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DSP BlackRock Mutual Funds

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DSP BlackRock Mutual Funds is in operation since 2008. It was earlier called as DSP Merrill Lynch later renamed as DSP BlackRock. It’s basically a joint venture between DSP and BlackRock group. DSP BlackRock has been a market leader for many years. With a support from one of the largest group DSP, company DSP BlackRock is one of the largest Asset Management company worldwide. It offers many variations in mutual funds. The group is known to offer some of the most versatile and customized range of mutual funds as tabulated below.

Sno. DSP BlackRock Mutual Funds Scheme
1. DSP Midcap Direct Plan Growth
2. DSP Midcap Direct Plan Dividend
3. DSP Midcap Regular Plan Growth
4. DSP Midcap Regular Plan Dividend
5. DSP Tax Saver Direct Plan Growth
6. DSP Tax Saver Direct Plan Dividend
7. DSP Equity Opportunities Funds Growth
8. DSP Equity Opportunities Funds Dividend
9. DSP Equity & Bond Direct Dividend
10. DSP The Infrastructure Growth and Economic Reforms Regular Fund- Dividend

Above listed are just a few types of mutual funds. There are many more platter of mutual funds schemes that DSP Blackrock offers it’s investors as well. You can choose according to your financial goals and needs. Before investing in any of the mutual funds you must be familiar with a few technical terms. Understanding of mutual funds terminology may help you in choosing the best funds.

Open- Ended

Open-Ended is the type of mutual funds where you can withdraw your funds anytime whenever you wish. It's good if you have a high need to liquidate your funds on a regular basis. But it also has a risk of losing your profits early by spending unnecessarily.


Closed- Ended Mutual Funds are the ones where your funds are locked for a certain time period. By locking your funds for some time you can, in fact, save your money.


Net Asset Value (NAV) is the unit price you pay to buy your mutual funds. The amount that you invest in your mutual funds is proportionately divided in the number of stocks you buy according to its NAV value.


In such types of investment plans your profits get invested back in your mutual funds.


If the option of the dividend is chosen then you can withdraw a certain amount of profit and let the remaining amount invested in your mutual funds.


Equity is the high-risk investment plans in mutual funds. Though the risk is higher chances of getting profits are also more.


Hybrid funds are kinds of balanced funds. They involve investment both in equity as well as debts.

Government Bonds

Government Bonds are types of debt funds that you can choose to invest. This is a conservative investment with the least risk.


Securities are kinds of debt investments that are used for trading in investment.

Fixed Income Plan

These plans are conservative in nature involves low risk. You may be able to get some assured returns over the period of time.


Systematic Investment Plans (SIP) is the minimum investment you make in your mutual funds.

Why Choose DSP BlackRock?

  • Low Ticket - You can buy your investment with a minimum amount. Least you need to invest in your mutual fund is just Rs. 500.

  • Expert Portfolio Manager - DSP Blackrock facilitates you with an expert portfolio manager who is an expert in investing your money in suitable funds.

  • Customized Schemes - You can pick mutual funds according to your financial goals as well as your risk appetite.

  • Tax Benefits - You can easily do the tax planning with the help of your DSP Black Rock mutual funds investments.

  • Versatile Products - DSP Black Rock facilitates with all kinds of products from Equity, Debt, Hybrid, and others.

  • Trusted Brand - DSP BlackRock has been the market leader for long period. It has given the best results over the period of time. If you stay invested for a longer period you can expect best returns.

  • Leading Player - DSP Blackrock is proven market leader for quite some time. It has got expertise in investment. DSP BlackRock can easily suggest how and where to invest your funds prudentially.


1. How to Buy DSP BlackRock Mutual Funds?

DSP BlackRock Mutual funds can be easily purchased through multiple channels. Some of the common platforms through which you can buy DSP BlackRock Mutual funds are as follows.

Sno. How to Buy DSP BlackRock Mutual Funds
1. Mobile Apps
2. Online
3. Financial Companies
4. Direct Mutual Fund Companies
5. Banks
6. Middlemen

Mobile Apps - Mobile Apps is the quickest way of buying mutual funds. You can download the application of chosen platform and buy the desired mutual fund easily. Payment is secure and fast through this channel.

Online - You can buy it easily online through mutual fund companies or banks.

Financial Companies - There are financial companies like Karvy and Cams that can help you in choosing mutual funds from multiple companies.

Direct Mutual Fund Companies - You can visit mutual fund companies of your choice and select mutual fund of your choice.

Banks - Banks are also a good platform for buying mutual funds. You may not need to do any separate KYC for the same.

Middleman - If you are reluctant in buying mutual fund yourself them you can choose to buy your funds through agents also called as middlemen.

You can choose any platform as per your convenience, all of them may have some unique benefits to offer. Prerequisite of all the platforms is the submission of KYC or E-KYC. Once it's completed you can easily make the payment as per your comfort.

2. How to choose Best Mutual Fund From DSP BlackRock?

DSP BlackRock offers a pool of mutual funds. You can choose any types of mutual funds according to your needs and goals. If you invest in the low-risk product than you may get returns but it may not be that high. However, if you invest in the product that involves high risks may give you greater returns. Wherever you invest, it's good to have some idea of the market to get the best returns.

3. How to Analyse the Performance of your Mutual Funds?

You can always keep track of the performance of your mutual funds by checking fund value on a regular basis. Mutual funds provide a unique dashboard, you can assess it through your unique folio number and keep the track of market fluctuations.

4. When Shall You Withdraw Your Money from Mutual Funds?

Withdrawal of your funds from mutual funds is based on the types of funds purchased by you. If you brought open-ended mutual funds than you can withdraw your funds anytime. In the case of closed mutual funds, you can liquidate only after the locking period is complete. Besides that, you should keep your funds invested for as long as possible. The longer gestation period in mutual funds can ensure better returns for sure.