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Volkswagen, the German car making company, has a long history of motor manufacturing since 1936. Volkswagens often spotted on Indian roads stand out for their design and engineering feats.

Volkswagen has a broad and deep product range. For each model of car, it has several variants. The variants are trend line, comfort line, and high line.

The Volkswagen models vary in technical specifications and features.

Volkswagen Differentials

Technical Specifications of VolkswagenModels And Variants
  • Engine and Transmission : Ranges from 1.2L to 2 L (TSI/TDI), 3 to 4 cylinders in line and manual and automatic transmission.

  • Performance (Power, torque) : Suggests theamount of power or torque required for creating desired motion.

  • Steering : Suggests easy or difficult steering, determinants of vehicle maneuverability.

  • Brakes : Brake features suggest the safety and strength of the brakes.

  • Suspension : Suspension features determine the grip of the car on the road, braking abilities and overall connectedness of the car.

  • Tyres and Wheels : Tyre and wheel features suggest their durability, RPM, and other performance features.

  • Weight : Weight suggests compactness of feature objects.

  • External dimensions : The length, breadth and height of the car, volume and car 'room'.

  • Fuel capacity : The fuel holding capacity of the fuel tank fitted in the car.

Feature Differentials of VolkswagenModels And Variants
  • Design : This includes the exterior and interior features that give the model its 'look', which sometimes can be suggestive of better durability. For example, a better coating, polish, texturing and finish enhance not only the look but also offer great durability.

  • Comfort : SComfort features are generally included in the interior features. Exterior feature like door handles also determine comfort. Examples of comfort features include hand rests, object rests, car seat make, a/c cooling, automatic wipers, and infotainment and connectivity setup.

  • Safety : Safety features are present in exterior as well as interior features. Included in the safety features are mirror features, lighting features wheel and tyre features, steering wheel features, brake and suspension features and a lot more.

Models of Volkswagen
  • Ameo : 1.2/1.5 L,3/4 cylinder engine. 17.5 to 22 Km/liter fuel efficiency. Five speed manualseven speed DSG. Electronic power steering. Front disc brakes, rear drum brakes. Front and rear suspension. Steel/Alloy tyres and wheels. 1500-1630 Kg weight.45 liters fuel tank capacity.

  • Polo : 1.2 l MPI/1.5 TDI engine. 3 or 4 cylinder.5 speed manual.16.5 to 20 Km/l fuel efficiency. Electronic power steering. Disc, drum front, and rear brakes. Front, rear suspension. Steel/Alloy wheels. 1520Kg to 1620 kg weight. 45 liters fuel tank capacity.

  • New Vento : 1.6 MPI/1.2 TSI (petrol), 1.5 TDI manual/DSG engines (diesel). 16 to 22 km/l fuel efficiency.5 forward gears and one reverse gear. Speed controlled Electronic power steering. Front and rear brakes and suspension. Steel/Alloy wheels. Weight 1680 to 1770 Kg. 494 liters boot capacity and 55 liters fuel capacity.

  • Jetta : 1.4L/2.0 L, TSI/TDI engine, manual/automatic transmission .14.6 to 16.96 Km/l fuel efficiency. Six-speed manual/automatic transmission. Front and rear brakes and suspensions with shock absorbers. Multiple links with suspension stabilizer.1850 to 1970 Kg gross weight. 55 liters fuel tank capacity. Electric and power assisted steering

  • The 21st Century Beetle : 1.4 TSI 110 kW (150 PS) Petrol Engine, DSG Gearbox 7-speed Automatic, 16-inch Alloy Wheels, airbags for driver and passenger, keyless access and Push Button Start, special coatings and finish, leather interiors, special lighting including day time lighting.

  • GTI : 1.8L TSI, four cylinder in-line, Gearbox DSG Automatic 7-speed, thefuel efficiency of 16.34 km/liter, fuel tank capacity of 45 Ltrs.1273 Kg kerb weight.

  • New Tiguan : 2.0 TDI engine, dual shift gearbox and four motion drive, 17.06 Km/liter fuel efficiency.7 forward gears and one reverse gear. Electric and variable assist power steering.2250 Kg gross vehicle weight. 71 litres fuel capacity.

Variants of Volkswagen Models

  • Trend Line (TL)

  • Comfort Line (CL)

  • High Line (HL)

Price Range of Volkswagen
Volkswagen has made its offer available in assorted price segments. The ex-showroom price (which is exclusive of road tax ) can be between Rs 5,50,200 to Rs 29, 83, 300.

Basis of Pricing
Volkswagen pricing varies according to model and subsequent variants (TL, CL, HL). Technical specifications and features vary in the models and variants, and the prices also vary accordingly.

Volkswagen Insurance
Volkswagen offers Volkswagen insurance to Volkswagen buyers and owners. Volkswagen insurance is part of Volkswagen Finance which has entered into a partnership with Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company to offer the unique kind of insurance Volkswagen owners need. Volkswagen insurance is not just the mandatory third party insurance but a comprehensive motor insurance solution.

Volkswagen Insured Declared Value (IDV)
Volkswagen IDV is the amount on which the sum assured for the Volkswagen model is based. The IDV has to be declared by the Volkswagen owner at the time of getting an insurance quote for the Volkswagen car and is the amount close to the price which the buyer has had to pay for it. It is the amount which the buyer would want to recover for replacing his/her current car with a new equivalent one should there be a complete mishap.

Volkswagen Insurance Cover
Volkswagen insurance cover includes:

  • Volkswagen insurance for third party liability

  • Personal accident cover

  • Driver and pillion cover

  • Volkswagen car damage cover

Volkswagen Car Insurance Benefits

  • Cashless settlement of claims at Volkswagen dealers

  • Transparent claim settlement procedures

  • All India dealers network

  • Assurance of genuine spare parts

  • Warranty not consumed by repairs

  • No depreciation under Drive Assure Plan

  • Volkswagen engine protection

  • All time emergency assistance (1800-209-6262)

How to choose a Volkswagen?
It is better to start out with a budget range in mind. Basic considerations would include

  • Safety and security features

  • Car maneuverability

  • Fuel efficiency

  • Purpose of the vehicle

After making a selection set, vehicles need to be test driven. Cars with the best test drive experience are mostly selected.

How to Get a Quote for Volkswagen Insurance?
For getting a Volkswagen insurance quote the model and chassis number and year of manufacture, as well as other details, would need to be filled in the online form.

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