Universal Sompo Ease it’s User through No Claim Bonus (NCB)

Universal Sompo group that is all set to raise a capital of Rs. 100 crore got great features for its car insurance plan. Its customer support is active24*7 to ensure all the policyholders are satisfied. Universal Sompo car Insurance covers all the possible risks against your private cars. Some of the possible risks it includes are against explosion, fire, robbery, theft, vehicle accident, any kind of natural calamity and many more.

Universal Sompo also facilities many unique add-ons that can facilitate your car with an additional cover. These add-ons are a hydrostatic lock, zero depreciation, engine protect, last but not the least NCB Protect. NCB is discount that vehicle owner can avail every year if no claim is taken in the previous year. Universal Sompo grants car insurance holders with NCB every year if applicable. Usually, NCB can go up to 50% after every continuous no claim year.