Who is a POS agent?
How to become a POS agent?
How to earn by becoming a POS agent?
Getting Started- Booking Process

Who is a POS agent?

A POS agent is someone who will be appointed by PolicyX to sell insurance policies online anywhere, anytime. This will include selling of basic insurance products like Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Motor Insurance, Travel Insurance etc.

How does it provide an opportunity?

PolicyX brings you the opportunity to work and earn at your leisure by selling basic insurance policies online. We give you a chance to come on board and become a full time trained agent or a part-time agent. You get an employment opportunity to work and earn from anywhere by becoming a PolicyX agent by selling simple insurance policies online. No physical work required.


  • You get to offer multiple products to your customer to choose from.

  • Our process does not involve any physical strain. Every step from filling in the basic information to booking a policy is available on our portal.

  • Work-From-Home or Work from anywhere, anytime.