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Cholamandalam Personal Accident Insurance

Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Company Ltd is an Indian insurance firm, which is a joint venture between the Murugappa Group and the Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Group. It is headquartered in Chennai, India, and largely deals in general insurance products across health, marine, motor, travel, and commercial categories. The company has 87 branches and over 34,000 agents across the country.

To meet the increasing risk of accidents in India, Cholmandalam has come up with Cholamandalam Personal Accident Insurance that offers financial stability to you and your family in case of any unfortunate event (death, physical injuries, and bodily burns) due to accidents.

Cholamandalam Personal Accident Insurance Policy

Cholamandalam MS Personal Accident Insurance policy covers all the expenses and offers a financial bubble to the insured's family in case (s)he injures or dies in an accident.

Features of Cholamandalam Personal Accident Insurance

Mentioned below are some of the key features of Cholamandalam Personal Accident Insurance:

  • Policyholders can avail weekly compensation for loss of income due to disability caused by accident.
  • Fixed compensation will be offered in the event of a fracture of bones due to an accident.
  • Compensation will be provided towards tuition fees if the insured is not able to attend the school/college due to an accidental injury.
  • The policy offers reimbursement of transportation of the dead body to the place of residence, hospital, or cremation ground.
  • The insurer will offer compensation for the cost of cremation.
  • Policyholders can avail of daily cash allowance for hospitalization due to an accident.

Eligibility Criteria

The entry age for adults is 18 years to 69 years and dependent children can avail the insurance policy for up to 25 years. The Chola MS Personal Accident Insurance Policy offers cover from Rs.5 lakh to Rs.1 crore.

Chola MS Personal Accident Insurance Plan Coverage

There are certain situations where coverage is offered by the insurer under this personal accident policy:

Accidental Death

In case the insured dies within the policy year due to an accident, the insurance company will compensate the nominee (mentioned in the policy) with the given sum insured.

Permanent Total Disability

If the accidental injury causes permanent total disability to the insured for twelve consecutive months, the company will pay as per the percentage of the sum insured as mentioned in the table given below:

Permanent Total Disability Benefits

Percentage of Capital Sum Insured

Loss of sight of both eyes


Loss of two entire hands or two entire feet


Loss of one entire hand and one entire foot


Loss of sight of one eye and such loss of one entire foot, or hand


Complete loss of hearing of both ears and complete loss of speech


Complete loss of hearing in both ears or complete loss of speech and loss of one limb or loss of sight of one eye


**Last Updated on 19-11-2020

Permanent Partial Disability

If the accidental injury causes permanent partial disability to the insured for twelve consecutive months, the insurer will pay as per the percentage of the sum insured as mentioned in the table given below:

Permanent Partial Disability

Percentage of Principal Sum

Loss of toes: all

Great: both phalanges

Great: one phalanx

Other than great, if more than one toe lost, each





Loss of hearing - both ears


Loss of hearing - one ear


Loss of speech


Loss of four fingers and thumb of one hand


Loss of four fingers


Loss of thumb: both phalanges one phalanx



Loss of index finger - three phalanges or two phalanges or one phalanx


Loss of middle finger - three phalanges or two phalanges or one phalanx


Loss of ring finger - three phalanges or two phalanges or one phalanx


Loss of little finger - three phalanges or two phalanges or one phalanx


Loss of metacarpals - first or second, third, fourth or fifth


Sense of smell


Sense of taste


Sight of one eye


One hand

One foot



**Last Updated on 19-11-2020

How Can I Buy Cholamandalam Personal Accident Insurance?

You can only buy Cholamandalam Personal Accident Insurance from the nearest branch office of Chola MS General Insurance. At the branch, ask for the customer representative and (s)he will guide you with the buying process.

Claim Process

The Cholmandalam MS Personal Accident insurance offers an easy claim settlement process to the policyholders wherein they can easily avail the claim benefits without much trouble. Mentioned below are the steps required for claiming Cholamandalam Personal Accident Insurance:

Step 1: Immediately intimate about the claim/incident to the insurer.

Step 2: Submit all the required documents to the insurance company.

Step 3: The concerned authority will scrutinize the file and may call for investigation or inquiry in case any fraudulent activities are found.

Step 4: After a successful investigation or query, the insurance company will pay the claim amount directly to the insured's bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Policyholders can renew their personal accident insurance through two ways- Online and Offline. In online mode, policyholders can visit the official website of Chola MS and select the 'Renew' tab. Enter the details and renew instantly. On the other hand, offline mode requires an in-person visit to the nearest branch of the insurance company to perform the renewal process.

Visit the official website of Cholamandalam MS General Insurance and click 'Track your Service Request' under 'Customer Service'. Enter your policy number and click 'Submit'. Now you can check the status of your policy.

Below are the major exclusions under Chola MS Personal Accident Insurance :

  • Intentionally self-inflicted injury or suicide.
  • War/Act of foreign enemy.
  • Influence of alcohol/drugs.
  • Participation in Airforce, Navy, or Army operations.

Last updated on 19-11-2020