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Larsen & Toubro Personal Accident
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L&T Personal Accident Insurance

L&T General Insurance Company is among the best companies in the world. They provide with many options such as health insurance, motor insurance in addition to personal accidental plans. The company is among the leading companies and it still striving to maintain the set standard position.

This unpredictable life can take a turn in life anytime. While driving on the road you might not be at fault but an accident occurs and you face injuries. The cost of the hospital can be more which can produce financial imbalance. So having an L&T Personal Accident Insurance Policy will keep you tension free in case of financial issues. To the more from surgeries to stitches, all the expenses are covered under the policy. Even if the death of insured occurs the company pays a lump sum amount and along with it bears the funeral expenses. So having a personal accident plan is important for the future of the family.

L&T Insurance : Achievements

L& T with Golden Peacock National Quality award in the year 2013. In the same year National Business award by NDTV was won by the company. In the year 2014 Golden Peacock award excellence in Corporative Governance was won by the company. Moving further in the year 2015 and 2016 the company won Golden Peacock award for risk management and IACC Company of the year respectively. In the list of achievements the company was given the best quality system award by FICCI.

L&T Insurance : Online Facilities

With the modernization and increase of technology, people expect everything to be available on their phone or computer screen. They just want to do all the work from one point. Even the plastic money has increased which asks people to make most of the payments through net transactions. So for the Insurance Policy about Personal accident By L&T Insurance Company online transactions can be done. From taking a new policy to cancelling it you can do it online. Even renewal process is available. For the claim settlement to you can go through the online procedure. Thus online facility is available for the L&T General Insurance Company Users.

L&T Personal Accident Plans

Personal Aciident Plans by L&T covers many things. From the total and partial permanent disability to death of the person a lump sum amount is given. To the more for the temporary disability a weekly allowance is offered. Medical expenses are also given provided the person is hospitalized for twenty four hours. The emergency expenses for medical treatment and if the person is on bed rest than also weekly allowance is given. For the broken bones and second or third degree burns the sum assured is given. In the case of equipment installation if permanent disability occurs than lump sum amount will be given by the insurance company. Around 95 percent of the cost will be given. The cost of the ambulance will also be given by the policy provider and even the spouse and the children who are dependent on insured will be covered. Thus ample numbers of benefits are provided by the plans under it.

My Health Personal Accident Insurance

This is a comprehensive personal accident insurance that allows an individual and family to stay secure financially due to an unfortunate event such as an accident. The policy provides compensation to the insured in case of injury, disability or death of the person because of the accident. It can be within twelve months from the date of the accident. The policy is designed such that it helps the insured and the family concerned financially in case of an accident. Even addition benefits like ambulance charges, education for children and employment benefits are given by the company.

My Jeevika Personal Accident Micro Insurance

This policy is an affordable one and can be taken by an individual of age five to seventy years. A cumulative bonus is added at a rate of five percent if no claim is taken for the year. The additional benefit for the education, transportation expenses, ambulance cover is also given by the insured. If the insured is under the influence of drugs or alcohol than no claim is given by the insurance company.

Larsen & Toubro Personal Accident : FAQ’s

There are three different modes of payment for the policy. First is by depositing cash or cheque at the bank by giving all the policy details. The second way is by making a direct payment by logging in to the site and the last one is you can even visit the branch office and do the needful.

By logging in to the website and check the details. You can even call toll free number and know about the status of the policy. For the online checking, you should have a profile.

For renewing the policy log into the e-portal and follow the steps mentioned in it. You can pay it online. To the more in the grace period, you cannot make an online payment. So, you need to go to company's office for the renewal process.

The claim settlement is an easy process. You need to call the company helpline to give details and then they will ask you to send documents through courier or online. Another way is by going to the online site and registering all the details for claim settlement. The process does not take more than seven working days. The amount will be put in your bank account.

The cancellation of the policy is done by filling a surrender form and submitting it to the nearest branch office. You might be asked to submit additional documents which were given while taking the policy. A letter regarding cancellation approved will be sent to the registered address as an assurance. The amount that is the premium will be given back to the insured through bank transfer.

Last updated on 19-11-2020