Yamaha YZF R15

Yamaha YZF R15

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Yamaha YZF R15 Bike Insurance

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Is the Japanese company was well known for its musical instruments, but in 1955 it began producing motorcycles. The Yamaha R15 has been on sale in India since 2008.

The Yamaha YZF R15 is an amalgamation of wide frontal space, comfortable and easy riding position with an efficient steering flexibility, and an aerodynamictail treatment. The ride is unprecedented in terms of both excitement and quality.


YAMAHA's Human Technology involves studying the form of the motorcycle in the actual motion with the rider on it. The bike has split seat. This seat design features a slip-resistant seat cover material with excellent cushion qualities, optimized shape for the inner thigh contact area and the cushioned front edge of the rear seat that supports the rider's rear.

The bike design also features a storage compartment just under the rear seat for holding things like tools and documents. LED taillights to add cadence to the styling of the bike. The Long-life LED lamps are adopted to help create a rear view. The exterior parts of the bike from the side to the tail cowl have been designed in order to create a dynamic leaping appearance in the look of bike toward the rear that gives a sensem of cadence to the body lines.

The angle at which the silencer of YZF R15 is mounted accentuates the feeling of the upward thrust toward the rear end of the bike. The newly designed silencer protector adds cadence to overall styling.

Why to opt?

This bike is stylish and it has features like amazing seats, masculine look and the mudguard that are designed to coordinate visually with the rear fender and they are attached to the swing arm.


Yamaha YZF R15 has the Liquid Cooled Engine that provides a stable performance, reduces vibrations, and offers a high-quality ride. The engine of the bike is surrounded by a water jacket in which coolant liquid circulates to cool the engine.

The head and cylinder inserted in the bike are enclosed in a water jacket, mechanical noise from the engine is reduced dramatically. This bike has DiASil Cylinders which are all- aluminum cylinders made of YAMAHA's proprietary aluminum die casting technology. The cylinder is made of aluminum, which is a better conductor of heat and as a result of which the cylinder delivers better heat dissipation and less weight.

In order to maximize the efficiency of the fuel injector, which injects the optimum amount of fuel for different amounts of intake air, Yamaha YZF-R15 is equipped with a large 3-liter air cleaner. This bike consists of Deltabox frame which was designed to provide the best balance in longitudinal, lateral, and torsional rigidity to the ride.

Why To Opt

The YZF-R15 engine delivers an excellent response to the rider. This bike supports the fuel economy; it is environmentally friendly and a comfortable ride so it is preferred by the riders.

Yamha Bike Insurance

There are certain benefits of bike insurance as following -

  • Comprehensive ones that cover against all types of wear and tears to the Yamaha across its dealers.

  • It Covers third-party liability, hence in a situation when the insured vehicle is involved in an accident, the cost that is incurred due to damage to a third party would be covered by the insurance company.

  • One enjoys No-claims bonus (NCB) if you do not make any claim with your insurance policy. Customer will receive excellent discounts on your premiums with a no-claims bonus over the years.

  • Roadside assistance is provided to customer in case of accident of the vehicle.

  • Engine protection coverage to the vehicle.

  • Instant access to the policy. Almost every insurance company offers immediate access to your insurance policy when the customer needs it.

  • Optional Coverage such as personal accident cover for the rider, Zero Dep cover and etc. One needs to pay extra cost for the optional coverage.


Displacement - 150 cc

Maximum power - 16.70 bhp @ 8,500 rpm

Peak Torque - 15 Nm @ 7,500 rpm

Mileage - 40 kmpl


Variant Name Price
YZF R15 V 2.0 (Ex-showroom, Mumbai) Disc Brake, Alloy Wheels Rs. 1,18,838

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