Cholamandalam Personal Accident
Cholamandalam Personal Accident
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Cholamandalam Personal Accident Insurance

Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Company Ltd is an Indian insurance firm and a is a combined project of the Murugappa Group, an Indian conglomerate, and the Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Group, which is a Japanese insurance company. They have a variety of Insurance such as Travel, Health, Car, Home, Accident etc. It has 105 branches and 9000 agents.

Increase in traffic and reducing patience among the people has resulted in an increase of accident nowadays. You can spot accidents on road every day. Many people get minor and major injuries. Some even die. The expenditure caused by an accident leads to bringing instability in the life of people. So for bringing stability and keeping yourself prepared in terms of financial aspects, you must have an accident insurance policy. Cholamandalam Personal Accident Protection Plan is among the leading insurance policies which provide ample of benefits to the insured and the family involved. The policy covers death, physical injuries and bodily burns. This policy provides a strong cover and protection.

Cholamandalam MS Insurance : Achievements

The Cholamadalam MS General Company was awarded as the Best insurance company award across Asia for “Health Insurer Claims Team for the year 2013”.It has even been awarded with Financial Insight Innovation award. To the more this company is listed among the top companies in the list of Yahoo studies. Thus being listed is a big achievement. So maybe they don’t have a huge list of trophies but the company has earned the most designated ones

Cholamandalam MS Insurance : Online Facilities

Online facility is provided by Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Company. You can simply log in the website and fill the details. You can acquire a new policy, cancel a policy and even opt for the renewal process. For checking the status of the policy you just need to fill your id. Even for the claim settlement, you need to fill in the details and file for it. For the claim process, you need to intimate the company within thirty days of the happening.

Cholamandalam MS Personal Accident Plans

Cholamandalam Personal Accident Policy

Cholamandalam Personal Accident Policy covers events such as injuries, disability or death which has occurred by accident. The security coverage and protection is worldwide for the insured and the family involved in the case of an accident. There are different rages you can choose for the plan. The policy offers online enrollment as well and people from the age of 18 till 69 can opt for this plan. These plans gives weekly compensation for individuals in case of loss of income because a disability or the death of insured has occurred due to the accident.The company even gives a grace period for the renewal of the plans.The plans have an extent to cover the spouse of the insured and children ( Up to 2 children). The fracture bones, medical expenses, modification of vehicle all are covered under it. For the death of the insured the nominee is paid with a lump sum.

Colamandalam Personal Accident Plan

This plan gives a wide coverage in which from the disability of the person to the death all are covered. For the loss of body organs compensation is there. To the more medical expenses, hospital expenses all are covered in it. Even more modification of vehicle or residence is also given by the company. Education of children is not at risk if the insured gets disabled or death occurs as company is there to pay for it. Thus plans offer a wide coverage to the insured and the family.

Cholamandalam Personal Accident : FAQ’s

There are three ways to pay the premium. You can opt for any one of them. First one is direct bank debit which is auto debt and the payment will be made automatically every year in this. The other one is online payment which you can make by using your credit and debit card. Recently the third medium that is mobile payment is even launched. To the more, you can go to the company office and pay the cheque. Discount is even given on the premiums.

It is very simple to check the status of your policy. Open the website of the company and fill in your login information and the details which the page asks. You will get the result of it. The status will be present on your screen in clear words.

It is easy. For the ones who prefer going to company’s office, they can go there and get it renewed whereas the people who have great knowledge about the online process can do it from the mobile or laptop.

The process for claim settlement is done if the file is submitted to the insurance company prior to thirty days from the occurrence of the accident. The verification will be done by the doctors and the other members of the insurance company. On being verified the claim will be settled. A period of seven working days is asked by the company for settlement.

To cancel the policy you need to visit the nearby office along with the surrender form which is duly filled. They might ask for the other documents as well. So take the required ones along. The premium will be refunded after deducting the application charge.

Last updated on 24-07-2020