New India Assurance Personal Accident
New India Assurance Personal Accident
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New India Assurance Personal Accident

New India Assurance is a government owned organization. This general insurance company is a multinational firm which is operating in around 26 countries. This firm was established by Sir Dorabji Tata in 1919.The headquarters of New India Assurance is present in Mumbai. The CRISIL has awarded New India Assurance with AAA/standard rating. In selling life insurance this firm is among the top companies. AM Best has given A rating to New India Assurance. This company offers a number of products such as travel insurance, medical insurance, accidental insurance and much more. The company has an arrangement for Commercial insurance, Industrial insurance, Social insurance and Liability insurance.

There are different types of insurance policies for the number of risks which can come in our life. As life is not stable you never know what you have to face next. So having insurance for the varied circumstances is an important part. Having an accident cover is crucial as when you face accident there are large expenses which occur. This can affect the financial position of the person.

So having an insurance policy will help you to stay protected and you won't feel the stress of financial issues. If some other miss happening occurs such as permanent disability or death, an amount will be given to the nominee for the living of the family. To the more expenses of the funeral are also given. Thus having a personal accident policy is must as it will help the insured plus will cover the first family of the policyholder.

New India Assurance Personal Accident : Achievements

There are no great achievements by the company but they have a dedicated and competent staff who are trying there level best to make a great position.

New India Assurance Personal Accident : Online Facilities

With the coming of the internet technology, people prefer going for all the official work through the online mode. If you want to buy the New India Assurance Personal Accident Policy you can do it online or by visiting the branch office. Both ways help you to obtain the policy but online method is the newly developed one and provides you with great amount of convenience. Online method is easy and you do not need to submit the original copy of documents. Online method does not need any medical proof even. So going for online method solves the time and the issue of going to the office. When you can the official number, they will even ask you to obtain online procedure. So having policy online is easy and in that manner you can check it, renew it and to the more cancel it even.

New India Assurance Personal Accidents Plans

The plans which are offered by New India Assurance for the personal accidents are Personal Accident Policy, Janata Personal Accident Insurance and Rasta Apatti Kavach. These different plans provide varied range of coverage in each sector. The plans are made according to the needs of the people. The insured is covered in all medical terms when they face accident. From the disability benefit to the death benefit, all are provided by the insurance company. The tenure of policy can be choosen according to the personal choice.

Personal Accident Policy

To obtain this policy a person can be between 5 to 70 years of age. This policy covers individual as well as the family. In the case of the death of the insured by accident, the total sum assured is given to the nominee of the insured. Comprehensive coverage is also given which covered death, disability of the insured person. The reason should be an accident only. This policy is available for 24x7 and can be retained worldwide. To the more under a single policy, you can cover family as well. It is a family package. Ten percent discount will be given on the total premium. Accidents on road, by rail and natural calamity, are covered.

Janata Personal Accident Insurance

To obtain this policy a person can be between 10 to 70 years of age. The policy tenure is from one year to five years and you can renew it. This policy covers individual as well as the groups. In the case of the death of the insured by accident, the amount will be decided by the insurance company and then will be given to the nominee. The minimum sum assured is Rs 25000 per annum whereas the maximum can be Rs 1 lakh per annum. This policy is available for 24x7 and can be retained worldwide.

Rasta Appati Kavach

This policy covers the accidents which are caused on road. Medical emergency and hospitalization are included in this policy. In the case of death or disability compensation in lump sum amount is provided by the company. You can avail this policy for groups even.

The benefit for this policy is provided under two sections that are a personal accident for this the compensation is given and the other is medical expenses which have arisen due to the accident. The money for the treatment will be given by the insurance company. The sum assured can vary from Rs 25000 to Rs 1 Lakh. For obtaining this policy you just need a valid driving license. So, for that policy just download the form and apply for it.

New India Assurance : FAQ’s

There are different modes which are available to make the payment for the policy. They are:-

  • Deposit cash or cheque at the bank. You need to mention the policy details along
  • You can log in to the website and make direct payment.
  • You can even visit branch office and do the needful. Provided there it can take more time as there filing process is little slow.
  • Tele payment and DST payment option are also available for the policy holders.

By logging in to the website you can check the details. For that, you need to create your profile on the company's website and then you can check it. Even you can call the toll free number and give the details. They will provide you with the policy status. Another way out is by visiting the branch office.

For renewing the policy log into the e-portal and follow the steps mentioned in it. You can pay it online. To the more, a grace period is there but during that time you cannot make an online payment. So you have to go to company's office for the renewal process. So it's better to opt for renewal through online and doing it before hand is great.

The claim settlement is an easy process. You need to call the company helpline to give details and then they will ask you to send documents through courier or online. Another way is by going to the online site and registering all the details. The process does not take much time. When the accident occurs you need to inform the company within 30 days from the date of the accident.

The cancellation of the policy is done by filling a surrender form and submitting it to the nearest branch office. You might be asked to submit additional documents which were given while taking the policy. This will help you to cancel the policy. A confirmation about the cancellation will be sent to you.

Last updated on 24-07-2020