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United India Personal Accident Insurance

United India Insurance Company (wholly owned by the Government of India) is the 2nd Largest general insurance company with Premium of Rs.16000+ Crore in India. It was incorporated on 18 February 1938, and was nationalised in 1972. Previously it was a subsidiary of the General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC). But when GIC became a re-insurance company as per the IRDA Act 1999, its four primary insurance subsidiaries New India Assurance, United India Insurance, Oriental Insurance and National Insurance got autonomy.

One person suffers the accident and it scatters his whole surroundings in a single moment. We are not sure what the next moment holds in its hands, all we know is, it can be best or worst. Sometimes we are careless and sometimes the other and it results in an irrecoverable loss.

The aim of United India Personal Accident Policy is to provide cover against all odd injuries or death caused by some accident. Unfortunate time cannot be stopped, but with well strategies and planning for the unfortunate time, one can at least survive further with a managed life prepared. Since 1938 United India Insurance Company Ltd is one the leaders in the field of Insurance. It comprises of 1340 offices pan India and catering the needs of more than 1 crore customers with number transparent and beneficial plans. It uses the latest technology and provides a hassle free documentation system to the customers.

United India Personal Accident Insurance : Achievements

UIIC has been awarded "iAAA" rating by ICRA United India Insurance Co. Ltd. has been awarded 'iAAA' rating for its claims paying ability by ICRA (Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency) for the third successive year. This rating indicates company's highest claims paying ability, its strong fundamental and its overall financial strength for meeting the policy holders obligations.

United India Personal Accident Insurance : Online Facilities

The company is there to serve you online as well. It will help yu in choosing the right plan from the comfort of your home.

United India Personal Accident Insurance Plans

United India Insurance offers two plans under the personal accident plans –

Individual Personal Accident Plan

It provides a Personal Accident Package plan under which a coverage against the injury causing death or partial disablement of some body part of the policy holder. And it is one of its kind of insurance company, which provides cover for any individual from age 5 yrs to 70 Yrs. It even offers an Education cover so that the flow of education in the life of dependent children may never stop.

Group Personal Accident Plan

The Group Personal Accident Plan covers the member of a group, all the employees of an organization. There is an option to choose from the two different plan, depending upon the requirement, situation, scale and nature of the group.

United India Personal Accident Insurance Plans : Benefits

Various scopes of benefit under the United INDIA Personal Accident are as follows-

  • Medical Expense because of some accident, is covered under the United INDIA Personal Accident.
  • Permanent Partial Disablement which is caused due to any injury and accident is paid a capital sum of 50% of the insured amount.
  • One can avail additional coverage for the medical expenses on a payment of extra premium.
  • There are various insurance plans, which cover the medical expense of nursing because of the accident.
  • Total and irrevocable loss of eye sight or any other body part such as legs or hands is covered in the policy plan.
  • Expenses of the hospital or nursing home room of the injured policy holders are covered.
  • It provides an option like, ‘on duty’ for the employee who got injured during the work hours and ‘off duty’ cover imply for the restricted hours out of the office hours.
  • The policy covers the education expense of the deceased children.
  • If an accident occurs at some faraway place, then the expense of transportation for carrying the insured member of the family from the site of the accident to the required location.
  • There is the facility that increases the sum insured under the Annual no-claim bonus without charging any extra premium.

United India Personal Accident Insurance Plans : Exclusions

  • If in the same period, one need reimbursement of expense from two or more than two different sub clauses of the policy, then this will not be covered by the policy.
  • Any payment as a compensation amount with respect to the injury or death or permanent disablement caused intentionally by the policy holder in the attempt to suicide or any loss under the influence of any intoxicating drugs, which is not prescribed by any professional doctor and due to consumption of alcohol, will not be entertained.
  • Death or permanent disablement caused due to any adventurous sports participation such as ballooning, bungee jumping or any hunting activity will not be covered under the policy.
  • If the policy holder is traveling in a duly licensed Standard kind of aircraft, no matter as a passenger or owner, he or she is not covered under the policy reimbursement.
  • Any injury, disablement or death which is caused by any kind of war, revolution, capture, arrests or act of some foreign element will not be covered under the United India Personal accident.
  • Any injury caused due to any ionized reaction or because of any radioactive substance out of any nuclear fuel is not provided any cover because of the United India personal Accident.
  • Any type of naturopathy treatment, the cosmetic correction such as plastic surgery is not covered under the policy.

Any insurance policy should not be bought without any proper research as it is not only an investment but a shield for your life and your loved ones. One should buy it as per requirement and situation.

United India Personal Accident Insurance : FAQ’s

You can visit any nearest policy issuing office of United India Insurance and from there you can renew your policy easily.

You can use the following link to locate any office near your - https://uiic.co.in/branch-locator

For the payment at the United India Personal Accident following are the mandatory things -

  • Transaction ID
  • Name of the insured person
  • Transaction Amount
  • Date of Transaction

You have to renew your policy in any case 30 days before the expiry date of the policy which is provided.

Documents of the policy would be sent only in an E-Mail on the registered e-mail ID. No hard copy will be sent in any case to the policy holder.

You can cancel you bought online by sending an email along with your policy details at the email address- online.policy@uiic.co.in. Further refund and another process will be preceded according to the prescribed company rules.

Last updated on 24-07-2020