IFFCO Tokio Personal Accident
IFFCO Tokio Personal Accident
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IFFCO Tokio Personal Accident Insurance

IFFCO Tokio is a general insurance company which is providing service to a large number of customers in India. It is ranked among top companies and provides various insurance policies which one can take. It is among the trusted brands and has a specialized team of insurance analyst who helps you to utilize your money in the best way. They provide you with full transparency as details of all the services is given online. The claim settlement process for the company is quick and easy.

Life is at risk when you are on road. You never know when you have to come across any kind of accident. So it is advisable to have insurance cover for your protection and for you first family. For the death of the person because of the accident, the insurance policy takes care of the expenditure. IFFCO Tokio Personal Accident Plan helps the insured to stay safe in case of an accident as for the minor to major injuries all are covered by the policy. To the more if the insured dies and he is the bread earner of the family than a lump sum amount is given which acts as a support for the family.

IFFCO Tokio Insurance : Achievements

The company was ranked No.1 in the year 2006-07 for motor insurance across industry in a Customer Satisfaction Survey conducted by Voluntary Organization in interests of Consumer Education (VOICE). IFFCO Tokio was also awarded with CIO100 Super achiever Awards, Best Employer Brand Awards and AITA E-commerce Award in the year 2012-13. In the same year the IFFCO-Tokio Conferred "Best Employer Brand” at IPE BFSI Awards and AITA E-commerce Award . For the year 2013-14 the company was given the National Award for the successful implementation of RSBY by Ministry of Labor, Government of India.

IFFCO Tokio Insurance : Online Facilities

Having a policy is just a job f few minutes. The online portal is available from where you can opt for a policy, cancel it and even renew it. However, if your policy has given you a grace period for the renewal then you need to renew it from the branch office. For getting the claim in the case of an accident you need to fill that online and the claim processing will be done. For the claim in the period of thirty days from the accident, filing should be done.

IFFCO Tokio Personal Accident Plans

There is a great list of products offered by IFFCO Tokio. This cover provides protection against injuries or death which is a result of the accident. The policy provides total financial security to the family of the life insured in case of unfortunate death because of the accident. If the insured faces permanent total or partial disability because of the accident the coverage for that as a financial support Is given by the company. The part of the sum assured will be provided depending on the injury or disability.

The age of entry for this policy is five years and goes up to 70 years. The Personal Accident Insurance Plans by IFFCO Tokio are of two types that is Individual Accident Insurance Policy and Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy. In the plans coverage for the family and individual both is given. From the medical treatment to the funeral expenses of carry of dead body all are covered by the plan. Education for two children is even included. Even in the case of temporary disability a weekly allowance is offered.

Individual Personal Accident Policy

The Individual Personal Accidental Policy provides variety of benefits to the individual and family. From the disability to the death all are covered in by paying a lump sum amount. Even a weekly allowance is offered for temporary disability. The carriage of dead body and other funeral expenses are covered under this plan.If there is a loss of finger or toe than some amount is given. Even for road accidents, train accidents and accidents because of natural calamity are covered under this plan. SO this plan provides a great range of coverage for the people to secure themselves and their family.

Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy

Under this insurance policy, the death or disability which is a result of an accident is covered under the policy. The policy is basically for firms, business association, companies etc. This can be done on name basis or unnamed basis even. All the members of the group will be included in it. Discounts are also offered for this policy depending upon the size of the group.Twenty four hours coverage is given by the policy.If the coverage is given for on duty cover only or off duty cover only then discounts will be given by the company. The loss which the person suffers because of the accident will be born by the company. Depending upon the disability or injury compensation is given.

IFFCO Tokio Personal Accident : FAQ’s

Deposit cash or cheque at the bank by giving all the policy details.

You can make a direct payment by logging in to the site.

You can even visit branch office and do the needful.

By logging in to the website and check the details. You can even call toll free number and know about the status of the policy.

For renewing the policy log into the e-portal and follow the steps mentioned in it. You can pay it online. To the more in the grace period, you cannot make an online payment. So, you need to go to company's office for the renewal process.

The claim settlement is an easy process. You need to call the company helpline to give details and then they will ask you to send documents through courier or online. Another way is by going to the online site and registering all the details for claim settlement. The process does not take more than seven working days. The amount will be put in your bank account.

The cancellation of the policy is done by filling a surrender form and submitting it to the nearest branch office. You might be asked to submit additional documents which were given while taking the policy. A letter regarding cancellation approved will be sent to the registered address as an assurance. The amount that is the premium will be given back to the insured through bank transfer.

Last updated on 24-07-2020