HDFC Ergo Personal Accident
HDFC Ergo Personal Accident
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HDFC Ergo Personal Accident Insurance

HDFC Ergo is a combined project of HDFC which is India’s leading housing finance institution and ERGO International AG which is the main insurance being of Munich Re Group. HDFC ERGO Insurance Company provides multiple insurance plans like Travel Insurance, Health Insurance and Personal Accident Plan etc.

Personal Accident Plans play an important role in the insurance profile of the individual. It provides financial support to the policy holder if the person after accident becomes disabled. Even if the person dies after accident policy helps the family of the insured. Talking more about the policy from minor to major injuries all are covered under it. This insurance policy acts as a protective cover in case of an accident, as the risk of financial loss will be covered. Talking about the HDFC Ergo Personal Accident Insurance Policy, it helps as a guard to the insured as well as the family as the above-mentioned benefits are provided by it.

HDFC ERGO Insurance : Achievements

HDFC ERGO was awarded Gold Shield ICAI Awards for Excellence in Financial Reporting for the year 2012-13 under the Category III. This was given by Insurance Sector of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). Even in 2016 Awards for Excellence in Financial Reporting is given to the company again. The Gross Written Premium for the company was Rs.3257 crores for the year 2014-15. HDFC ERGO progresses continuously by offering unparalleled features and great products. Another bestowment is the Best Customer Experience Award of the year by Kami Kaze. Besides being recoganized for its excellent services, the business model of the company is also commendable. HDFC ERGO has attained L&T General Insurance. Through moral and vibrant approach, the company aspires to be the most accepted company in the industry.

HDFC ERGO Insurance : Online Facilities

Internet has made the world compact and we can now opt for the online procedures when it comes to taking a policy. It is just a simple process where you can take a new policy, renew it or cancel it by choosing online mode. Taking the branch office visit for the policy is time consuming. Moreover formalities come in it. So it is the best and the most viable method to choose for the online policy.

HDFC ERGO Personal Accident Plans

Personal Accident Plan

The Personal Accident Plan offers a wide coverage. The permanent total disability, permanent partial disability and accidental death are covered in it. For all these plans lump sum amount is given. Medical expenses for the hospital are even give in the plan provided the insured is hospitalized for a minimum of twenty four hours. Operation expenses, medicine cost and the charge for room for a limited amount is offered under the plans. A daily allowance is also given for the hospitalization or the person is on bed at home. So money is given for that. For the broken bones company pays the amount for the treatment. The special feature under the policy is that for kidnapping even the company pays the amount to the nominee. The cost of modifying house of installing equipment in case of disability is also given. Other charges such as ambulance cover, education of children etc are also paid by the insurance company.

Self Plan

In this plan the coverage is offered only for the individual.

Self and Family Plan (Two dependent children and the spouse)

In this plan the individual and the family of the insured is even protected. This is a total family coverage.

Self and Dependent parents up to the age of 70

This plan covers the individual plus the parents who are not ye 70. This is a coverage for parents in their old age.

Self and the family Plan together along with the parents as add on

In this plan the insured his family that is wife and children along with the parents are included. It is a full family protection plan.

HDFC ERGO Personal Accident : FAQ’s

Deposit cash or cheque at the bank by giving all the policy details.

You can make a direct payment by logging in to the site.

You can even visit branch office and do the needful

To the more you can connect with your debit card and auto deduction will take place.

You can do it by opening the official site and then give the user login and know about the policy. You will be asked the password even. So first make your account and later on you can keep a check on it.

For renewing the policy log into the e-portal and follow the steps mentioned in it. You can pay it online. To the more in the grace period, you cannot make an online payment. So that time you can go to company's office for the renewal process. If your card is auto connected than renewal will be done automatically.

The claim settlement is an easy process. You need to call the company helpline to give details and then they will ask you to send documents through courier or online. Another way is by going to the online site and registering all the details for claim settlement. The process does not take more than seven working days. For the minor cases, not more than three days are taken.

The cancellation of the policy is an easy process and can be done at any time. You just need to fill it online or you can contact the branch office about it. You can email them the details they ask. The policy will be cancelled and your money will be transferred to your bank account. Even you will receive a message regarding cancellation.

Last updated on 24-07-2020