen car insurance will aid during an on-road emergency breakdown. Emergency road assistance covers everything from flat tires and minor repairs to towing facilities.
  • Zero Depreciation: Having zero-depreciation add-on to your car insurance plan ensures that you are compensated for the amount of depreciation which the insurer subtracts from the actual claim amount. With the zero depreciation coverage, the owner is eligible to receive 100% coverage for the car.
  • Key Replacement: Key replacement add-on covers the replacement of locks and keys for your vehicle in case the key is lost or stolen. The car owner must file an FIR about the theft of the car keys before claiming the add-on cover from the insurer.
  • Return to Invoice: The Return to Invoice covers the gap in the amount between the actual market value of the car and IDV. The insured will receive the invoice value of the car, minus IDV in the event of total loss or theft of the car. The cost of registration and taxes will also be reimbursed to the insured.

Volkswagen Car Insurance: FAQs

If and when you meet with an accident, you must intimate your insurance service provider and register a claim request, following which your insurer will send a surveyor to access the damage caused. Next, you can take your car to the nearest garage, get your car repaired and collect the payment receipt. Submit the receipt to your insurer to get the amount reimbursed.

Generally, comprehensive car insurance does not cover for depreciation on Volkswagen spare parts. To get Depreciation coverage for Volkswagen spare parts, you must zero in on Zero Depreciation Add-on cover for Volkswagen parts.

Your regular Volkswagen comprehensive insurance does not cover towing. However, you can include towing in your coverage by purchasing the roadside assistance add-on.

Last updated on 30-12-2020