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Max Bupa Personal Accident
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Max Bupa Personal Accident Insurance

Max Bupa is a health insurance company which is a combined project of Max India Ltd and Bupa which is a UK based health care service. Max India is among the leading companies in health care and insurance segment whereas Bupa has six decades of experience in the industry of health care. Hence Max Bupa is a perfect combination of best health care service. There are many plans related to health and personal accidents which are comprehensive plans and covers all the risks related to the issue.

The vision Of Max Bupa is to be real. The company aims in becoming the most renowned Health Insurance Company and to make this dream turn into a reality, they have introduced the most experienced experts in the field. The company aims to help the customers to live healthier and successful by providing expertise as healthcare partners and for this, they have realized to raise the bar in the standard of health insurances. For the firm, it's not just about health insurance or about the annual transaction. Rather, it is about making a long-term relationship with the individuals.

Max Bupa : Achievements

In 2012, Max Bupa won the award for the health insurance company of the year. This is because of their constant effort to provide great services to their clients. By the Golden Petal Awards in the year 2015, the company was recognized as the most innovative firm. Thus Max Bura is continuously working hard to be as the best company in the country.

Max Bupa Personal Accident : Online Facilities

Max Bupa Personal Accident Policy offers you with many advantages and among them one of it is online service, It is very easy and viable method asfrom any place you can opt for the policy. The only thing you need is valid internet connection plus a payment method such as net banking or the credit or debit card. This online procedure helps you not just for the new policy to the more you can renew a policy or cancel it. Thus it is a benefit for the person as you are not to run for taking the policy again and again.

Even when it comes to settling claim it wont be an issue as you can do the proceedings for it online. You can file for it online withtin thirty days of accident. If the insured dies than the nominee has to inform the authorities that too within thirty days. So by this process your time is saved and by sitting at home you can do the needful. The only problem occurs is for the grace period which is given to you when the policy expires. During that time you cannot go for online procedure. That time you need to file all the details at the branch office as from the computer the details are already void. So online mode provides you with easy and convenient ways to obtain the policy.

Max Bupa Personal Accident Plans

Personal Accident Plans are very important as life is very much uncertain. You never know when you can face an accident and problems may start in your life. Having a personal accident insurance will protect the insured in case of financial issues after the accident and even the first family as it would act as a support. The coverage under these plans are:-

Accidental Death Plan

After the accident if the insured dies within a period of 90 days and the reason being for that is the accident than the amount which is stated in the policy is given to the nominee of the insured.

Permanent Total Disability Plan

Under this plan up to 125 percent of the total sum assured is covered. According to the policy, permanent disability will be declared if person is unable to perform any work, unable to use limb or sight- and cannot perform any kind of activity.

Permanent Partial Disability Plan

In this plan, if the person suffers partial disability within 90 days from the days of the accident and even the sole reason for this is an accident than lump sum amount is given. If the person dies till the time claim is approved no amount is given.

Child Education Plan Benefit

This is approved for the plans in which children are covered. In the case of accidental death or permanent disability, five percent of the sum assured is Rs 50000 is given. It is given according to the one which is lowest.

Funeral expenses

In the case of death of the insured Rs 5000 is given as funeral expense. The family of the insured and the insured person both are covered. Even after that lump sum amount is given. For the insured it's the amount of sum assured, for the spouse its ten lakh r the fifty percent of the sum whereas for the children its 2 lakh or twenty percent of the sum assured.

Max Bupa Personal Accident : FAQ’s

There are different modes which are available to make the payment for the policy. They are:-

  • Deposit cash or cheque at the bank by giving all the policy details.
  • You can make a direct payment by logging in to the site.
  • You can even visit branch office and do the needful
  • Tele payment and DST payment option is also available

By logging in to the website and check the details. For that, you need to create your profile on the company's website and then you can check it.

For renewing the policy log into the e-portal and follow the steps mentioned in it. You can pay it online. To the more, a grace period is there but during that time you cannot make an online payment. So you have to go to company's office for the renewal process.

The claim settlement is an easy process. You need to call the company helpline to give details and then they will ask you to send documents through courier or online. Another way is by going to the online site and registering all the details for claim settlement. The process does not take more than seven working days.

The cancellation of the policy is done by filling a surrender form and submitting it to the nearest branch office. You might be asked to submit additional documents which were given while taking the policy. Within 5 working days, the policy will be cancelled. A letter regarding cancellation approved will be sent to the registered address as an assurance.

Last updated on 24-07-2020