National Insurance Personal Accident
National Insurance Personal Accident
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National Insurance Personal Accident

National Insurance Company is the oldest running lot. It begins in the year 1906 in Kolkata and till now its facing success and providing genuine policies to the public in the market. National Insurance Company is most famous for providing the best health insurance policies.

It is the leading and the oldest insurance company which is running till date. They provide a list of comprehensive plans which could be tailored. This company is the only Public Sector General Insurance Company which brought customization to both Corporate and Rural Insurance Plans. This company has many plans for the different problems which one can face in life. Talking about the Accidental Plans it is very important to stay insured as you never know when an accident can take place. This protects you from all the danger associated with the accident. Even it gives financial stability to the insured and the family involved. When an accident takes place finance is a major issue as nowadays medical treatments are quite expensive. Thus having an insurance policy will be a supporting hand in case of an accident.

National Insurance : Achievements

In 2015, National Insurance Company won the prestigious Dalal Street Investment Journal Award. The company is also known for achieving Highest Growth in Reserves. Thus, National Insurance Company is in the list of most reputed firms and is doing a great job for the society.

National Insurance Personal Accident : Online Facilities

The Internet has started ruling all the sectors in the market. For every little work, online services are available for people. This has resulted in bringing the whole world to your house just with a click of the house. For the insurance policy, even Online facilities are offered by the companies. If you want to buy the National Insurance Personal Accident Policy you can go for it online as well. You just simply need to open the website and get it by attaching the documents and paying the amount through a card or online banking.

Even if you go for this online service you do not require any medical checkup whereas if you go for branch visit they will ask the certificates plus medical checkup even. When you call toll free number even they will explain you the online procedure. Using online service is beneficial as you can check the status of the policy and to the more, you can also cancel the policy online. You just need to make an account. So it is the most convenient method as while sitting at home you can get your policy renewed, cancelled and even apply for the claim as well. The insurance company provides you with the best services that claim amount is even directly sent to your bank account.

National Insurance Personal Accident Plans

National Insurance Personal Accident Plans helps you to stay protected after the accident as all the medical expenses plus the expenses which occur if the person dies due to the accident are born by the company. Even a lump sum amount is given to the family of the person if the death occurs because of the accident. The funeral expenses are also borne by the Insurance Company.The coverage under the plans are:-

Accidental Death Benefit

After the accident, if the insured dies within a period of 12 months and the reason being for that is the accident than the amount which is stated in the policy is given to the nominee of the insured. To the more, if death occurs while travelling in commercial ship or aircraft as a paying passenger than the company will pay the double amount of the sum assured.

Permanent Total Disability Plan

If the accident causes permanent total disability that is a person is unable to do any kind of work or occupation than the company will pay the sum assured for the livelihood of the insured and his family.

Permanent Partial Disability

Accident can result in partial disability as well. In that case, if the person is unable to move one limb or you can say the person has lost eye sight of one eye or movement of one hand or leg is stopped completely than they company will pay fifty percent of the sum assured. This disability can turn in twelve months from the date of the accident provided the reason for this should be an accident only.

Temporary Total Disability Plan

In the case of Temporary Total Disability Plan the company will pay the sum at the rate of one percent of the sum which is stated in the policy. This will be paid weekly. However, the sum should not be more than Rs 5000 per week. The payment will be made such that it does not exceed the capital sum which is assured if the amount given is calculated together. The payment will not be given for more than 104 weeks.

National Insurance Personal Accident : FAQ’s

There are different modes which are available to make the payment for the policy. They are:-

  • Deposit cash or cheque at the bank. You need to mention the policy details along
  • You can log in to the website and make direct payment.
  • You can even visit branch office and do the needful. Provided there it can take more time as there filing process is little slow.
  • Tele payment and DST payment option are also available for the policy holders.

By logging in to the website and check the details. For that, you need to create your profile on the company's website and then you can check it. Even you can call the toll free number and give the details. They will provide you with the policy status.

For renewing the policy log into the e-portal and follow the steps mentioned in it. You can pay it online. To the more, a grace period is there but during that time you cannot make an online payment. So you have to go to company's office for the renewal process. So it's better to opt for renewal through online and doing it before hand is great.

The claim settlement is an easy process. You need to call the company helpline to give details and then they will ask you to send documents through courier or online. Another way is by going to the online site and registering all the details for claim settlement. The process does not take more than seven working days. The imitate of the accident should be given within thirty days of the happening

The cancellation of the policy is done by filling a surrender form and submitting it to the nearest branch office. You might be asked to submit additional documents which were given while taking the policy. Within 5 working days, the policy will be cancelled. A letter regarding cancellation approved will be sent to the registered address as an assurance.

Last updated on 24-07-2020