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Regional Transport Office - Guwahati

Guwahati is one of the largest city of Assam State. Guwahati RTO is founded to enforce Motor Vehicle Act of 1988. It performs many functions. As we know we can't drive or possess Vehicle without few documents. Guwahati RTO assists in providing the same. However to do so there is a systematic procedure that needs to be adhered . Besides issuing copy of Driving license or Vehicle registration, Guwahati RTO performs many other activities. Some of that is managing road transport along with granting road permits. All of them has been explained below.

Tasks & Operations of Guwahati RTO

As we know and understand Guwahati RTO has got many important activities to perform. Every individual should know when to approach them and what they are responsible for. Major tasks and operations conducted by Guwahati RTO are as follows.

  1. Issuing Learning License
    We are not permitted to drive without a license. If we just began driving than we must have a learning license. It's valid for 6 months. After its expiry, we need to have a driving license.
  2. Driving License Management
    We can get the driving license only after submission of some papers. These details are like passport size photograph, address proof, identity proof etc. Besides these certificates, we also need to go through the driving tests. These tests are based on the kind of license we need. For four-wheelers, we may need to drive car or jeep. Incase of two-wheelers it can be scooters or bike. The test can be either practical or theoretical.
  3. Driving License Renewal process
    Driving License is valid for 20 years after that it needs renewal. Guwahati RTO is the concerned authority to approach by people who need their driving license renewals.
  4. Vehicle Registration Process
    As soon we buy new Vehicle in Guwahati it needs to be registered by its RTO. Documents that we need to submit are like sales certificates, Insurance documents, Id & Address Proofs etc. Upon Submission of these documents Registration Copy also called as RC is provided.
  5. Issuing No Objection Certificate (NOC)
    If we shift our vehicle from another state to Guwahati than we must apply for No Objection Certificate from its RTO.
  6. Vehicle Pollution Certificate
    As per Road safety rules, all vehicles must have valid pollution certificate. It must be renewed after the expiry period.
  7. Road Permit Management
    Whenever we enter another city our vehicle needs some permits. Guwahati RTO is the authority who sanctions these road permits.

Guwahati RTO Code and Contact Details

RTO Code: AS-01

The Regional Transport Officer(RTO), Guwahati, Assam - 781001.
Landline Number: +91-361-2544160