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Axis Mutual Funds (AMF) is a wing of Axis Bank Mutual Funds. They were earlier known as Unit Trust of India. They got a global presence in more than 90 countries like US, UK, China, SriLanka and many more. Axis Bank is one of the credible banks that deal in many products. Some of the prominent products it deals in are related to Commercial banking, Retail banking, Agricultural banking, Corporate banking, and Assets management. They launched their first mutual fund scheme through AMF way back in October 2009. They got more than 250 schemes with over 20 lakh investors across the globe.

Types of Axis Mutual Funds

Axis Mutual funds offer us many types of mutual funds that we can invest in. Various types of mutual funds are decided based on the types of users keen on investing in such mutual funds. Some popular types of AMF are explained below.

Debt Funds

These are the funds that get invested in Government Securities and Corporate Bonds. You can expect good returns over a period of time. Such funds are the least risky funds to invest in.


These are equity-linked saving schemes. Since it's kind of open-ended mutual funds, you can freeze it for the maximum tenure of three years.

Money Market Schemes

These are short-term mutual funds that can give you decent returns if the market is doing good.

Monthly Income Plans

These are the conservative mutual funds quite suited for people with low-risk appetite.

Hybrid Funds

Hybrid funds are the combination of debt and equity funds. Some of the hybrid funds by Axis banks are tabulated below.

Leading Axis Mutual Funds

Mutual Fund Scheme Net Asset Value (NAV) Return (%age) in 5th Year Return (%age) in 3rd Year Return (%age) in 1st Year
Axis Hybrid Fund Series 6 Direct Growth 14.04 5.87 3.49 2.83
Axis Hybrid Fund Series 5 Direct Growth 13.61 5.4 2.98 2.59
Axis Hybrid Fund Series 7 Regular Growth 13.33 5.25 2.7 1.74
Axis Hybrid Fund Series 6 Regular Dividend 13.34 4.84 2.47 1.78
Axis Hybrid Fund Series 5 Regular Dividend 12.93 4.39 1.97 1.54

Features of Axis Mutual Funds

  1. Transparent - You can easily track your funds online through your online portfolio. The market statistics are easily available, through which you can keep track of the market on the regular basis.

  2. Easy Redemption - If you invest in any open-ended Axis bank mutual funds then you can easily redeem it as per your convenient. The right time to withdraw your money is when the market is doing good. You can choose to take part of your money and let the remaining stay invested to give you better returns in the long run.

  3. Multiple Location - Axis mutual funds are available across 75 cities. This makes it easily accessible for all the investors.

  4. Global Presence - AMF is a trusted brand with a base of close to seven lakh investors throughout the world.

  5. Diversified Portfolio - Axis Mutual Funds helps you in investing in more than 250 schemes which can give you a better chance of earning revenues.

Benefits of Axis Mutual Funds

  1. Tax Savings - One of the most prominent advantages of Axis Mutual Funds is you can save your tax as per section 80c of the Income Tax Act of 1961. You can easily save up to Rs. 1,50,000.

  2. Initiate with Low Investment - You can start your funds with a minimum amount. Least you need to invest is just Rs. 500. This is the lowest you can plan to invest in any funds.

  3. Choose the Interval of Payments - Investors have the choice of selecting their payment intervals. Period of Interval for payments can be weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly as per your convenience.

  4. Can Easily Buy - There are many platforms that you can choose to buy your mutual funds. You can select from multiple channels as per your comfort.

  5. Track the Performance Conveniently - You can check the market fluctuations easily with the unique dashboard provided to you. Before doing that you must have a basic idea about the market trends and also you must know the investment approach you used to buy your funds.

  6. Dedicated Fund Manager - Your fund manager can track the performance of your funds easily. He can allocate it in the appropriate portfolio. Once you have invested in your mutual funds you don't have to bother about how it's performing. Your fund manager who is assigned freely will ensure that your funds are getting invested wisely.

  7. Variety of Schemes - Axis Mutual funds offer you a variety of mutual funds schemes to choose from. You can always analyze them by checking the market trends and select them accordingly.

How to Buy Axis Mutual Funds?

  • Online - One of the swiftest and preferred processes of buying mutual funds is an online channel. You can easily explore the fund of your choice and start investing as per your budget. For buying your scheme online you must complete your E-KYC and make the payment.

  • Middlemen - Middlemen or agents are the traditional way of buying your funds online. Agents may make the process of buying mutual funds simpler and easier. You may not have to keep a track of market, your agent will check and help you with the same. For choosing the agents you must trust them completely.

  • Mutual Funds Companies - You can directly contact any of the companies that deal in mutual fund and buy from the company that you like. There are many companies that deal in the sale of mutual funds

  • Banks - Last but not the least you may plan to buy mutual funds directly from your banks as well. You may not need to do separate KYC if you plan to invest through your bank directly.

Common Terms Used in Axis Mutual Funds


Short-term Investment Plans (SIP) are the shorter period you choose to Invest. This method gives users ease of investing their money as per their convenience of the period chosen.


Growth is the type of plan through which you can reinvest your profits back in the funds. This may help you in growing exponentially.


In this kind of mutual funds, you have the option of withdrawing your gains whenever you may need.


Net Asset Value (NAV) is the unit price of the stock that you have taken. This value determines the number of stocks purchased by you.

Mutual Fund Redemption

Mutual fund redemption is a mechanism of liquidating your funds invested in mutual funds. You may choose to do it through either an online or offline method.

Open-Ended Mutual Fund

Open-Ended Mutual funds are the one that does not have any locking period. Such funds give you the ease of withdrawing your money anytime you need.

Close-Ended Mutual Fund

Closed Ended mutual funds have a freezing period between three to five years usually. You can choose it to preserve your funds and leverage the lump sum profit.