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Shriram Personal Accident Insurance

There is only one life and we have a great list of work to do. In the hustle bustle of taking care of our loved one's life, we often forget that we have to take care of yourself also. If we are not there, then who will take care of our family? So it all starts with your safety. And for this, Shriram group offers a great help, that is the Shriram Personal Accident Insurance.

The Shriram General Insurance is a joint venture between the Shriram Capital and the Sanlam Limited, which is a leading name in the field of Financial Services of South Africa. This company has an aim to not only offer a transparently innovative list of products with the medium of latest fast technology, but to also satisfy each and every customer in India. It provides a range of various insurances like Motor Insurance Plans, Health Insurance Plans, Home Insurance Plans and the Personal Accident Plan, these all plans can be customized as per the need of the client and they all are completely transparent.

Personal Accident Plans plays a vital role in the whole range of insurance from the aspect of an individual. It not only serves the vast range of plans to support you economically and financially but also it provides some economic help to you family if in case you died due to any mishap. It is a comprehensive insurance plan that covers all major risk. The Shriram Group won the Excellence award In Growth Award in the year 2011 and 2012.

Shriram Personal Accident Insurance : Achievements

  • It has been in business for three decades now, successfully beating its competition.
  • Its core value is to serve the under-served or creating value for the ones who are less fortunate but most deserving.
  • It is the first company to make profits in its first year of operation.
  • The company has won "Excellence in Growth" awards for 2011 and 2012 consecutively.
  • Hence, inching closer to its target of being the most favored General Insurance Company in India.

Shriram Personal Accident Insurance : Online Facility

Yes the company is also available at the online platform and you can buy the desired plan easily from the comfort of home. This will help you in saving more time and money.

Shriram Personal Accident Insurance Plan

The Shriram General Personal Accident plan provide you numerous numbers of the plan, you can choose a plan according to your requirement and situation. Some of the coverage areas of these plans are like-

Accidental Death Plan

100% of the assured sum will be paid to the policy holder if in case he or she died within the duration of 12 months from the time he or she suffered from the accidental bodily injury which was caused by any external or violent element at the time of the accident.

  • If the policy holder died due to the occurrence of any accident while he or she was traveling as a fare paying passenger in any commercial ship or in some aircraft, then the Shriram General Personal Accident Plan will provide the double amount of the insured under the plan.
  • The plan covers the loss of body parts such as loss of one eye sight, one hand or feet even after the body sustains good health within the duration of 12 months since the time policy is occurred.
  • Rs. 5000/- sum per amputation is covered as a medical expense.
  • The Shriram General Personal Accident Insurance plan provides a cover for permanent total disablement or for accidental death caused due to any kind of accident.
  • Various kind of accidents like rail accidents, air accident, road accidents is covered under the personal accident insurance plan. These accidents can be caused due to any type of terrorist activity or natural calamities.
  • If you opt for Accidental Hospitalization Expenses and Accidental Hospital Daily Allowance as an additional coverage plan with some extra premium.

Sri Suraksha Insurance

It is designed for auto owners and for those people who are engaged in vehicle operation & maintenance along with their family against fire and allied risk by offering insurance cover.The sum assured limit is fixed under two categories.

Personal Accident Insurance Plan

his policy covers total and partial permanent disability, temporary disability due to any bodily accidental injury and accidental death. The coverage offered by this plan is available worldwide. In case of policyholder’s death, nominee will receive double sum assured.

Eligibility for Personal Accident Policy

Any individual who is from 5 years to 75 years is covered and eligible for the personal accident policy by Shriram. Any Dependent and immature child from 5-25 years in the family is covered in the plan, spouse (Not economically independent) are covered in the family policy. You can avail 10% discount if you opt for the family package. One has a freedom to choose any plan as per the requirement and eligibility.

Shriram Personal Accident Insurance Plan : Exclusions

  • There will be no cover for the death, disablement or injury caused intentionally by himself/herself.
  • Any type of suicide attempt is excluded from the personal accident policy.
  • If the policy holder was under the influence of any in the toxic type of drugs or liquor that is not prescribed and advised by the doctor then, he or she cannot claim any personal accident policy.
  • If the policy holder suffers from any type of venereal diseases like AIDS, STDs or insanity

He/she cannot take benefit of the personal accident policy.

  • Any traveling relate mishaps like while engaging in aviation or ballooning while dismounting or mounting in a helium balloon is not entertained. To be noted down, it means if a policy holder is not traveling as a passenger, or in any duly licensed standard type of aircraft anywhere in the world will not be benefitted with the benefits of the Shriram Personal Accident Policy. So, the plan does not cover any loss due to participation in
  • Any type of compensation will not be provided with respect to the injury, disablement, death or hospitalization if it is caused by any type of invasion, civil war, the act of any foreign enemy, riot, revolution or rebellion, military force or arrest of the policy holder.
  • Any type of radioactive reaction effect due to any ionizing radiation or any effect of the nuclear weapon or nuclear reaction will be excluded.
  • Any injury due to the explosion of the magazines or due to underground mine work will not be covered.
  • Any injury that is caused by any electrical high tension supply installation is not covered in the policy.
  • If the policy holder is engaged in activities such as wheel racing, horse racing or some dangerous fun hunting games, that will not be covered in the accidental policy.
  • Any type of bodily injury or death caused while committing an assault or criminal offence while breaching any law, intentionally will not be covered under the personal policy plan of the Shriram.

Shriram Personal Accident Insurance : FAQ's

One can avail a great number of benefit from the Personal Accident Plan such as family security in case of unfortunate events, wide coverage from mishaps like train accidents, road accidents along with the easy online service.

Claim process under the Shriram personal Accident Plan consists of two main component –

  • Intimation
  • Post survival period submission and compilation of claim file.

The insurance company should be informed as soon as possible in the case of a personal accident along with a written notice.You can contact on the toll-free number of the Shriram General Insurance claim Helpline –1800-103 – 3009 or email at the email address- and register claim for your policy. Once, the claim is registered then you will be allotted a claim reference number and that will be needed for further use. But, customer executive will need the following information to proceed your request-

  • Date of Accident
  • Time of Accident
  • Complete contact details of the policy holder.

And send the required things via post at the Courier Address

Shriram General Insurance Co. Ltd, E-8, EPIP, RIICO Industrial Area, Sitapura, Jaipur Rajasthan, 302022

You can pay your policy premium by four easy mediums-

  • Net Banking
  • Bill pay
  • Cash
  • Credit card or debit card

Last updated on 24-07-2020