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Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds

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Franklin Templeton is one of the renowned mutual funds company. It's also called as Franklin Resources that is basically an Americal holding company. Franklin Templeton is a worldwide investment firm founded in the city of New York in 1947. The company offers many kinds of mutual funds to its customers. You can choose your preferred one with due- diligence that can yield best returns. Some of the best mutual funds offered by Franklin Templeton are tabulated below.

Leading Mutual Funds Offered by Franklin Templeton

Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds Percentage of Returns- 5th Year Percentage of Returns- 3rd Year Percentage of Returns- 1st Year NAV* Type
Franklin Build India Growth 23.06 10.03 -10.95 38.17 Growth*
Franklin India Dynamic Accrual Direct Plan Growth 10.61 9.36 7.19 66.81 Growth
Franklin India Dynamic Accrual Direct Plan Quarterly 10.61 9.36 7.19 12.53 Dividend*
Franklin India Low Duration Direct Plan Growth 9.55 8.99 7.83 21.32 Growth
Franklin India Low Duration Direct Plan Dividend Quarterly 9.55 8.99 7.83 10.71 Dividend
Franklin India Low Duration Direct Plan Dividend Monthly 9.55 8.99 7.83 10.88 Dividend

Growth Funds: These are the funds that are redeployed in the investment for more profit.

Dividend Funds: In these funds profit is given back to the investors periodically.

NAV: Net Asset Value (NAV) indicates the unit price of the stock.

Things to Infer from Franklin Mutual Funds Schemes

You can always invest in the mutual funds of your choice according to your budget. Best returns you can anticipate only at the end of the 5th year. If you plan to start a mutual fund from just Rs. 500 then you can choose from any of the mutual funds as shown above. As per the market analysis if you buy Franklin Build India Growth than your NAV will be moderate, in the first year your returns will be negative, however, if you stay invested for at least 5 years than you can easily expect a return of 23.06. You can do a similar analysis for other funds and plan to invest accordingly. So to sum up a few things you must keep in mind before investing in mutual funds are as follows:-

  1. How Much You Wish to Invest? - Your investment in mutual funds is directly related to how much you can invest. More you can invest better you can gain. Best thing to do is allocate a certain budget before investing in mutual funds and invest accordingly. Your NAV value plays a great role in the same. Your budget gets proportionately divided based on the NAV value of your funds.

  2. For How Long You Want to Stay Invested? - This is a very important question that can determine how much money you can make from your investment. Longer you stay better it is. As you can see from the table above as well, maximum returns are possible by the end of 5th year. Here if you buy a mutual fund with higher NAV than you can surely expect better returns. This can also be demonstrated with the help of a chart below.

  3. Mutual Funds NAV Return After 5th Year
    Franklin Build India Growth 38.17 46.97
    Franklin India Dynamic Accrual Direct Plan Growth 66.81 73.89
    Franklin India Dynamic Accrual Direct Plan Quarterly 12.53 13.85
    Franklin India Low Duration Direct Plan Growth 21.32 23

Framework of Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds

There are four types of structures you can choose to Invest in your Franklin Mutual Funds.

  1. Open- Ended - In an open-ended investment, you can liquidate your funds whenever you wish.

  2. Closed-Ended - Closed-ended mutual funds have got a locking period of anywhere between 3 to 5 years.

  3. Growth - In growth funds, your profit from mutual funds is reinvested in your investments.

  4. Dividend - Through dividend funds, you can withdraw part of your profit as per your choice.

Types of Investment - Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds

  • Equity - In the case of equity funds your risks may be higher but at the same time chances of getting profit will also be high. Invest in such funds according to your risk appetite.

  • Debt - Debt funds involve less risk hence little conservative, you may expect the returns at a consistent rate.

  • Hybrid - Hybrid funds are the mix of both debts as well as equity. They are also called as balanced funds. Returns in such funds may give you a balanced return.

  • Dynamic Funds - Dynamic funds may be a mix of debt, equity, and hybrid funds. They are called dynamic because of their versatile way of investments.

Features of Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds

Lots of Varieties

Franklin Templeton offers you many mutual funds based on the types of investments. Some of them has already been illustrated above. There are many more variations of Frankin Templeton that you can choose from. You can understand these funds thoroughly and choose accordingly.

Many Types of Funds

Franklin Templeton has customized various type of mutual funds according to their users. Try to choose the one that can map your risk appetite.

Established Brands

Franklin Templeton is one of the established brands in the mutual fund's industry. It's in operation since many years. Since it's there in the market for quite some time it's also one of the trusted and credible players as well.

Can Expect Good Returns

You can expect some of the best returns if you chose your funds with due-diligence. Try to choose the funds that can match your investment goals.

Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds – Benefits

  • Fund Manager - You can avail the expertise of funds managers by investing in Franklin Templeton mutual funds. The only task you need to do is select the suitable fund and rest is managed by an expert.

  • Curated Funds - There are more than 200 mutual funds facilitated by Franklin Templeton. Most of them are curated as per the risk appetite of their users.

  • Tax Benefits - You can easily avail the tax benefits out of your mutual funds as per section 80 c of the Income Tax Act of 1961. With this clause, you can easily save up to Rs. 1,50,000 through your mutual funds.

  • Start with Less Investments - You can start your short investment plan with as low as just Rs. 500. This is the lowest amount you can think of investing in any portfolio.

Investment Approach-Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds

Some of the Investment approaches that can help you in selecting Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds are as follows.

  • Market Trend Analysis - With this approach, you can always base your decision as per the trends in the market. Unless there is a major fluctuation in the market this approach can for sure help you yield the best output.

  • Bottom-Up Approach - This approach completely focuses on well-performing companies irrespective of the market trends. This approach can be beneficial for the short term but for long-term investment, you must be more strategic.

  • Top-Down Approach - This approach is based on the holistic scenario of the economy. A certain amount of speculation is associated with such kind of investment. If the prediction is right then it can result in a good gain.

  • Balanced Approach - It's a combination of both Bottom-Up and Top-Down approach. With this kind of investment, you can take a calculative risk. Playing safe is a good approach unless you want to amplify your profits without any limits.

How to Buy Franklin Mutal Funds?


You can approach the agents who deal in the Franklin Mutual Funds. They can suggest you which fund to choose. They may help you with door-to-door service. The risk involved in buying through the agents is getting the biased products. Agents may have some target and may sell the products only where they can get high commissions. However, if you have a good understanding of the market than you can choose your funds yourself and use the agents as a mere concierge.


Online is one of the most preferred channels of buying mutual funds by most of the people. There are many online platforms through which you can buy your mutual funds. You can either buy through mutual fund companies directly or through banks as well. To buy mutual funds online your E-KYC must be updated.


1. Can I Get Maximum Returns by Investing in Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds?

You may get the best return if your investment strategy is right. To get the maximum returns try to study the market thoroughly and take decision accordingly. More you know the market smarter you can be in picking up your funds. Returns also depend upon your risk appetite. If you are willing to take greater risk than your chances of getting better returns is amplified.

2. How Much Shall I Invest in Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds?

This is a very subjective statement. You can invest as much as you can, there is no limit. If you are new to mutual funds investment than try to start with a low investment. Minimum you can start with is Rs. 500 per month.

3. What is the right way to invest in Franklin Mutual Funds, Growth or Dividend?

There is no right or wrong way, it all depends upon your needs. If you feel that you may need to liquidate your funds periodically than choose dividend, else choose growth.

4. For how Long You Should Stay Invested in Your Mutual Funds?

As per the market trends longer you stay in the market better returns you can expect. The visible results can be seen within the period of five years from your investments.