Oriental Insurance Personal Accident
Oriental Insurance Personal Accident
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Oriental Personal Accident Insurance

On 12th September 1947, Oriental Insurance Company was incorporated in Mumbai. It was formed to carry General Insurance business and was completely owned by Oriental Government Security Life Assurance Company Ltd. The good thing about our Company is that we believe in smooth conduction of the business in laying down the most orderly systems for our clients.

In the era of insuring the future, why not focussing on insurance for any kind of personal accident which soothes the shock wave of accident in the entire family? The oriental policy provides the compensation amount for the insured for sustaining the injuries solely from the accident caused by visible, external and violent means which leads to any kind disablement (which can be temporary or permanent) or leading to unfortunate death. We offer wide range of plans suiting the budget of every person and the needs for insurance.

Oriental Insurance : Achievements

All the shares of this Company were transferred to Central Government in 2003. In 1950, the first year premium was Rs. 99,946. The head office of Oriental is located in New Delhi with 31 regional offices and more than eighteen hundred regional offices are there in different cities of various countries.

Total of fourteen thousand employees are spread all over the countries to help you in getting the best help from us for any kind of services. The company is well equipped with various policies to suit both the rural and urban populations of India. The employees are competent and will give you best deals. Our Company is also in to covering various bigger projects like steel plant, power plant, petrochemicals and chemical plants.

The motto of the company is to serve the clients as quickly as possible without much of documentation hassle and guide them to get the best plan for the insurance. The Company is close to its target and will soon be showcasing the best client satisfaction award in their award bag.

Oriental Personal Accident Insurance : Online Facilities

The online facilities are best for any customer to go through any kind of policy they are interested in. If there is any kind of problem, we have agent’s online ready to help you in your search. Also, you can get the personal advice for the insurance you want to attain. The online facilities include online renewal and online payment apart from customer chat and help options. Our website is having easier options to login and conduct various functions online. In addition to this the payment can be done by other bank cards also.

Oriental Personal Accident Insurance Plans

Accidents are not made, they just happen. The accidents might lead to loss of any body part or in the worst cases can go on to death of the individual.

Following are the different kinds of plan you will want to go through before picking one for suiting your needs:

Gramin Accident insurance plan

This plan is especially made for the rural customers with affordable premiums. The plan is annual and fifteen days of look up is also given within which the individual can understand terms and policies and then either go ahead or drop the plan. Also, the policy can be renewed periodically.

Janata Personal accident plan

This plan can be picked up on annual basis for any customer where premium can range from 25000 – 5 lakh. This plan can be picked up by the age group from 10 years – 80 years.

Nagrik Suraksha plan

This is the plan made for citizens of India only. Any loss of employment due to the accident in case of partial or total disability is also insured in it.

Personal accident plan- Individual

This is the plan which can be picked up by the individual of age group 18- 75 years with lifelong coverage. This coverage is offered without any medical check- up.

Personal accident group plan

This plan is available as individual and family cover. It can be picked up for employees or any kind of formal groups.

To be precise, the coverage of the insurance will be under the mentioned following cases:

  • Death of the person insured solely from the accident (on the spot or during the recovery of injury).
  • Total or irrecoverable loss of eyesight and physical separation of hands or legs (one or both). Make sure to go through the sum which will be received to the insured person in case of breakage or separation of different parts of the hands/ legs.

Oriental Personal Accident Insurance: Exclusions

  • Any suicide attempt
  • Death due to liquor consumption or drugs (any kind of intoxication)
  • Death in wars/ peril
  • Death or injuries during the entire tenure of pregnancy which will be including child- birth.
  • Accident during the playing of any kind of sport games.
  • Insanity

Oriental Personal Accident Insurance: FAQ’s

The policy will be insuring the person for any kind of accidental injury in legs. But, the part of the leg and extent of injury will be mentioned clearly in the policy in terms of sum (range will be 20%- 30%).

Our online services are very easy after you login. You can use other bank cards also to do payments via any credit or debit card. For any assistance we have 24X7 customer support online.

Last updated on 24-07-2020