Raheja QBE Personal Accident
Raheja QBE Personal Accident
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Raheja QBE Personal Accident Insurance

Raheja QBE is a very dynamic business group with global enterprise in insurances for clients. Ours is a joint venture which is promoted by Prism Cement limited. The registration was done as a general insurer under section 3 (insurance act) with the insurance regulatory and development authority in 1938. The certification of the registration was issued by IRDA on 12th December 2008.

Raheja QBE personal accident insurance is a perfect investing plan which offers the coverage for households and houses both.

Raheja QBE : Achievements

Our company is known to give the best client satisfaction by giving them the stability during the tough times. Due to the expertise of QBE’s resource pool, the track record says a good success in risk management by us. We have a good reason for you to choose us and trust us for those tough times in your life i.e. the A plus rating given by Standard and poor’s insurance financial strength for our QBE’s policy internationally.

Raheja QBE Personal Accident : Online Facilities

The direct online payment system is the best for every individual to rely on. It saves lot of time and commutation. The process is very easy and can be practised by any individual without any stress and confusion. One easy way is to go to our website portal and login. After logging in, you can go through the details of the policy you are interested in and can understand it thoroughly before making an online transaction via a debit card or net- banking. The premium will reach us without you going to any regional office to drop the cheque. Also, the details of the policy can also be seen by just logging in and typing your policy number.

In online policy market, there are many agents which can provide you the coverage for personal accident. But, there are many hidden things and if an individual does not understand can suffer with the sum compensated during the accidental injury. Make sure to go through the documents clearly to understand what all risks are covered in the insurance plan you have opted for better understanding of same.

Raheja QBE Personal Accident Plans

The personal accident insurance can be taken up under following plans mentioned:

Accidental Death plan

It will be covering the compensation of death which might occur within twelve months of the accident (due to any cause solely due to accident).

Permanent total disability plan

Hundred percent of the principal sum will be given in case of total disability due to accident within twelve months from the date of accident.

Permanent partial disability plan

The sum insured will be given by the percentage mentioned in terms and conditions depending on the body part which is disabled within twelve months of the accident.

Temporary total disability plan

Company will be paying depending on the schedule of benefits which was signed by you while taking this plan. The disablement should be solely due to accident.

Note: You can club together any of the plans depending upon your requirement. If you want all the four plans to be covered, it is possible by our personal accident insurance policy.

The coverage will also be including the cost of cloths which are damaged due to accidental injury. The cost of ambulance for carrying the bodily injured insured person or his dead body in case of death (funeral charges will also be included) will be adjusted in the additional coverage. The education assistance will be provided to every child in case of death of the insured individual.

There will be extra additional coverage given to the insured individual, if he/ she pay an extra premium in the same. The reimbursement of medical expenses and hospital confinement allowance will be included in the same which will become reasonable for the insured person or his family in case of accidental death of the insured person.

Raheja QBE Personal Accident Insurance: Exclusions

  • Any kind of exposure to danger which is voluntary like suicide attempt or not adhering to any kind of emergency medical advice.
  • Consumption of alcohol and drugs
  • Any bodily injury due to involvement in the criminal act.
  • Venereal related diseases are not covered in this insurance plan.
  • Any kind of terrorist activity involved in injury or war where nuclear weapons or materials are used.
  • Any kind of disability due to the pregnancy (starting from the time of conceiving to delivery).
  • Insanity also is not covered.

Raheja QBE Personal Accident : FAQ’s

We have a QBE personal accident insurance plan with unique features which makes us stand apart from rest of the policies. We not only provide you the self covering plan but also the family coverage for the same (parents are also included in same plan). It is very easy to renew and purchase the policy plans without commuting to any branch by completing the formalities online. The good point of the policy is that it gives world- wide coverage and all the risk factors are mentioned clearly which are to be covered. The risks involved are burns, accidental deaths, personal disability, broken bones of limbs, Dependent's child education and lot more.

The renewal process is very easy where you just need to call the toll free number and put up your query. The company reaches you and when you provide the details of the policy, they check the status of the same. After going through the same renewal is done in a day's time. For cancellation you can either put up the request online or via calling the toll free number. The concerned agent from the company will call you or come to your place for all the documentation work or for any other formalities so that the cancellation is confirmed. Only after you sign and read the documents, a cancellation letter reaches your address for intimation of the cancellation of your personal accident insurance policy.

Last updated on 19-11-2020