Damini, a CSR Initiative by PNB Metlife

PNB Metlife, leading private Insurance company launched a CSR initiative Damini on 18th September 2018. They have collaborated with Nanhi Kali, NGO by KC Mahindra Trust to executive this operation. To begin with, under this programme, PNB Met Life plans to take the responsibility to educate around 1000 unprivileged girls from Moga city in Punjab. It plans to cover other rural and semi-urban areas soon.

As per the statistics, only 65% of female are literate at the national level and just 46% in rural. Furthermore, 50% of girls drop out before the 10th standard. Damini plans to cover three important aspects that every girl must know i.e sexual abuse, menstrual hygiene & financial empowerment. Having knowledge about these three essential facets can save any women from getting victimized.

They plan to upskill the women in rural areas to lead a financially independent life. Damini’s vision for the near future is to educate around 2000 women including the city of Moga & Varanasi. This corporate social responsibility plan is there to support female throughout all her life stages from girl to women. Damini plans to impart concept level learning, cooperative learning & bi-annual assessment and further evaluation. They plan to issue all these girls basic school kits that include school bag, uniform, stationery, and other hygiene items. Their focus will be to minimize the dropouts and finding out the reason for absenteeism.

Nipun Kaushal, Cheif Marketing officer, PNB Metlife says “PNB Metlife Insurance private limited is dedicated to serving the society through this corporate social responsibility initiative, Damini”. As per PNB team, women face lots of barriers and inequality for basic education. They feel that an educated woman can change the family, and nation. With there, an association with Nanhi Kali NGO PNB plans to change the ecosystem and create a conducive ecosystem that can be supportive for all threshold of women.

Adding on to this Nanhi Kali, director & trustee Sheetal Mehta expressed, educating girl child can change the society. As per her, an educated female can be highly beneficial to society. They can bring in more nutrition and health to family, at the same time can prevent child marriages. This verdict is based on many explicit facts. She also mentions the gender inequality across India and the necessity of such CSR intiatives.Ms. Sheetal expressed her gratitude to PNB for coming up with the plan like Damini. This can help around 2000 rural females immediately in Moga and Varanasi to provide schooling for 10 years and leading a decent life.

PNB Metlife has been proactively engaged in such similar initiatives. They are committed to improving the lives of the unprivileged student. They also came up with scholarship plans for proficient children from uneconomical strata of society. They plan to extend their support to all such unprivileged children who wish to pursue their dreams for sports or education. PNB has targeted suburban areas of Baramullah, Bandipura, Srinagar, Palwana to achieve the milestone of the welfare of unprivileged children. It aims to extend aid to the children at the grass root levels. Its indeed praiseworthy corporate social responsibility initiative taken by PNB MetLife Insurance Company Limited.

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