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Yamaha Bike Insurance
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Yamaha Bike Insurance

Yamaha bikes and scooter is pure innovation of Japanese two wheeler manufacturing company called Yamaha Motor Company. Yamaha Motors has also flourished in the Indian economy and established 500 dealers selling across all the states and territories.

This company is known for producing high quality two wheelers with extravagant features like 5/6 speed gearbox, dual-channel ABS, LED headlamps, higher engine displacement (149cc to 998cc), telescopic fork suspension, etc. The lowest price on which Yamaha bike can be acquired Rs 53,100 (approx.). While Yamaha scooter price starts from Rs 52,000 to maximum up to 58,000.

If you own any model of Yamaha two wheeler, then make sure you insure it. Buying a suitable and worthwhile Yamaha insurance can save your money from getting your drain into undesirable expenses. Make sure you read, compare & analyze the coverage offered by distinct insurers before buying Yamaha insurance.

Yamaha Bike Models & Prices

1. FZ25


249cc displacement, 20.0N.m 6000rpm torque, 1360mm Wheelbase, Telescopic fork front suspension, monocross suspension, LED Headlights & tail light, 14L fuel tank, 5-speed transmission type, hydraulic shock absorbers, dual-channel ABS

Price Range : Rs 1,36,680

2. YZF R15 VER 3.0

Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke engine type, 155 cc displacement, 6-speed transmission, 1325 mm Wheelbase, 14.7 N.m @ 8500 rpm torque, Aluminum Swingarm rear suspension, hydraulic single disc brakes, LED Headlights & tail light, 11L fuel tank, 12V 4AH battery, dual-channel ABS

Price Range : Rs 1,42,780

YZF R15 VER 3.0

3. YZF R3


320.6 cc displacement, 6-speed transmission, 1380 mm Wheelbase, 29.6 N.m @ 9000 rpm torque, Swingarm rear suspension, hydraulic single disc brakes, telescopic suspension, coil spring shock absorber, twin-cylinder powerhouse, 14L fuel tank, 12V 4AH battery, Anti-lock Brake System

Price Range : Rs 3,51,180

4. FAZER25

249 cc displacement, air-cooled engine type, 5-speed transmission, 1360 mm Wheelbase, 20 N.m @ 6000 rpm torque, Swingarm suspension, tubeless tires, twin-cylinder powerhouse,dual-LED auxiliary lights, 14L fuel tank capacity, fuel indicator

Price Range : Rs 1,44,180


5. MT 15

MT 15

155 cc displacement, 6-speed transmission, Liquid-cooled 4-stroke engine type, 5-speed transmission, 1360 mm Wheelbase, 10L fuel tank capacity, 14.7 N.m @ 6000 rpm torque, Hydraulic single disc brakes, Telescopic fork suspension, single-channel ABS

Price Range :Rs 1,36,000


149 cc displacement, air-cooled 4 stroke 2 valve single-cylinder engine type, 1330 mm Wheelbase, 12.8 N.m @ 6000 rpm torque, two level seat, 5-speed transmission, 140 mm radial tires, monocross suspension, transistor controlled ignition, 12.8L fuel tank, Bosch ABS

Variant : FZS-FI V2.0, FZS-FI V3.0

Price Range : Rs 98,180


7. SZ-RR VER 2.0


50 kmpl mileage, 105 kmph top speed, air-cooled 4 stroke 2 valve single-cylinder engine type, 1320 mm Wheelbase, 149 cc engine capacity, 12.8 Nm / 6000 rpm torque, 5-speed transmission, low fuel warning, hydraulic disc brake type, swingarm suspension, 14L fuel capacity, CDI ignition

Price Range : Rs 69,983

8. SALUTO 125

78 kmpl mileage, air-cooled 4 strokes 2 valve engine type, 95 kmph top speed, 1265 mm Wheelbase, 149 cc engine capacity, 10.1 Nm / 4500 rpm torque, 4-speed transmission, capacitor discharge ignition, telescopic fork suspension, 7.6L fuel capacity, tubeless tires, CDI ignition type

Price Range : Rs 59,880




149 cc engine capacity, 82 kmpl mileage, 95 kmph top speed, air-cooled 4 stroke 2 valve single-cylinder engine type, 4-speed transmission, 7.2-liter fuel capacity, 1255 mm Wheelbase, alloy wheels, 8.5 Nm / 4500 rpm torque, swingarm suspension

Price Range : Rs 53,080

4 Advantages That You Will Get In Every Yamaha Two Wheeler

Standard Plus Extended Warranty

All the bike and scooter manufactured by Yamaha Motor India comes with a standard warranty of 2 years which is free of cost. However, customers have the flexibility to increase Yamaha bikes warranty up to 5 years by paying a reasonable cost.

Scheduling Your Services

Owning a Yamaha two wheeler can give access to free booking at service centers verified by Yamaha. This free service is available for up to maximum of 15000 km travelled by Yamaha bike. Plus, the service should be taken in intervals of 90 days.

30-Minute Repair Service

Under this service, the customer can get their Yamaha bikes repaired in 30 minutes at any authorized service shop. Services include- fuel injector cleaning, engine oil change, washing & polishing, headlight bulb & horn replacement, cable replacement.

Dealer Networks

Yamaha dealer network is located across all the states of India where professional repair services can be availed. For finding dealer your nearest network, you can visit their website. Select your state and city. You will get the desired results for the nearest dealers with contact numbers and addresses.

5 Factors That Can Drastically Change Your Yamaha Insurance Premium

  • IDV value of the bike: The IDV value of a bike depends on the cubic capacity, mileage, type of the vehicle, the date of manufacture, purchase date, bike model, registration state, bike variant. All these factors that makeup IDV value that determines the premium of Yamaha bike
  • Type of Coverage: How type of coverage affects the premium? Suppose you want to insure brand new Yamaha YZF R3. You will major difference in premium between third party liability cover and comprehensive cover. Third-party is available in Rs 1143 while comprehensive insurance premium for the same bike is Rs 2,470 (tentative)
  • Discounts Availed: There are different kinds of discounts available in Yamaha bike insurance which can reduce your premium. Discounts such as NCB percentage, anti-theft alarm fitting, automobile association membership are available under Yamaha insurance.
  • Age of Yamaha Driver: If your age falls between 18-25 where the driver is less experienced about roadways and traffic rules, the premium would be higher. While drivers more than 30 years have to submit lesser premiums.
  • Add-On Covers Opted: Every company providing Yamaha insurance includes the option to enhance basic coverage by purchasing add-on cover.

Premium Illustration for Third-Party Cover

Engine Capacity of Bike/Scooter (cc)Basic Premium (Excluding Taxes)
Less than or equal to 75 ccRs 569
More than 75 cc but less than 150 ccRs 720
More than 150 cc but less than 350 ccRs 887
More than 350 ccRs 1,019

Note: Above premium prices for the third party liabilities are fixed by the IRDA. Total premium may change after the inclusion of GST and other taxes.

Information You Need While Buying Yamaha Insurance Online

  • Cubic capacity
  • Manufacturing date of the Yamaha two wheeler
  • Date of Purchase
  • State/ city of registration,
  • Model and Variant of Yamaha bike
  • Contact Details- Email ID & Mobile no.
  • ID Proof & Residence Proof

Inclusion & Exclusion of Yamaha Bike Insurance

What kind of Losses are covered?

  • Fires/Self-Ignition/Explosion: Fires, explosions are some of the most common kinds of damages. This may happen due to fuel leakage, short circuit of electrical devices, overheating, etc. No worry as Yamaha insurance will support during such losses.
  • Pilferage/Robbery: If your Yamaha bike or scooter gets stolen by local bandits, the Yamaha insurance will give you proper compensation for the loss that occurred. Make sure you file an FIR after such an incident rolls down.
  • Third-party Liabilities: Liabilities emerging directly from the damages made by insured bike owners to the third party property or physical injuries resulting in permanent or partial disablement are covered.
  • Natural Disasters: If you are living in an area that is highly sensitive to disasters like earthquakes, landslides, cyclones, floods, storms, etc, then your Yamaha bike insurance is going to benefit you.
  • Shipping Damages: Your vehicle is exposed to unfortunate damages while in transit through any channel of transportation (waterways, airways, lifts, elevators). Stay calm, as your bike insurance will aid in surviving the damage.
  • Riots/Strikes/Malicious Act: Some man-made perils are also given attention under Yamaha insurance such as riots, public strikes, or pernicious activity that cause severe damages to the body of the vehicle.

What kind of Losses are Not covered?

  • Driving Without License: No law or governing bodies give the right to drive a two wheeler without a license. If such activities are detected, the person has to comply with severe penalties and punishments. Neither your Yamaha bike insurance saves you for damages arrived.
  • Driving While Intoxicated: Consuming alcohol or any other toxic substance while driving can export you towards dungeons and can create heavy losses to vehicle. Remember your Yamaha insurance is not functional under such conditions.
  • Using Private Vehicle for Providing Services: Bike insurers will never pay you for the losses which came due to the use of private bike for commercial purpose. Commercial purpose means using a bike to provide services for income generation.
  • Wars/ Rebellion/ Revolts: Revolts, wars, mutinies, rebellions, enemy attacks, etc are some of the ravages that are not covered under Yamaha bike insurance.
  • Depreciation: Depreciation is an inevitable aspect that reduces your Yamaha two wheeler value as the time lapses. Depreciation includes degradation of rubber, tires, seats, plastics, electrical fitting, etc which are included under coverage.

Last updated on 13-11-2020