Reliance Car Insurance Facilitates its Users with Instant Policy Renewal

Reliance Car Insurance offers great feature under the leadership of Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer Rakesh Jain. Besides having 3800+ garages and 24*7 customer assistance it has got many other features that can benefit the policyholders. One of the remarkable aspect that Reliance Insurance facilitates its users is an instant renewal of their car insurance without much paperwork.

With the ease of online comparison sites, you can easily renew your car insurance on the click of the mouse. You can compare the cost of various insurance companies and buy it conveniently through online platform itself. Payments can be easily made through net banking, NEFT or any other method. After paying it you can get the renewal within a few minutes.

Policy renewal is a must activity for all the people who own a vehicle. In the case of car renewal, you are also entitled to get No Claim Bonus (NCB). Along with many add-on’s Reliance Insurance facilitates its users up to 50% of NCB at the time of policy renewals. To get maximum NCB to try avoiding small claim amount of less than Rs.10,000 or Rs. 15,000 as you will miss out on any possible No Claim Bonus.

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