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Regional Transport Office - Chittoor

Chittor is the district in the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh. Chittoor RTO performs multitask to ensure swift management of transport in the city. It's established as per the discretion of the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988. Transport Commissioner heads & governs the code of conduct of Chittoor RTO.

Tasks & Operations of Chittoor RTO

  1. Levying the applicable tax on freight.
  2. Sanctioning transit of cargo within the city.
  3. Stupendous management of the fleet to ensure adherence of transport and traffic rules.
  4. Enabling Online appointments for visit to Chittoor RTO.
  5. Porting Chittor RTO information online to assist the users.
  6. Managing all the data of vehicles driven in the city of Chittoor.
  7. Strict vigilance of the possession of mandatory documents in the vehicle.
  8. Suitable action against the traffic lawbreakers.
  9. Swift delivery of the Vehicle Registration copy for all new vehicles purchased in the city of Chittoor.
  10. Facilitating the smooth flow of transport by channelizing the traffic.
  11. Issuing NOC to all outstations vehicles from other states.
  12. Collecting the Road Tax as per the latest slab.

Chittoor RTO Code And Contact Details

RTO Code: AP-03

The Regional Transport Office (RTO), RTA Industrial estate no.1 &2, Landmark: Puttur Road, Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh – 233528.
Phone Number: +91-8572-232508 / +919848528334
Email Address: rto_chittoor[at]aptransport(dot)org