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Kotak Mutual Funds is a part of the Kotak Group that was founded in 1985 by Mr. Uday Kotak. Kotak Mahindra is one of the popular and biggest banks in India, it has already brought good name to the Kotak Group. Kotak bank has got good ranking on the list of world's top banks as well. Global ranking of Kotak Mahindra bank is 245 with a value of 481 million US dollars according to the latest statistics. With great performance of Kotak bank, Kotak group has become a trusted brand in the Industry. Kotak Asset Management is also a preferred brand in the mutual fund's industry. It offers lots of schemes that value up to Rs. 41 crores. Kotak Mutual funds offer pools of funds, some of them are tabulated below.

Kotak Mutual Funds Schemes*

Scheme Type Net Asset Value (NAV) Return (%age) in 5th Year Return (%age) in 3rd Year Return (%age) in 1st Year
Kotak Standard Multicap Fund Direct Growth 34.55 -.35 13.72 20.72
Kotak Standard Multicap Fund Direct Dividend 23.34 -.35 13.72 20.72
Kotak Infrastructure and Economic Reform Fund Direct Growth 20.05 -17.43 9.49 20.4
Kotak Infrastructure and Economic Reform Fund Direct Dividend 19.82 -17.43 9.49 20.4
Kotak Standard Multicap Fund Regular Growth 32.62 -1.39 12.45 19.5
Kotak Standard Multicap Fund Regular Dividend 21.79 -1.39 12.45 19.5
Kotak India Contra Fund Direct Growth 52.84 4.15 15.25 17.1
Kotak India Contra Fund Direct Dividend 22.19 4.15 15.25 17.1
Kotak Low Duration Fund Direct Growth 2215.68 6.69 7.73 8.39
Kotak Low Duration Fund Direct Dividend Weekly Dividend 1014.56 6.69 7.73 8.39
Kotak Low Duration Fund Direct Dividend Monthly Dividend 1021.81 6.69 7.73 8.39
Kotak Liquid Regular Growth 3681.66 7.27 7.21 7.84
Kotak Liquid Regular Weekly Dividend Dividend 1000.24 7.27 7.21 7.84
*Mutual Funds are subject to market fluctuations it may change frequently

Types of Kotak Mutal Funds

  1. Hybrid Funds - Hybrid Funds are the balanced funds that get invested in debts and equities. It's objective is to benefit the investors with long-term capital gains. Some of the ways through which Hybrid funds are invested are Asset Allocation, Arbitrage etc.

  2. Debt Funds - These funds are suitable for people who are not very prepared to jump into the risk. It's a safer way to enter in the mutual funds in spite of the market risks. The Debt funds usually get investment in Government Bonds and Securities that may provide some assured returns over the period of time. The only drawback in such funds is the returns you get may not be that high because of the low risks.

  3. Equity Funds - Equity funds are considered to the riskiest investments. Since the risk involved is high chances of making a profit is also higher. These funds get invested in the stocks which may yield maximum returns over the period of time.

  4. Tax Saver Plan - These are the customized mutual fund plans that gets invested in open-ended equity linked saving schemes. You can get the tax benefits as per section 80 c of the Income Tax Act of 1961.

Features of Kotak Mutual Funds

  1. Step-by-Step Assistance - From online mutual funds dashboard support to picking up right funds you can expect all facility from Kotak Mutual fund plans. You can get any further assistance related to the mutual funds from the platform that you purchased it as well. The dedicated fund manager is appointed to ensure your funds are invested appropriately.

  2. Variety of Funds - There are lots of customized mutual funds offered by Kotak according to the Investor's profile. You can understand them thoroughly and invest accordingly in their mutual fund's schemes. To choose the best mutual fund you must be aware about your profile that is based on your risk-taking ability.

  3. Starts with Low Investments - You can start investing in Kotak Funds with a very low investment of just Rs. 500. By investing with such a low investment you can expect higher returns over the period of time.

  4. Available on Multiple Platforms - You can easily buy Kotal Mutual funds through multiple channels. It's easy to select the buying network as per your convenience. Direct mutual funds can be directly purchased from Kotak Mutual Funds company. Regular funds can be purchased from any distributors.

How to Buy Kotak Funds?


You can buy Kotak Funds online through many websites. For buying your mutual funds online your E-KYC must be complete. After making the payment, you are asked a unique folio number, through which you can track the value of your funds.

Mobile Apps

Another preferred channel for buying mutual funds these days is through mobile apps. Its very handy and convenient method of buying Kotak funds. You just need to download the app of the company and buy selected Kotak fund. Payments can be made swiftly through various sources like NEFT, Wallet banking or any other online transfer mechanism. After making the payment for your desired funds you can start your Investment.


Banks are one of the popular distribution channels for your Kotak Mutual Funds. If your KYC is complete in your bank than you don't have to do any separate KYC for starting your investing in Kotak funds. You can contact trusted executives from the bank and start your investment in Kotak funds. You can also do it online if you don't need any assistance in the same.


There are many agents who can make your investment in your mutual funds swift. If you are a beginner in investing in the mutual funds than you can get in touch with fund managers who can suggest you the high performing fund. They may charge nominal commision for the same. If you are willing to take their service than you can start your mutual funds through them. Challenge in choosing them is they may sell you the products for which they are getting a higher commission. To play safe you must approach the fund managers through trusted sources only.

Mutual Funds Companies

One of the famous company that deals in multiple mutual funds is CAMS. You can visit the company, complete your KYC and open you Kotak mutual funds through them. The advantage of choosing Mutual fund companies is you can clarify all your doubts related to mutual funds from the qualified experts sitting there.

Financial Companies

Financial Companies like Karvy can help you in choosing the best asset according to your preference. You can contact any agent from the company and begin your mutual fund's investment.

Directly from the Company

To hear from the horse's mouth you can always pay a visit to Kotak Asset Management company and pick your funds. The advantage of visiting the company is you may get a non-biased advice for your funds.


1. What are the Technical Jargons used in Kotak Mutual Funds


Growth is the type of investment where your profits get reinvested in your mutual funds. Usually, they are equity-based products that can give you good returns over the period of time.


In the Dividend funds, you can withdraw your profits after a certain time period. If you are expecting good profits in your mutual funds than you can always choose dividend option for your mutual funds.


Net Asset Value ( NAV) is the amount you pay per unit for your mutual funds. NAV amount may fluctuate according to the market on regular basis. Its price also determines the number of units you can purchase in your mutual funds.


Open-ended mutual funds don't have any locking period. You can withdraw your funds anytime. It is advisable to wait for the period of at least a year before your funds can yield some visible returns. By withdrawing your funds before you may incur a loss.


Closed-ended funds got the locking period of some time. You are not allowed to withdraw your funds before the locking period. If you withdraw your funds by any chance before the locking period than you may have to sacrifice on any kinds of benefits through exit loads.

Regular Funds

Regular funds are the one's that can be purchased through any distribution channels like banks, fund managers, mutual funds aggregator company, financial institutions etc.

Direct Funds

Direct funds can be easily purchased directly from the mutual fund's companies itself.


SIP is the systematic investment plan that can be invested on the monthly basis. You can start your SIP with a minimum investment of just Rs. 500.

2. Why Should You Choose Kotak Mutual Funds?

Helps in Saving Tax

Kotal Mutual Funds offers customized products to save your tax. These are the ELSS funds which can be easily purchased from the multiple sources. You can invest according to the amount of tax you plan to save. Returns can also be expected over the period of time.

Can Offer you Best Returns

Equity funds can offer you maximum returns over the period of time as compared to any other investment. To leverage the best returns you must stay in the market for the longer duration.

An assistance of the Portfolio Manager

You get a dedicated portfolio manager who is assigned to manage your funds in the best possible fashion.

Easy Access to Your Fund Reports

You can check the performance of your fund reports anytime from your mutual fund's reports. Once you purchase your mutual funds you will be assigned a unique dashboard and folio number. You can keep checking the same on regular basis and keep a track on how your mutual funds are performing.

Can Withdraw your Funds Anytime

In the case of open-ended mutual funds, you can withdraw your funds anytime as per your need.

Trusted Name

Kotak Mutual Funds is a part of the biggest group that has been operational for over many decades. It's one of the well-known names in the Industry. People prefer to invest here because of its brand value as well.

3. What Should be the Investment Approach in Kotak Funds?

Investment approach is the strategy that can be used before investing in any mutual funds. By following any of the tried and tested approach you may be able to invest in the best mutual funds.

Market Trends

You can always check the past trend of the market and start investing in your mutual funds accordingly. This can give you a good idea about market performance, usually, the trends remain the same for some time. You can get some idea about the market this way.

Bottom-up Approach

The bottom-up approach is a little narrow approach in context of investments. It focusses on individual companies and sector rather than Industry.

Economic Conditions

The overall economic conditions can also help in choosing some specific stock in the mutual funds. The market condition can impact the NAV to a great extent.

Top-Down Approach

Top-down approach focuses on the macroeconomics, that is the performance of the Industry and sector above all.

4. When Can You Leverage from Your SIP?

Longer you stay invested in your mutual funds, better returns you can expect. SIP can be easily started with a low investment of just Rs. 500. The payment tenure of most of the SIP is usually on a monthly basis. You may start getting the results within a year of your investment. The best results you can expect is by the end of 5th year. To track the performance of your funds you must check your mutual fund's portfolio on a regular basis. If you got an open-ended dividend mutual funds then you can withdraw your profits any time. In other funds wait for the locking period to get over. Once your funds are matured you can choose to close them or stay invested based on their market value.