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Yamaha Two Wheeler Insurance

Yamaha motorbikes give one of the best experiences to the passionate bikers. The superior quality of the machinery parts, most wide-ranging fashion line-ups, and the best-supporting services have made Yamaha motorbikes even more desirable to the riders.

Yamaha, originally a part of a Japanese corporation, has been enjoying its ever-growing success since 1985 in India. Yamaha not only manufactures bikes but also scooters. They produce bikes and scooters in fitting every range of buyers without compromising its quality. So, be it a simple scooter or a fashionable and trendy speeding machine, Yamaha always offers you the best in your preferred range.

Why To Insure Your Bike?

Being the owner of your favorite bike or scooter, you must be very cautious about its maintenance and security. It is always advisable to buy a good insurance plan for your bike or scooter for the following reasons:

  • Protecting your two-wheeler –

    The first and foremost reason for insuring your two-wheeler is its coverage from the risk of damage and odds.It is absolutely advisable to insure your bike at the earliest or even before you take it out. A good insurance plan for your bike allows you to ride it without worries because the insurance will give an all-around protection to the bike and the biker.

  • Insuring against the damages caused to the other party during an accident –

    An all-around insurance plan can safeguard your interests in case of losses of the other party during an accident.

  • Insurance against theft –

    Insurance will also provide you coverage against theft up to the stated insured sum.

  • Cashless service in the garage –

    The insured two-wheeler can also receive the advantages of cashless services and technical assistance in the garages at times of damage repair or during an accident.

Types Of Yamaha Bike Insurance Plans

Insurance against third-party accountability –

  • This Insurance provides coverage for any injury caused to the other party during an accident or even in case of death of the third-party.

  • This also insures you from the damage caused to the other party during an accident.

All round, broad insurance coverage –

  • This type of insurances covers you from the liability of the third-party during an accident or damage of the other party.

  • Insures your vehicle from the damage caused by accident, deliberate act of theft, natural calamities, etc.

  • It also insures the driver itself during an accident.

What Essential Benefits Do You Avail With Yamaha Insurance?

Yamaha, being one of the most sold motorbike companies in India, is easily found in any and every city in India. Because of its popularity and good accessibility, Yamaha provides the best and fastest technical assistance to its customers. Some of the benefits of Yamaha insurance are:

  • Both electrical and non-electrical bike accessories can be covered by the insurance.

  • Damage and losses caused due to natural calamities – In case of Earthquakes, fire breakdown, thunderstorms, landslides and other naturally occurred calamities the insurance assures coverage.

  • Damage caused due to man-made problems– In case of theft, road accidents, acts of riots or terrorism, the bike gets complete coverage, of course up to the stated insured value.

  • In case of a personal accident, both the insurer and the bike can receive full benefits of the coverage.

  • It also gives coverage to the injury or death of the co-passenger, but you may or may not avail it in your insurance.

  • It also gives coverage to the engine including the carburetor, air induction, and the FI systems.

  • Besides, it allows the insurer an easy and swift renewal of the insurance without any hassle.

Reliability And Services

Talking about the reliability of Yamaha insurance coverage, it offers the finest and best assistance to its customers. Being a global brand, it never compromises with its quality and dependability. It gives 2years warranty to the motorbikes and scooters which are 125cc or more and 1year warranty to the models belonging to 50cc.

Moreover, it also provides one-year assistance coverage to the bike such as in case of a puncture the biker always stays without any worry because of the quick assistance service offered by Yamaha. It is very comforting when you are can easily depend upon the support and constancy of Yamaha. Trust is the most important factor in an emergency support service.

It is absolutely essential to get a quick response at times of emergency support because at that instance every minute could be vital for the owner. However, Yamaha serves the most effective and efficient support system at the time of emergency and hence, can be trusted upon easily.

Yamaha Models And Their Coverage

Huge range of choices of motorbikes and scooters are offered by Yamaha in India. Indian market supplies almost all the best and latest trendy models of Yamaha bikes. Insurance offered to a varied range of Yamaha bike and scooter models are:

  • Yamaha Crux –

    It is a 106cc bike which runs on petrol and can be transmitted manually by the user. Most importantly there are no other versions of this model. The only mode of starting the bike is kicking, using the CDI ignition method.

  • YBR 110 –

    This bike is specially designed for riding across India. It is a 106cc powered bike four stroke air cooled engine. The gearbox of the bike employs torque which enables the rider to experience one of the smoothest rides.

  • YBR 125 -

    This bike is targeted for the city bikers who definitely need better mileage, and the bike serves even better. It is a 123cc bike with air-cooled facilities.

  • SS 125 –

    It is a manually transmitted 123cc powered engine motorbike comes with only one fuel option – petrol.

  • SZ -

    This is a double engine and single transmission bike with three versions available.

  • FZ -

    This is a triple engine and single transmission motorbike with seven available versions but with single fuel option.

  • YZF -

    This is a double engine and single transmission sports bike available in two different versions and one fuel option.

  • VMax –

    It is powered by 1679cc engine available in no other version and can be transmitted both manually and through fuel.

  • Yamaha Ray –

    This is a single engine and single transmission scooter with one fuel option and can be found in 2 versions.

  • Yamaha Alpha –

    This is an automatically transmitted scooter available in no other version with single fuel option.

Purchasing Yamaha insurance policies is one simple and smooth process. The insurer just needs to fill in correctly the required forms and make the declared payments for the bike insurance plan. One can easily find the insurance quotations for various Yamaha models and get insured easily.

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