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Bank of India (BOI) acquired 51% stake in Bharti Axa Group on 7th May 2012. After the acquisition, Bharti Axa mutual funds were renamed as BOI Axa Mutual Funds. BOI Axa mutual funds is a joint venture between Bank of India and Axa Group. Bank of India got 5,000 branches pan India. Bank of India was established on the 7th of September 1906. BOI Group has got international presence as well in 22 countries and 5 continents with 60 offices. Some of its financial set up can be found in New York, Jersey, Paris, Tokyo, Singapore, Hongkong & London.

Axa is also a giant group. Axa investments total assets under management are declared to an equivalent of 759 billion Euro as on 30th June 2018. It was founded in the year 1994. It has got around 2300 employees in 21 countries spread across Middle-East, Asia, America, and Europe. BOI Axa Mutual Funds is one of the largest asset management firm. They are consistent performers and has been giving the proven results in spite of the market fluctuations. BOI Axa Mutual funds offer a variety of fund scheme to select from. The user can choose the one that can match their risk appetite.

Scheme Name Type NAV 1st Year Returns 3rd Year Returns 5th Year Returns
BOI Axa Mfg& Infra Fund Regular Growth 14.73 -16.07 7.48 14.29
BOI Axa Mfg& Infra Fund Regular Dividend 12.05 -16.07 7.47 14.29
BOI Axa Tax Advantage Fund Regular Dividend 11.95 -11.34 9.43 14.21
BOI Axa Tax Advantage Fund Regular Growth 48.16 -11.39 9.41 14.21
BOI Axa Mfg & Infra Fund Regular- Quarterly Dividend Dividend 11.95 -16.43 7.32 14.19
BOI Axa Large & Midcap Equity Fund- Regular Dividend 11.89 -10.16 7.28 11.43
BOI Axa Large & Midcap Equity Fund- Regular Growth 32.65 -10.13 7.27 11.42
BOI Axa Large & Midcap Equity Fund Regular – Quarterly Dividend Dividend 12.65 -10.18 7.22 11.37
BOI Axa Conservative Hybrid Fund Regular Growth 20.44 -1.53 6.72 8.55
BOI Axa Liquid Fund Regular Growth 2092.55 7.37 7.24 7.83

*Mutual Funds Value is subject to market risk and can change frequently

Types of BOI Axa Mutual Funds


Equities are the high-risk investment funds. They get invested in Stocks and yield high returns over the period of time. People with high-risk appetite must invest in Equity to cherish the best returns.


Debt investment is the safest option in the mutual fund's industry. They get further invested in products like Treasuries, Government Bonds, and Securities. If you wish to take the least risk then Debt investments are best, to begin with.

Hybrid Investment

Hybrid investments are the mix of Equity as well as Debt funds. They are also called as balanced funds as they get invested both in Equity as well as Debt. These are the curated funds in which you can get the best of both equity as well as debt. Long-term investment in Hybrid can give you the best returns. People with medium risk portfolio can choose to buy the Hybrid investment.


ELSS is the equity-linked saving schemes. They are specially designed to help you in saving tax. You can easily by these funds from many online or offline platforms. Investment can be made according to your tax planning. According to section 80 c of the Income Tax Act of 1961, you can save up to Rs. 1,50,000 by investing in these funds.

Why You Should Select BOI Axa Mutual Funds?

Easily Available

You can buy your BOI Axa Mutual Funds from multiple platforms. Irrespective of the platform that you may choose buying these funds is quite convenient. You may choose an online or offline channel to buy your funds. Criteria of buying your mutual funds are also not very stringent. You just have to complete your KYC and make the payment.

Quick Investment

If your KYC is complete then you don't have to do any other formality for investing your funds here. You can easily start your investment with the least payment. Initiating your investment online is even more prompt. The major task is to select the appropriate fund's scheme. If you understand the market then you can start investing in the same by yourself. In case of any confusion, you can get in touch with mutual funds experts.

Many Types of Investments

BOI AXA mutual funds offer many variations of investment schemes to choose from. You can select the ones that are most suitable to your risk portfolio. If you are not sure you can also consult the fund managers. Alternatively, you can keep yourself updated about various kinds of mutual funds and choose for yourself accordingly

Facility of Withdrawing the Funds Anytime

In certain kinds of BOI Axa mutual funds schemes, you can withdraw your invested amount anytime. These are usually open-ended or dividend investments. In these funds locking period is not a constraint, moreover, you can liquidate your profit according to your needs.

Can Expect the Best Returns

Some of your mutual funds can surely offer you the best returns if you are invested for a longer duration. To leverage the best returns from your mutual funds you must take bigger risks. Equity funds can surely offer you the best returns as it involves the highest returns.

Starts with a Least Investment

One of the best features of these mutual fund feature is you can start as low as just Rs. 500 per month. This is the least amount required in any kind of investment. Though it is easy to start but to get more returns you must stay invested for a longer duration.

Established Brand

BOI AXA is a very old and reputed brand. With the merger of BOI and AXA, they have become even a bigger brand in the Industry. BOI Axa is one of the trustworthy names in the market for the same reason as well. They offer some credible mutual fund schemes that can be leveraged after a certain time period.

Certified Portfolio Manager

Understanding the volatility of mutual funds may need time. All the more it may be difficult for laymen to comprehend the technicalities. Thankfully BOI Axa mutual funds facilitate with a portfolio manager who can assist you in managing your investment diligently. You can approach them for any other clarity regarding your funds as well. These Subject matter experts ensure that your investment schemes are adequately utilized. Fund managers keep on switching your portfolio to give you the best returns over the period.

Technical Jargons- BOI Axa Mutual funds

Growth Funds

These are the funds that are redeployed in your existing investments automatically. You can reap the benefits in such investments over the period of time.


If you have invested in dividends then you can withdraw the profits after some interval. This may be good for the short time but long term you may have to compromise on the profit.


Net Asset Value (NAV) is the unit price of mutual funds purchased. This price keeps on fluctuating according to the market.


Systematic Investment Plans (SIP) is the monthly amount that you invest to maintain your mutual funds.


Open-Ended funds are the ones that can be liquidated any time. You don't have to lock your money in such kinds of investment. However, it's recommended to keep your funds in the market for some time to get the maximum benefits.

Close- Ended

In Close-Ended funds, your mutual funds are locked for certain time period. Usual locking period is between 1 to 3 years. Close-Ended funds are purchased to block your money in the market and to avoid misuse.


Regular funds are the ones that can be purchased through any distribution networks. There are few tried and trusted platforms from where you can buy them from. Financial firms like Karvy is one of the popular places from where you can easily buy your regular mutual funds.

Direct Funds

These funds can be purchased directly from the mutual fund companies itself. If you plan to purchase any direct funds from BOI AXA mutual funds then you can directly contact them on the details provided above. You can either call on their toll-free numbers or reach them through their email as well.

Small Cap

Small Caps are the mutual funds invested in companies valued between 300 million dollars to 2 billion dollars.

Mid Cap

Mid Caps funds get invested in companies between 2 billion dollars to 10 billion dollars valuation.

Large Cap

Large Cap funds are invested in the companies having value more than 10 billion dollars.


Schemes in the context of mutual funds refer to different types of investment plans offered by them.


1. What is the Best Scheme to Invest in BOI Axa Mutual Funds?

It may get confusing to select the best fund for yourself from BOI Axa. This is also because of the fact that there are plenty of funds to choose from. One of the ways of choosing the best mutual fund for yourself is by choosing the right investment approach. Another strategy you can use is buying 2-3 mutual funds schemes. This can help you in understanding the market and may give you better returns as well. You can also switch your investment schemes periodically to understand market dynamics even better.

2. How to Approach BOI Axa Mutual Funds Company?

Before or after buying your investment plan from BOI Axa you can easily contact them on the numbers as mentioned below.

Contact Numbers

1800-266-2676(TollFree) /020-40112300 Email :-

3. How to Buy BOI Axa Mutual Funds?

You can easily buy BOI Axa Mutual funds from the number of channels. Some of them have been tabulated below.

Sno. Channels of Buying from BOI AXA
1. Mobile Apps
2. Online
3. Offline
4. Investment Managers

Online Platform

There are many online channels available from where you can buy your BOI Axa mutual funds. One of the ways is to buy directly through the website of the company. Other is to explore it on any financial company that deals in mutual funds. Distribution channels like banks also facilitate the sale of mutual funds online.

Mobile Apps

Mobil Apps is as swift as any online platform. In fact, it's much faster than buying it online through your laptop. All the buying channels like your direct mutual fund's companies, distribution networks and other financial institutes like Karvy and Camps have their mobile apps. You can easily download it from your smartphone. Once you make the payment you can get the access to the unique dashboard through which you can track the performance of your investment as well.


At times people prefer to pay a direct visit to buy their mutual funds. This can be for many reasons. Few of them can be the comfort level they get in face to face discussion. Another reason could be their KYC is not complete. KYC is mandatory for buying your mutual funds through any channel. Documents that are required to complete the same can be your identity proof, address proof, passport size pic etc. It can also include any other mandatory document that is required by mutual funds institutes. To buy your mutual funds offline as well there are multiple channels such as banks, mutual funds companies, and other financial institutes.

Funds Managers

Funds Managers can be an individual person who is authorized to sell mutual funds. They are usually the market experts who can help you in selecting the best funds according to your profile. You can access them through all India Mutual funds association or references as well. Though they may help you in clarifying all your doubts but they charge their fee in form of commission. To check their credentials you can always inquire about their current clientele and how much their client has been benefited through their support.